11' 2"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

SE-330 Description

Imagine yourself blasting down a white water river — spray flying everywhere and your heart beating like a drum. Or imagine yourself on a mirror-smooth lake at dawn, slicing the silence with smooth paddle strokes. Can one boat do all this? Yes, Sport Kayaks do all that and more!

Our lightest, most portable kayak is America's most popular, the versatile Sea Eagle 330. It weighs just 26 lbs. and packs down small enough to fit in the smallest car trunk. Don't let the light weight fool you, it's a rugged kayak able to hold 2 people or 500 lbs and yet easy enough to be carried and paddled by one.

SE-330 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Inflatable
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo, Tandem
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Smaller Adult/Child, Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Additional Attributes

  • NMMA Certified
  • Open and close drain valve
  • Five deluxe one-way valves
  • Sun & saltwater resistant hull material
  • Lashed down inflatable spray skirts
  • I-beam construction floor
  • 2 skegs on the bottom for better tracking & speed

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SE-330 Reviews

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Fabulous kayak, and fun to…

Submitted by: marvcohen2002 on 1/30/2023

Fabulous kayak, and fun to paddle with a friend.


Good build material, very…

Submitted by: RPG2 on 7/19/2022

Good build material, very solid, light, packs small (will fit in the trunk of an SLK with the cartop down!), inflates quickly, stable in flat and mild white water, carries 500 lbs, can be used as a tandem. The thing to consider for all inflatables: it takes longer to put them away than to set them up. You cannot easily get them dry after use. Use a chamois cloth? Put it in a small room with a dehumidifier? Hair dryer (no!)? Things I don't like about this boat: no footrest, seat is not secured in place, very slow (low performance), the security rings for the caps are incredibly difficult to put on (and they are not coming off), very hard to get totally dry, no carry handle in the middle of the boat.

That all being said, they are simple to set up and there is a deal to the end of July 2022 that can't be beat, $249!


This kayak is wonderful for…

Submitted by: ArtFulley on 7/26/2020
This kayak is wonderful for all the reasons others have named. However nobody talks about the size of the kayak. It is too big for smaller people. It is too wide and the sides high for a 5'3'' person who is relatively strong (me). I have to hoist the paddle until it is level with my shoulders to be able to reach the water. Then, as I engage in this strength building exercise, I must also spread my arms wider than my shoulders so I can apply enough force on the paddle to move the kayak forward! The positive is that you will be stronger in the end!!

I purchased my Sea Eagle SE…

Submitted by: paddler518828 on 6/20/2019

I purchased my Sea Eagle SE 330 sport kayak several years ago and it is still going strong. I love the portability and the fact I can be ready to paddle in less than 10 minutes. If you're going to use the boat often I highly recommend the deluxe seat, it's worth the money. When I needed a replacement part the customer service representative was very helpful and mailed it to me immediately. Looking forward to many more fun years with this boat.


This inflatable kayak is…

Submitted by: paddler438592 on 6/11/2018

This inflatable kayak is durable, portable and fun. I use it for myself however it's capable for two or up to 500lbs. The build quality shows why this kayak is rated high within inflatable kayaks.


Wanted a kayak and…

Submitted by: paddler434713 on 5/29/2018

Wanted a kayak and unfortunately we live in a small home. Found the 330 which is perfect for myself 5'2 and my son 5'0 we absolutely love it . Super easy to pump up which was a big concern all set up within 10 min ( that's including child) glides great , stears awesome , I seriously have no complaints . so happy I have this here's to making memories and lots of smiles!


A friend loaned me one of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/7/2018

A friend loaned me one of her inflatable kayaks for paddling down the Weeki Wachee River in Florida. I was extremely sceptical and a bit nervous. After a wonderful day, I decided to buy one for myself. I bought the Sea Eagle 330 because of the good reviews, the quality materials used in making the kayak, the durability, the portability and the price. I've been on lakes, rivers and the Gulf of Mexico and have loved every minute. It's rated for class lll white water. I prefer calmer waters but it's nice to know, in case I ever go white water kayaking!


If the rear passenger…

Submitted by: AlishaWV on 8/28/2016
If the rear passenger (typically the heaviest) can synchronize their strokes with the front passenger, the 330 moves through the water surprisingly fast and straight. I give it a 9 for the price. It's much, much stronger than a pool float, inflates easily, the valves work well, it paddles better than expected, is ten times more portable than my canoes, and (most importantly) is tons of fun. It's a little extra work but I always re-inflate when I get home, spray it out, and let it dry. This thing will probably last for years.

My wife and I bought a pair…

Submitted by: paddler237058 on 8/23/2016
My wife and I bought a pair of SE-330 solo Pro packages and we are very happy with what we got. I do not believe anyone on this site saying that this kayak does not track properly. I have now tried it in perfect conditions as well as in windy conditions on flat water and it always goes where I want it to go. We are still beginners, so we stick to flat waters but this boat is perfect for us and I think that it will grow with us.

We definitely recommend it to anyone. It is a little bulkier than we expected, but, at least, we don't have to strap it to our roof! The two boats fit nicely in the rear compartment of our motor home. This is exactly what we wanted!


I bought this kayak because I…

Submitted by: Leroyboy100 on 7/28/2016
I bought this kayak because I needed something I could transport without a rack. I am pretty satisfied with it so far. I am a large person, 6'6 and 230 lbs. This kayak is rated to carry much more than that and it seems very stable for me. The only drawback I have is the seat back is not really high enough for me. Most of my height is from my waist up and I don't feel like I get enough back support so I only paddle for about an hour before my back becomes uncomfortable. But, I am overall pretty satisfied with this inflatable kayak.

I love my Sea Eagle 330. I…

Submitted by: RKQ on 6/6/2016
I love my Sea Eagle 330. I started with this boat on small mountain lakes in our area and the tracking is generally very good. The biggest problem I noticed is that if it is very windy, the kayak tends to be blown around a bit. I learned to paddle faster! I then moved on to Class II and III rapids on the Rio Grande. It's a fun and easy boat to maneuver between the rocks and around the holes. When the water level is very low, tho, the skeg will drag. The skeg is not removableso it is something to be aware of.

