Name: brquinn

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Great, light-weight kayak that is good on lakes and slow moving water. Overall, it handles well and is easy to turn. I think the Pungo 100 is a little small for people over 6 ft tall. That is my only complaint with it. The adjustable backrest is a nice feature.

The Explorer 420x is extremely stable and can haul a friend, dog, and gear for a week. I think it is a little to long and too hard to turn in twisty rapids. It is perfect for lazy fishing trips and can still be used for higher class rapids.

I have two SE-330's made by Sea Eagle. Overall, I think it is the best inflatable boat on the market for the price. The 330 is made with a 33 mil Polykrylar material that is extremely durable. I have put well over 300 river miles on each of them and never had an issue. The website says the 330 is made for two adults up to 500 pounds. I would agree with the weight limit but it is much more comfortable with one person. It is the perfect size for an individual fishing or taking along a dog.

I think the SE 370 is the best inflatable for the price. The 370 is perfect for 2 people. It also handles very well with one person. I have taken mine on several multi-day floats and had plenty of room for all my camping gear. It is very durable and a perfect choice for anyone that doesn't have a roof rack.