Name: Ldmyers

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Purchased my 330 as a first kayak. With a price for the entire package at $300.00, this was the perfect entry level kayak I could find. A friend recommended one after he purchased his, I'm glad I listened to his recommendation!

All in all, the package comes with two seats (different depending on which package you purchase), two 4-piece paddles around 230cm in length, the kayak, a foot pump with attachments, and a repair kit in a floating/waterproof necklace.

I first paddled with my friend in his, I will admit, a big downfall for this kayak is when it is used as a tandem. Two people are typically cramped into the kayak leaving the person in back with minimal leg room.

When used solo, the weight capacity and proper positioning of the seat makes this kayak breeze through the water. With a 500lbs weight capacity, you can really load this thing down. I've done overnight trips in my SE330 on slow rivers and it surpasses expectations.

The material may look like "pool toy" inflatable, but in truth, the kayak is extremely durable. I've accidentally ran it into protruding branches and skid across countless rocks and there has never been a scratch afterwards.

Inflation and setup takes a single person roughly 15 minutes and the carrying bag is large enough to fit everything in and light enough that most people should not have any trouble carrying it to the vehicles or entry points.

The balance is incredible and almost impossible to tip over. I recommend this kayak package to someone who is looking to start kayaking but isn't sure on proper techniques while in the water. It is a great source to learn from and very forgiving when it comes to not being able to avoid debris.