All in all this is a great kayak for the price. I occasionally use a friends' NRS but my SE-330 does all I ask of it! Recommend!


I have two SE-330's made by…

Submitted by: brquinn on 5/9/2016
I have two SE-330's made by Sea Eagle. Overall, I think it is the best inflatable boat on the market for the price. The 330 is made with a 33 mil Polykrylar material that is extremely durable. I have put well over 300 river miles on each of them and never had an issue. The website says the 330 is made for two adults up to 500 pounds. I would agree with the weight limit but it is much more comfortable with one person. It is the perfect size for an individual fishing or taking along a dog.

I've had my Sea Eagle 330 for…

Submitted by: paddler236592 on 11/11/2015
I've had my Sea Eagle 330 for 12 yrs. and have used it virtually everywhere a body of water invites. Portability is its strongest asset: it fits into a large duffel (purchased separately) that checks at airports as a large suitcase. In late June, I soloed a whitewater stretch (Class III and one Class IV) of the Middle Fork, Flathead River that borders Glacier National Park. Only issue was that it had to be emptied 3 or 4 times between rapids. I'm over 70 and not an expert kayaker, so imagine what a youngster could do with this craft!

As a person with a disability…

Submitted by: paddler236564 on 10/13/2015
As a person with a disability (Multiple Sclerosis) that limits recreation, this little kayak has given me freedom I thought was gone for life. Although my lack of strength and balance makes carrying it almost impossible, an inexpensive set of wheels makes it easy. (I just tie the wheels on top and take them with me) I use an electric pump, 10 -15 minutes set up. I also got the better seat. I am not able to enter it gracefully so I just drop backwards onto the seat and pull my legs in, exiting is also a challenge and I usually just fall out the side. A sandy spot is needed. Having said all that, once in I am free, paddling is easy and it handles like a dream. It is also very comfortable, no back ache. I love it!! I wish I had several of them and I would start an MS paddling group. As it is one friend was so taken with it that she got her own. Living in Victoria, British Columbia we are blessed with a wonderful climate. I expect to be in my little boat in every season.

I just put in a review for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/8/2015
I just put in a review for the SE-370, which my boys love using. My 21 year old purchased this kayak himself so four or five of us could go out together.

This kayak is easy to store, transport in the included bag and set-up for use. The seats are a little different from the SE-370 and we found they're a bit more comfortable. This kayak performs well in the ocean, the bays and the river with no issues whatsoever. It's so easy to use my 14 year old and a friends take the kayak out in the river by themselves and have yet to report any problems. Tracking was my only concern, which was unwarranted since it tracks just fine. The kayak is also very durable and can take a beating against rocks and other debris found in rivers. Thank you for reading this and I hope it helps with your decision process.


We bought this kayak SE-320…

Submitted by: paddler236377 on 7/20/2015
We bought this kayak SE-320 about two months ago, and I must say we cannot be happier. Easy to assembly, it has great stability on any type of water surface. Even the speed is not an issue for us, paddling around harbor becomes soon boring, so we ventured on the open ocean with 5 plus feet waves. The stability of this craft is incredible, so soon we were miles of the coast, playing on the waves. I can do nothing but praise it.

This is a GREAT product!!! I…

Submitted by: Tohgi on 7/9/2015
This is a GREAT product!!! I have taken my Sea Eagle 330 on lakes and rivers. I have been in upper Class II rapids with no problems. Looking forward to Class III in this boat. I wish I was a better word smith to express just how satisfied I am with this boat. I feel like I really got my monies worth. I will review again after I take her in Class III rapids.

Just bought a SE330, took it…

Submitted by: paddler236339 on 7/7/2015
Just bought a SE330, took it out on Lake Erie on its maiden voyage in 3 to 5 foot waves. It handled pretty well, it kept me pretty dry and stayed high in the water. A hard shell wouldn't of made it. My 15 year son had it inflated and ready to go in under 10 minutes. It's a great value for what I paid for it.

I bought this tandem so I…

Submitted by: joyballard on 7/6/2015
I bought this tandem so I could take my autistic son. I love it. It is so lightweight and inflates like a dream. The material is tough and good quality.

I love my ISUP NN116 used in…

Submitted by: Davevanb on 6/5/2015
I love my ISUP NN116 used in canals & bay in OC MD. I wanted to get my wife on the water with me so we bought a SE330. It's easy to transport, easy to inflate, and very buoyant.

Our maiden voyage was early one morning starting at north side park - shallow water launch. My wife had difficulty getting in and didn't stay long, too bouncy (there was 10-12 mph wind) I didn't think it was too bad in the cove she got out at the park saying she would meet me at the canal (at 118th st). I made it in about 40-45 min. Wind was from SSE , it was tough paddling, I could not slow down much less stop paddling or I'd be blown back toward the park. A tail wind would of been great.

Ride was bouncy, it rides too high in the water and blows with the wind. I estimate swells were 6-12 inch. With the buoyancy I had no concern of capsizing or sinking just tough going with wind. In the canal there was less wind yet it didn't paddle well my ISUP would have had no trouble. To disembark I had to use a finger pier, it was very difficult to use the boarding ladder I'm sure my wife would hove been totally unable to get out.

Pros. Easy to transport and inflate. Great buoyancy, stable underway

Cons. Difficult boarding and disembarking, forget using it with more than 3 mph wind. Needs tapered depth entry forget using dock or pier.

If only used at a shattered lake and no wind it'll work for you


I have owned a SE-330 Pro…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/3/2015
I have owned a SE-330 Pro since 2007 and it's been my faithful transportation over numerous lakes and rivers in the Northwest area. These things are built to last...I have been snagged on logs, dragged it across gravel, hauled the dog along...even hooked on to a friend's pontoon and brought her back upstream when she missed our take-out. It's a stable ride with quick response to get moving when needed.

