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Name: Andy_Szymczak

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I've had my Artisan for about 10 years now. It's still my go to boat' despite having 5 other boats. For my type of paddling, it excels! It's fast, can carry a good amount of gear and handles rough conditions easily. I maintain all my boats and the Artisan still looks like it's relatively new. Darn good looking too!

I've had my Summersong now for over a year and have paddled it many times and in various conditions. Been quite pleased with it's performance. Coming from kayaks and a surf ski, I found the Summersong very stable and quite fast. At 44-45 lbs, it's easy to lift and carry.

The Summersong I have is 28 years old and I did a complete restoration, the boat looks almost new and does attract quite a bit of attention. Overall, I'm very happy with this acquisition.

I recently received my third ONNO paddle. This one is my second Wing Mid Tour paddle from Patrick. The first was a bit too long to use with my surf ski. Because it was new and I had been laid up for months, I used it first with my Artisan Millenium. What a ride! The paddle performed flawlessly. The locker thingy works great and the paddle assembles and comes apart easier than my other wing with the cam lock.

I let a young lady try my paddle. She had never used a wing or even held a carbon paddle before. She was blown away. She noticed the lack of flutter immediately and of course the light weight. Patrick's got a future customer.

I've had the Artisan now for a little less than a year. Got it used and in excellent condition. Thought it best to experience the boat in varied conditions before doing a review. I've paddled a variety of boats, but none of them come close to the Artisan. It's fast, paddles straight, even in tough winds. Rarely use the skeg, but it's a dream to put down when I need it. Handles conditions really well! I look for windy rough stuff now. This boat makes it fun. My poor CLC 17 has been hanging on the rack since I got the Artisan. The only time it's been used is when I've lent it to a friend.

Craftsmanship is excellent, boat is perfectly balanced for a shoulder carry. When I get in this boat, all I want to do is go fast.