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Name: walt_embree

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We bought a 330 and tried it once. Although light-weight and easy to pack, we found the floor setup conspired against any sort of moderate speed at all. When the front/bottom digs in, the boat wants to swap ends big time. A skag kit might help. We also found the 33 mil Polykrylar material to be a bit light and had concerns about stumps, sticks, and rocks, although I suspect it is stronger than we give it credit for. The limits on inflation made the boat seem "mushy", and as my wife is disabled, this caused problems with her moving around. The boat in general seemed a bit small for us. We traded the 330 in for a 380X, and are much happier with this boat. The 330 is a good boat if you don't need a lot. If just starting out in the inflatable world, go for the package deals that include a pump, paddles, seat, etc. Otherwise, spring the extra green for the 380X, and the smile-o-meter will be red-lined all the time. SeaEagle is a great company to do business with. I can highly recommend their products.