Great thing about it is the compact size when deflated yet I have a full size kayak when we get to the river. Two thumbs up, Sea Eagle!
Also kudos to Sea Eagle Dan for helping me out getting a SE-330 Pro in our school's benefit auction...Yeah!!


My only real complaint is…

Submitted by: paddler236022 on 9/28/2014
My only real complaint is that the O-rings are really difficult to assemble! The video shows them being put on quite easily, but I've had to use a hair dryer, break every fingernail and am still one 0-ring shy of having it all done! No way could one assemble this on-site!

Let me preface this review by…

Submitted by: paddler236005 on 9/22/2014
Let me preface this review by saying I also own a hard shell Old Town Kayak that I really like. What I like about the Sea Eagle 330 is the ability to have a quality ride no matter where I go without the hassle of putting my hard shell on a rack and then worrying about it being stolen if I'm not around. The toughness of the 330 is amazing. I have used and abused it in the ocean, rivers, creeks and the lake. It inflates quickly with the foot pump and paddles effortlessly. The dual skegs keep it on track and the deluxe seat is comfortable for long hours in the boat. While there is ample room for a small cooler, food, drinks etc. It is not long enough for two people for more than a leisurely paddle. I would compare this to a sit-on-top kayak more anything else because of its open layout. This is a very fun boat for a good time on the lake or river, especially when you want to jump in the water for a few minute and cool off.

I bought the Sea Eagle 330 as…

Submitted by: Dogpaddle on 9/6/2014
I bought the Sea Eagle 330 as my first kayak. I bought a hard shell when I had a car to carry it. It is very easy to inflate. About 90 foot pumps per compartment or very quick with the purchased DC pump.

These boats are wider and sit higher than hard shells. This makes tracking and paddling more cumbersome. But they will NEVER capsize. We enjoy ours for portability, like when RVing. Very easy to get onto the water. My parents, in their 70s just bought the 370 because of the light weight and it gets them out on the water. I recommend the Sea Eagle 330 for its versatility and toughness. If you want something fast, spend the $$ for a sleeker boat.


I was looking for an easy…

Submitted by: Lacastafiore on 9/2/2014
I was looking for an easy storage, easy handling, stable, fit in the trunk, fun boat, wow, I found it with my new 330! It is true the basic seats don't offer much support, I did buy them knowing this and figured I could make one or fix the problem with some dollar store velcro and straps.

I bought my SE330 almost two…

Submitted by: budeidson on 8/17/2014
I bought my SE330 almost two years ago and I am very satisfied with it with only one exception. I does need D-rings or something to tie things to. I am 77 years old and I have no trouble with anything, however I would suggest folks of my age would be better off with the electric pump. Keep the hand or foot pump for emergencies. Oh, and do buy it with the premium seat, the standard one lacks a lot. I would like it if Sea Eagle would provide anchor points for the premium seat, I had to make my own.

My rating takes a bit of…

Submitted by: jamoaque on 8/13/2014
My rating takes a bit of explaining, so bear with me please. The full picture would be as follows:

Rating 4 if you get the 330 with basic SEC seats (not as good of back support as the deluxe seats)
Rating 5 if you get the 330 with deluxe seats (worth the extra money)
Rating 6 for the accessories (paddle blade push-buttons can jam or slip thru; foot pump can have limited life)
Rating 7 if you get the SE370 instead of the SE330
Rating 8 for the overall value of an SE370 package as far as what you get for your money
Rating 10 for Sea Eagle warranty and 180-day trial period

If you're looking for a basic kayak that is easily portable (can be taken by plane too), has a reasonable price and yet good durability, has a good warrantee, and can be used effectively either solo or tandem, Sea Eagle Sport Kayaks are worth considering.

Some of the virtues of the 330 (and 370):

  1. Sea Eagle's outstanding 6-month return option and 3-year warranty are hard to beat
  2. Comfortable, almost like a couch on water, yet have acceptable performance for an inflatable
  3. Track fairly well for an inflatable, yet also easy to maneuver
  4. Good load carrying capacity
  5. Don't have to mess with a separate floor piece
  6. Easy set-up and take-down.
  7. Inexpensive
Since these do not have a separate floor piece as some inflatables do, it is fairly easy to wipe down inside when you are done w/ a paddling session (you do not have to partially deflate a separate floor piece, take it out to dry it off and dry off that water that was underneath it, and then put it back in). Note however, that since it has a low-pressure floor (not high-pressure which can be made very firm), the floor is somewhat squishy and not as solid. And one limitation of a 330/370 is how they sit a bit deeper in the water. Since the bottom of the boat protrudes downward from the side parts of the boat, you can't go through as shallow of water as some other kayaks.

Note that one important factor in the above ratings is that in my experience, the 370 is noticeably more stable than the 330. A couple actual examples:
a) once on a choppy mountain lake (windy), the 330 was unstable enough that my wife did not feel comfortable in it, so we moved her over to our 385 Fast Track, and, b) one time when I was getting into the 330 from a dock, I initially sat onto it a bit toward one side and found myself teetering between upright and tipping over for about two seconds % I have never had that happen on any other inflatable or hard-shell, and I have paddled over twenty different kayaks. So it seems to take more attention to stability than the 370. However, please note that I have paddled two different 370's, but have only paddled one 330 - could that 330 somehow have been a rare exception that does not represent the rest of the 330's??

Summary of advantages of the SE370 over the SE330 that you may want to consider:
a) I like it better even for solo paddling than the 330.
b) The 370 seems more stable.
c) The 330 is tight with two adults, so the 370's extra 16" of length helps a lot.
d) You'll get a little more speed from the 370's extra length (around 6% more)
e) The 370 uses 38 mil Polykrylar instead of 33 mil on the 330.
f) These advantages come w/ little extra weight and for only another $50.


