Name: marvcohen2002

Most Recent Reviews

Fabulous kayak, and fun to paddle with a friend.

We purchased a "family" of these, in the yellow coloration. They even fit fairly well on smaller children. The yellow styled one is very important in case of a craft upset, so everyone can be readily identified in the water. Rated as 5* and a best buy!

If one is going out solo for an extended period of time, this kayak is perfect for storing all of that extra gear, plus drinks and food.

I have a cousin who owns one of these. For solo kayaking, it is a lot of fun, easy to maneuver, and stores a lot of gear and food.

I would rate this as a candidate for our next kayak! Seats two with plenty of room for gear and refreshments, plus special controls.

This kayak has the features I want, plus is priced as a best buy! Plenty of room for extra gear, food and drink.

Fantastic! It is perfect for two people, particularly an adult with a small child. My grandchildren will love this. Plus, there is adequate room for a reasonable amount of gear, food and drink.

This seems to be a very efficient, lightweight product for all boating or kayaking situations, except enhancing safety awareness. I suggest that they also be offered in safety colors, such as yellow, orange or red.