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Great kayak! We are in our 70's and weight is an issue but NOT with this lite 9.5' kayak by Heritage. They perform excellently on the water too as I weigh in at 200lbs. This is all the kayak you will ever need. I bought mine at Sports Authority, brand new for $300! You can't beat that deal, no way.

I own a 14'Fiberglass Mohawk Canoe which I believe has been discontinued. It has a HIN number on it and a decal that said Mohawk and made in Florida. It had two cracked ribs and holes in the keel. With a little fiberglass repair kit, resin and cloth it is like new and tough as nails. If they make them any where as good as they did back then, BUY ONE!

Sea Eagle inflatable canoe 330 deluxe package was an excellent purchase to throw into our Truck Camper and go boating anytime we wanted on our trips out west without taking up a lot of room. It is well worth the money and fully refundable(within 6 months) if you do not like it.

We have bought several inflatable boats from Sea Eagle and I can not say enough good things about their products and their customer service. They sell great inflatable boats at reasonable prices.