Sea Eagle inflatable canoe…

Submitted by: captbob on 7/3/2014
Sea Eagle inflatable canoe 330 deluxe package was an excellent purchase to throw into our Truck Camper and go boating anytime we wanted on our trips out west without taking up a lot of room. It is well worth the money and fully refundable(within 6 months) if you do not like it.

We have bought several inflatable boats from Sea Eagle and I can not say enough good things about their products and their customer service. They sell great inflatable boats at reasonable prices.


Sea Eagle from yard sale next…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/14/2013
Sea Eagle from yard sale next door was older but still functional. It was reasonable for 1 man with cooler but 2 guys around 6' 200 lbs were cramped and it was sitting low in water so not efficient. Good for lazy paddling but watch for rocks and sticks near shore.

This model of kayak is ideal…

Submitted by: crillmonster on 8/7/2013
This model of kayak is ideal for travelers. Because it's inflatable/deflatable (naturally), it so often goes with me in the trunk of the car when I travel for both business and pleasure, whereas there would just not be a possible way to take a hard kayak. If not for the outstanding and rugged build quality of the SeaEagle models that I've owned, I would have never imagined going in some of the rivers and streams in an inflatable! Even being on a Great Lake in 6 foot waves was fun, whereas, I could not have fared so well in a hard kayak for as long as we were out there!

I highly recommend the SeaEagles, with one minor suggestion to go with the upgraded inflatable seats, if you're going to be in it for longer than an hour.
Have owned the brand and style for 6 years and am very happy to this day!


I am 76 years old and not new…

Submitted by: budeidson on 3/1/2013
I am 76 years old and not new to boats, so I sort of knew what to look for and my 330 has given be great performance and safety. I have taken it on the rivers and lakes around my home in Florida with great satisfaction.

I would buy Sea Eagle again with no reservations. The ease with which I can carry and load my 330 in and out of my car is fantastic because I need no racks, trailers or large vehicle. I give it a big number 10!


Bought a used 330 direct from…

Submitted by: paddler234892 on 2/4/2013
Bought a used 330 direct from Sea Eagle 6 months ago, my 1st kayak, but I do have lots of experience with inflatable rafting on rivers and sea. Absolutely love this boat. Fits in my Honda Accord trunk nicely,and that's where it lives, I go paddling after work or when ever the mood strikes. My favorite past time is grabbing a beer or 6 and head out on the ocean (long beach, CA) which it handles admirably. I have paddled in chop, big swells, and very windy conditions. With proper paddle technique it does great. The biggest limitation of this fun little craft, is the paddler, not the boat.

Purchased my 330 as a first…

Submitted by: Ldmyers on 1/7/2013
Purchased my 330 as a first kayak. With a price for the entire package at $300.00, this was the perfect entry level kayak I could find. A friend recommended one after he purchased his, I'm glad I listened to his recommendation!

All in all, the package comes with two seats (different depending on which package you purchase), two 4-piece paddles around 230cm in length, the kayak, a foot pump with attachments, and a repair kit in a floating/waterproof necklace.

I first paddled with my friend in his, I will admit, a big downfall for this kayak is when it is used as a tandem. Two people are typically cramped into the kayak leaving the person in back with minimal leg room.

When used solo, the weight capacity and proper positioning of the seat makes this kayak breeze through the water. With a 500lbs weight capacity, you can really load this thing down. I've done overnight trips in my SE330 on slow rivers and it surpasses expectations.

The material may look like "pool toy" inflatable, but in truth, the kayak is extremely durable. I've accidentally ran it into protruding branches and skid across countless rocks and there has never been a scratch afterwards.

Inflation and setup takes a single person roughly 15 minutes and the carrying bag is large enough to fit everything in and light enough that most people should not have any trouble carrying it to the vehicles or entry points.

The balance is incredible and almost impossible to tip over. I recommend this kayak package to someone who is looking to start kayaking but isn't sure on proper techniques while in the water. It is a great source to learn from and very forgiving when it comes to not being able to avoid debris.


We are in our 60's and love…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/2/2011
We are in our 60's and love our SeaEagle. We are cautious, but have found we can go most anywhere we want. We recently took it to Hawaii and kayaked with Manta Rays, Sea Turtles, a Monk Seal and Whales. We purchased a rechargeable pump that makes inflating easy. We do have to top it off with the foot pump. We also purchased the better seats, and they are great. And we don't need a roof carrier. We just roll it up in a tote box in the trunk. It is important to clean it (blow it up, use a little liquid soap, rinse, let dry and roll up.) Also keep out of sun when not in use. We love it.

Well it said 10 days and sure…

Submitted by: paddler233757 on 8/12/2010
Well it said 10 days and sure enough it took 10 days to get here from New York, I am in California. On the 11th day took it out to the local lake. It comes in a cardboard box. Then another cardboard box. So make sure you have a sharp knife to open the boxes. Once opened, out comes the instruction manual and the paddles. everything is in it's own plastic sheath. Have to cut this away also.

Once the Sea Eagle is on the ground, first thing you notice is the air valves have an O-Ring, it takes 7 of these O-Rings before you can put any air into the sea eagle. The O-Ring installation is no easy task. It took me two hours to get the 7 O-Rings on the valve stems.

The air pump works excellently and hopefully will continue for some time to come. It weighs about 50 lbs inflated. So if portage is a problem need two people to carry it. Once down to the edge of the water it is not easy to get into, as the sides will give way under your weight, so it is a hurry up proposition. Once in I was on my knees and getting into the seat was not easy either. As I moved one leg the bottom of the kayak would raise up so the stability is questionable. Someone said you could stand up, better be a good swimmer.

Once in the seat, the bottom scraped the mud and I was stuck, so rather than get out and in again, I used the paddle to try and push off the mud. That was easier said than done. Finally with some scooting and pushing and getting mud on and in the kayak I was finally sea born. Yahoo, the paddling is not easy, it takes some concerted effort and the wind will push you back in the mud.

Over all somewhat impressed. Next time will get someone to go with me.


I bought this kayak because I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/26/2010
I bought this kayak because I have no storage space. I love it! It is easy to inflate (about 30 pumps per side, 20 for the center) and only takes about 10-15 minutes to set up. I can carry it myself just fine! It fits in the trunk of my car easily.

Paddling - it handles well and steers fine. Not tippy. I was only concerned about "blowing out to sea" after reading other reviews - do not blow around that easily. Compared to the Marvel 10' (which I really wanted but can't handle myself)- it's just a little more work paddling, but not that much. Got the deluxe package - seat is very comfortable. Highly recommend this to people with storage issues!


I recently bought a Sea Eagle…

Submitted by: paddler233377 on 9/21/2009
I recently bought a Sea Eagle 330 and I like it a lot. It handles and tracks much better than I expected it to. The portability is also a big plus. My only concern is that someone told me that they had one and stored it to find out it disintegrated. Does anyone know how to prevent this?

Just took our second trip on…

Submitted by: paddler233349 on 9/4/2009
Just took our second trip on our 330. We love it. We called it the paddle pillow. We watched the sun set in the gulf off Long Boat Key, Florida and saw dolphins jump. The boat flexes with the swells of the water which makes for a smooth and pleasant ride. Not to mention the comfort of the "air mattress" feel. It is such a nice place to sit. Our other trip was on a lake and it moved nicely through the calm water.
We paid $200.00 with shipping for ours on Amazon, Yes, It was new. I say buy one if you want to have fun.

Good for value. Doesn't have…

Submitted by: paddler233320 on 8/20/2009
Good for value. Doesn't have the best tracking on flatwater unless used with 2 people,doesn't bail that quick, for whitewater use it is best used without seat for added stability. Good kayak, would buy again. Also I don't care what anyone else says but these are bullet proof. I paddled a total of around 100 miles in this kayak over rocks, trees, twigs and the ground. No holes at all.

I hit the river about 1-2 times a month and this kayak never lets me down. Also I can fit 2 boats with all accessories in the small trunk of my rx8 that also has a large sub box in it. E-mail me if you have any questions.


We like our Sea Eagle 330. But before you buy, check into…

Submitted by: paddler232685 on 6/25/2008
We like our Sea Eagle 330.
But before you buy, check into local water restrictions... in So. Cal. the lifeguards will shut you down in a heartbeat... no inflatables of any sort are allowed on the ocean down here!!

I took my Sea Eagle 330 out…

Submitted by: Reding on 10/31/2007
I took my Sea Eagle 330 out today for the first time. It was also my first time paddling.
First the bad points:
Inflating the 330 was quick, but the valves for the spray skirts and seats left much to be desired. I don't understand why the one-way valve design for the hull couldn't be used for the seats and skirts instead of the pool toy design that is used.

I would recommend upgrading to the deluxe seats as the standard ones do not offer back support. Having read previous reviews, I set my seats back to back. This seemed to help a little, but not much.

The next negative was that the built in skegs were warped to the left of the kayak. This was easily compensated for when paddling, but still an annoyance.

The only other bad point I had was that there are no bungees. The skirts make a nice place to strap an extra paddle, or a small bag if needed...if you have straps.The included paddles seemed too short to me. Having never paddled before the issue could have been me, but the paddles just seemed like they should have been longer. As mentioned before a strong wind will cause the 330 to weathercock. Fortunately though this seemed easily correctable.

Now for the good points:
Despite the warp in the skegs the 330 tracked pretty darn straight. Other than a lapse in my technique the 330 moved in as close to a straight line as one could expect, especially considering hull design.

Another thing I liked was the amount of room. While not enough for two full sized adults, I found it to be quite adequate for my 5'6" frame. After using some tie-down straps around where the skirts attach, I was able to secure a spare paddle up front, and a small water proof bag in back. There is easily enough room to pack gear for a short overnight/weekend trip if a person is small like me.

The 330 seemed a bit tippy getting in/out, but once out on the water felt stable. I gave the 330 the rating I did because I have nothing to compare it to as it is the first craft I have paddled. It performed as I was expecting it to, didn't seem to have any limitations I wasn't already informed of, and over all is a fun little craft for someone like me who isn't able to get out often or for very long.


I have made one 23 mile trip…

Submitted by: paddler232268 on 8/20/2007
I have made one 23 mile trip down the Yellowstone river with the SE 330. It was a great boat I plan on using it for several years until I get into the sport more to upgrade.

Just a few minor problems I had in case you are looking to buy one. I am 6'2" 220lbs so some of the problems have to do with my size. In shallow water, when I went over rocks at a slower speed, I got stuck and had to get out to move the boat to deeper water. I know more of this has to with the the fact that my rear sits in the water a little lower than others might so I have to deal with it.

I only used one seat and when I centered it in the boat, it kept slipping to the back of the boat. I had to use the air pump and a hand held water cooler to wedge in between the seat and the end of the boat. When I did this, it was a very comfortable ride and my back didn't get sore even after 7 hours. I am going to buy something to use as a wedge otherwise the seat will keep moving.

The other thing I didn't like is that there isn't any rope on the sides so you can tie down your gear. I ran a rope around and made my own to clip my stuff to. It works good. For a guy my size, I had enough room for a cooler of beer between my legs and some food and my other stuff clipped in front of my feet. Not a problem for a day trip but maybe to small of a boat for an overnight trip. When I do take it on an overnight trip, I plan on sleeping in the boat, its that comfortable.

This boat is very easy to turn and paddle. Yes, you have to steer it to keep it straight, but thats what I bought it for, a workout. I went through some class 2s and I never had a problem, and it was a very fun ride. I didn't even take the bailing plug out and I hardly got any water in the boat except when I tried to get out after a few too many Buds... but that's my fault.

If you're looking to get started like I am, this is a very good boat to start with. $350 to your door, 10 minutes to pump it up and another 10 to load you stuff and you are ready to go. I will update after some more trips, but it was a good start.


I've owned my SeaEagle for 6…

Submitted by: paddler232063 on 6/2/2007
I've owned my SeaEagle for 6 years now. It is almost impossible to sink or tip it. It goes over most everything except sharp sticks in the creeks. It recommend it for deep water where there are no threat of sharp objects in the water. In the 6 years, I have had one hole I was able to patch and going again in 15 minutes.
The last trip did it in. Took 2 sticks to the bottom and side. Not repairable this time. Not good for storage. Simply a day tripper. Turn quick, but does glide well. Must paddle hard and continuously.

We purchased the Sea Eagle…

Submitted by: paddler231962 on 3/19/2007
We purchased the Sea Eagle 330 some time ago but this past weekend was the first chance we had to take it for a spin. We own property on the Suwannee River near Live Oak Florida. Having never read the instructions, the set up took about 15 minutes. After we got back into town I watched the DVD. Seems I did everything correct. I had no idea what to expect but we had the time of our lives. It handled smoothly and stayed pretty much on course. Deflating was easy and even getting everything to fit inside the travel bag was no problem at all. We had so much fun were taking it back out this weekend. Thanks for a great product.

Came with 2 "delux" seats and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/22/2007
Came with 2 "delux" seats and 2 paddles. Took it out on Jordan Lake - a large reservoir in central North Carolina. The first problems I noticed is that there is no strapping to fix the seat position - it just kind of sits in the boats bottom. This in combination with the fact that there are no foot pegs means you have no way to brace your back or your feet. The consequence is that leg and back fatigue are almost immediate. The supplied paddles are very heavy - probably 5+ pounds so add on arm fatigue. Next problem - it blows around like an out of control sailboat in a light lake-breeze. Paddling away from the boat-ramp I noticed that I was barely matching the force of the wind with my paddle strokes.

Now for the big problems: Undiscouraged I planned a tandem paddle with my brother on the nearby Eno River for the next weekend. Our run on the Eno offers up to class 2 whitewater and the SE 330 is rated for up to class 3 (laughs). Immediatley following put-in we capsize. The boat is extremely tippy and unstable, even with its wide beam. I can't fathom why the boat is supplied with 2 seats because its way too crowded for 2 people - leg positioning was a nightmare. Anyways... determined to have a good time on the water that day we set off in the cramped boat, jerking this way and that to keep the thing from tipping again. Lo and behold the second set of riffles appear and the boat bottoms out. OK - no problem to make a short portage. As we get underway again in deeper waters however, brother comments that the boat appears to be sinking in the back. I chuckled and said, "no it can't be." After all the Sea Eagle is made for class 3 so some small riffles should hardly pose a problem. A few moments later Brother chimes in again: "No. Its definately sinking" We ground the boat on the riverbank and flip it upside down. My heart sank at what I saw - One of the tracking skegs that are built into the bottom of the boat had apparantly caught on a rock and ripped right along the seam. A 3 inch gaping hole in the bottom air-chamber was the result. I deemed the craft unfit to carry us to the take-out (with the combined weight of us it was about 1 inch from getting swamped). We carried the crippled boat up the bank and found an old abandoned log cabin. From the look of the empty beer cans on the floor it looked like it had been the early '80s since anyone had been there. We stored the boat in there and gathered what we could carry. What followed was a 2 mile hike over extremely rough terrain - steep gulleys and rock bluffs. We barely made it back to the put-in before sunset, all the while cursing Sea Eagle.

About 2 months later my girl and I went back there and found it in the old cabin, undisturbed. We carried it out of there (good thing my girl is tough!). I Packed it up in the box and returned it as defective for a full refund. Ive learned a lot about boats and paddling since then and I'm pretty sure I'm going to buy a Pamlico 120 by Wilderness Systems next. All things considered I highly disrecommend the SE 330 and I would be wary of any Sea Eagle products. That boat was merely an over-priced pool toy! Don't be like me and get caught up in thier clever marketing. Its not worth it dude, just don't do it. Save your bucks and get the hardshell.


We recently purchased our 330…

Submitted by: paddler231907 on 1/8/2007
We recently purchased our 330 as a Christmas present to ourselves. Took it out for 2 hrs on a test run and can not be happier with it. Amazing stability and ease of paddling with two of us plus our dog in it. We opted for the 8' paddles and are glad we did as the reach was just right with them and we feel the std 7' backpack versions may be a bit too short. The kayak tracked very good with the two of us in it on the flatwater lake we were on. I gave it a spin by myself and after a bit of getting used to it, it preformed fine, it does take a few trys to shake the desire to paddle it like a canoe! That is all I have ever owned, and the kayak is a different animal in how you paddle it. Overall its a huge hit and we can't wait to get back out in it. Setup was a snap and breakdown even faster. Would recommend it in a heartbeat for those looking for an all around rec boat thats capable of much much more.

I bought an SE330 kayak about…

Submitted by: paddler231879 on 11/13/2006
I bought an SE330 kayak about 2 months ago. I purchased it because I RV a lot and couldn't carry a hardshell on the roof. First, the good points. It is just as easy and quick to set up as the company says. It does get along pretty well for an inflatable but it weathercocks rather bad in even a fairly light wind. All in all though, I am not too disappointed in the performance, ( but I have to say that with two average sized adults, it is very cramped). Now the really bad points. I have been very very careful with this boat and have only paddled in protected flatwater. In the two months that I have owned it, it has punctured once and now one of the valves has started leaking. Believe me, it is no fun to get a half mile out and have to race back while watching one side of your boat get floppy. It might be rated for class III water but you wouldn't find me trusting it that far. I called the company to request a replacement valve (which they willingly did) and while I had them on the line I told them about how disappointed I was in my purchase and that if it had been within the 30 day trial period, I would be sending it back to them. The person I spoke with was not rude but their lack of concern was palpable.

All in all, my advice to anyone thinking about buying this boat is to make sure that it is what you want before you get to the end of your 30 day trial period. I am fairly new to kayaking and felt this was a good entry level boat for me. I'm already wanting to upgrade to something with a bit more performance (even if the boat had been trouble free). If you just want a boat that saves space and you just want to go out for an occasional paddle on calm water, it might be fine for you. If you are thinking about getting serious about kayaking, look into the foldables or a hardshell.


Just bought the SE 330 to…

Submitted by: samo on 4/27/2006
Just bought the SE 330 to supplement my 2 other hardshells. I needed it as I was going on a sailing trip in the Bahamas and there was no room for a hardshell. It's not a bad boat for an inflatable. Hard too believe it hold 500 lbs but that's the rating. I went solo and fit in nicely, 2 persons would be very tought though. (albeit, I'm 6'5")

The dinky inflatable seats are better than I expected and keep your butt dry. so I would use them. And you can pack some stuff behind the seat to keep your leg room free.

Paddling in a wind it a tad tough but I assume this is common with any inflatable or high sitting boat. Tracking also was a little iffy. The 'lil skegs don't seem to do a lot, mind you it could be a lot worse without them.

The 4 piece paddles that come with it are not much good but will serve as handy emergency paddles for my hardshells! I took my 2 piece asymetrical 240cm aquasport and it worked much better.

Inflating and deflating worked very well. The vavles work well and the pump is pretty fast.

My boatmate had a 395SE and my lil boat had a higher capacity than his but the 395 took 2 paddlers much better.

Not much else to say about it. I bought the used hull from Sea Eagle for US$200 and think I got a good deal amd am happy with the convenience it gives me.

I would recommend the 330 to someone to supplement their boating experience but not to be all of it!


Bought a used sea eagle 330,…

Submitted by: paddler231320 on 9/19/2005
Bought a used sea eagle 330, came in 2 boxes. Paid about $90.00 for shipping, I live in Hawai'i. No instructions on how much to inflate, called salespeople for answers, they vaguely knew what they were talking about. Decent product for the money, but there are better kayaks out there (Sevylor, Innova). Not satisfied at all. All because of what they don't know about their own products!

I tried the Sea Eagle 330 in Lake George. Setup was not…

Submitted by: paddler231090 on 5/22/2005
I tried the Sea Eagle 330 in Lake George.

Setup was not bad -- but I couldn't get the seat into the kayak ..I am not sure if I have to inflate the seat or the kayak first ... the instructional video shows inflating the kayak First.. I am not too sure. Secondly the inflation pressure is big guessing game. The inflation template that came with the kayak clearly has a problem as the circular reference showed under-inflation while the linear scale showed over-inflation. I had no help, and just used the 3/4 inch depression thumb rule as suggested by the instructional video.

In the waters .. despite the skegs, the tracking was lousy ( Compared to hardshells I am used to). I bought this inflatable due to space and budget constrains. I found that I had to compensate every other stroke - it was quite frustrating actually.. to make things worse, the kayak listed about couple degree to the port side even though both the port and the starboard tubes were inflated to roughly the same amount.

I tried the kayak out on the 31st day after purchase .. So I can't return it.. If you but it ...TRY IT and make use of their return policy.


The benefits far outweigh the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/4/2004
The benefits far outweigh the disadvantages of this IK. First of all, the price is right for a "starter" boat. It is easy to store (boat and all accessories fit inside a surplus army duffle bag) and you can throw it in the trunk of your car on a whim and take it paddling whenever, wherever you want to go. It only takes 10-15 minutes of mininal effort to get it into the water or back into the trunk of your car. It is more maneuverable than a canoe. It is also more pliable than a canoe which gives it a "softer", less tipsy ride in rough water.

The skin material seems durable. The skin on mine has been abraded and poked and has held up well. One problem with a leaky air valve cover was solved quickly and hassle-free over the phone.

On the down side, you can really get pushed around on open water on a windy day. There is also a slight learning curve involved if you want to travel in a straight line. The skegs that are supposed to help the SeaEagle track straighter will drag bottom in places where a canoe will not.

The bottom line on the 330 is that it is a great little starter boat. I have a lot of fun in mine. Some day I will trade up to one of the bigger SeaEagles, but for now this one is a keeper.


Not at all happy with this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2004
Not at all happy with this kayak. Had a leak around a valve right out of the box. I'm 5'8" and in the seat I was too high, without it I was too low. First ride was by myself, drifted all over the place. Got pushed around by a very light breeze. Secound trip was on a calm lake with my wife. Very cramped. Kept hitting my knees and if we got out of synch at all we struck paddles. Would never consider this in moving water. As soon as I can get it back in the box it is being returned. Only plus is ease and speed of set up.

I purchased an older…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/29/2004
I purchased an older (probably 10+ years), used Sea Eagle 330 for $70 and couldn't be happier. It's great for the flat water here in Foster City, CA and much more stable than I expected. Storage and transport are a breeze.

I'm planning to add skegs and perhaps a nicer seat. The Sea Eagle 330 does catch ride high and thus catches breezes, however, I assume that this is common to most inflatables.


Really enjoy this boat - easy…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/8/2003
Really enjoy this boat - easy to inflate/deflate, and the "ride" is very smooth...also, very stable - had a close encounter with an idiot on a SeeDoo who created quite a large and unexpected wake - 330 rode it nice and soft...I recommend this boat!

I liked my 330 very well - I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2003
I liked my 330 very well - I could get it inflated in about 10 minutes & it was very stable - I ran it thru class 2 rapids regularly & class 3 the Lower Saluda (Mill Race Rapid) on occasion - however trying mill race at 9000 cfs killed it graveyard dead (didn't do me much good either) - I especially would recommend it for those seeking a minimum entry level boat - for not so much $$ you can find out if the sport is your cup - I never had problems with punctures (except for that last run) but had to repair seams several times due to over inflation from sun heat.

If I had tried the Seaeagle…

Submitted by: paddler229997 on 12/4/2002
If I had tried the Seaeagle beforehand, I would never have bought it. It is difficult to paddle because you sit too low in the boat & it yaws with every stroke. Even with the Deluxe seat the back is not high enough & very uncomfortable. With a little spray you will be sitting in a puddle. The 4-piece paddle shaft have sharp edges which cut holes through the boat & the storage bag when I checked it on an airplane. Enough! I now paddle a hard shell Dagger Zydeco.

I ordered this kayak at the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/15/2002
I ordered this kayak at the end of june. Friendly online customer services, shipping is extremely fast even to Canada. Loaded with bonus - got a free baseball cap, jacket, already built-in twin skegs, and 39USD worth of accessories of your choosing. I went for the basic package, on hindsight - I should have got the deluxe package with the 8ft paddles. The 7ft one is a little too short for a boat this wide. And it comes with 30 days on water trial, 3 yrs warranty - can't go wrong with that.

Got the first chance to try it this week. Thanks to the extra large footpump - inflating the whole boat was under 10mins; which is probably faster, and definitely easier than to untie and unload my fiberglass boat off the top of my car. A note on inflation, it has an inflation guage on the boat - I feel like over inflating just a little bit. Reason being after inflating on hot dry ground, and paddling is cool water, the boat tended to "soften" a bit.

First try was in Lake Simcoe (Ontario Canada) - calm, flat water... It didn't track too well. But after a short while of getting use to, it's easy to compensate. I went solo, so I wonder if the added weight of the 2nd person would make the boat more stable?! That I will find out another time. The inflatable seat was ok, not exactly comfortable. However, I recommend to keep it fully inflated - when water comes in, it will keep your pants dry.

Second try was also Lake Simcoe but right before a rain storm - so the water was considerably rougher. I found that it tracked better. It had a "softer ride" in the wavey water than rigids. But it's still very easy to manuveur. By the way, I tried to tip over the boat - which was not as easy to do as the rigid boats. Which might be a good thing if you have little kids or young paddlers onboard.

Deflating the boat was just as easy: just unscrew the three main valves and the boat flaten in a minute or two. The drain valve at the back came very useful to drain off the water in the boat, especially after the second day's stormy water ride. It's a little tricky to put away since the skegs are glued on. I keep the come with foam protectors on so it won't get bent. The factory's carrying bag is big enough to carry the boat, paddles, pump and everything else in there. If the bag comes with handles and straps would be even better.

Originally I intended to bring this to camping. Though it rates to carry 500lbs, it doesn't have that much room for 2 people plus gear. Unless you go very light on the gears, and bring a small kid. For single person however, you should have ample of room. This boat is low as a kayak but open like a canoe, you should use waterproof bags to keep your belongings dry.


I tried the 330 because it…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2002
I tried the 330 because it offered a lot for the price, and the company has a very fair return poilcy (full refund except for shipping) which they honored. Unfortunately the 330 did not perform well in the bay where I live; I was tired after 50 yards of paddling in 1 -2 foot swells. The boat did track well, but I found it unstable and cramped for a large framed individual. I would recommend it highly as a fun boat for calm waters if you are not in any hurry. It also inflates and sets up very quickly and easily.

I am just about to deep-six…

Submitted by: paddler229117 on 2/19/2001
I am just about to deep-six my old Sea Eagle 330 after about 15 years of regular use, and I'll sorely miss it. I used it mostly for paddling around quiet salt creeks and marshes with my two Labs. Only once in all that time did they manage to rock the boat enough to dump me out! The big pluses: lightweight, extremely stable, easy to transport & store, inflates by footpump in a few minutes. Also relatively inexpensive, especially back when I bought mine. The few minuses: susceptible to blowing in the wind, not very roomy, usually wet (always wet with two large, wet dogs in it), very wet and crowded with two adults and two large dogs in it, and puncturable. An old repaired puncture that just won't stay repaired is the cause of my canoe's demise.

We bought a 330 and tried it…

Submitted by: walt_embree on 9/13/2000
We bought a 330 and tried it once. Although light-weight and easy to pack, we found the floor setup conspired against any sort of moderate speed at all. When the front/bottom digs in, the boat wants to swap ends big time. A skag kit might help. We also found the 33 mil Polykrylar material to be a bit light and had concerns about stumps, sticks, and rocks, although I suspect it is stronger than we give it credit for. The limits on inflation made the boat seem "mushy", and as my wife is disabled, this caused problems with her moving around. The boat in general seemed a bit small for us. We traded the 330 in for a 380X, and are much happier with this boat. The 330 is a good boat if you don't need a lot. If just starting out in the inflatable world, go for the package deals that include a pump, paddles, seat, etc. Otherwise, spring the extra green for the 380X, and the smile-o-meter will be red-lined all the time. SeaEagle is a great company to do business with. I can highly recommend their products.

If you are a broke ass just…

Submitted by: paddler228597 on 5/9/2000
If you are a broke ass just out off college loser like me who wants to enjoy throwing a canoe on the lake or the river on the weekend, this sea eagle works great. I bought mine last year, and I have dragged this thing as far as my old Toyota will take me. I have not had it on class 3 rapids like the catalog says it is capable of, but I believe it could, its very stable, I can actually stand up in it. I guess its because all the buoyancy is on the side or something, I don't know for sure, I am sort of a dumbass when it comes to stuff like that. Hey, the thing works damn good, and if you live in a dive like I do, and you look silly as hell trying to cram a canoe that is bigger than the hell hole you live in, well this sea eagle will do the trick. Get a good air pump that plugs in your cars power point (hey, they don't call 'em cigarette lighters anymore) because it takes about a half an hour to fill this bastard up by hand... err foot I mean. It says you can throw it in a back pack, but I don't know if that's true, I cant afford a back pack. If I ever get the coin for a fancy backpack I will try and let you know how it goes. If you are into that sort of thing. Seagle has a nice website too, you can go there and chat with the customer service people that work there, I harassed them for a while and they thought I was zany or something. Over all, a fine product though. I recommend it.