Name: Davevanb

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I wanted a kayak and this was the right price and being a sit on top appealed to me. First time out easy to paddle but goes off course whenever I stopped paddling. The seat is wet. I tried scupper plugs but bottom holes too small -- I enlarged the holes but couldn't get them perfectly round, I ended up using waterproof caulk and glued scupper plugs in, just in the seat area, now a dry seat. I bought and installed handles midship both sides for loading on top of car. Good points-- great price $260.35, durable, able to paddle straight. Not so good -- wet seat, lettering is coming off, had to tape on launch permit stickers, a bear to handle loading on car without adding handles! A good little boat for the price, my wife loves it!

I love my ISUP NN116 used in canals & bay in OC MD. I wanted to get my wife on the water with me so we bought a SE330. It's easy to transport, easy to inflate, and very buoyant.

Our maiden voyage was early one morning starting at north side park - shallow water launch. My wife had difficulty getting in and didn't stay long, too bouncy (there was 10-12 mph wind) I didn't think it was too bad in the cove she got out at the park saying she would meet me at the canal (at 118th st). I made it in about 40-45 min. Wind was from SSE , it was tough paddling, I could not slow down much less stop paddling or I'd be blown back toward the park. A tail wind would of been great.

Ride was bouncy, it rides too high in the water and blows with the wind. I estimate swells were 6-12 inch. With the buoyancy I had no concern of capsizing or sinking just tough going with wind. In the canal there was less wind yet it didn't paddle well my ISUP would have had no trouble. To disembark I had to use a finger pier, it was very difficult to use the boarding ladder I'm sure my wife would hove been totally unable to get out.

Pros. Easy to transport and inflate. Great buoyancy, stable underway

Cons. Difficult boarding and disembarking, forget using it with more than 3 mph wind. Needs tapered depth entry forget using dock or pier.

If only used at a shattered lake and no wind it'll work for you

Great first ISUP. Solid and stable. The hard Needle Nose really cuts small waves and protects from damage when I bumped barnacle covered pileings. The large center fin is easy to attach and remove, it also has bilateral smaller fins. I bought it "used" (a return) for a good price. Made from substantial material and extra reinforcement around edges. I called and got friendly service. When I tell people it's an inflatable they are surprised. I can get a nice wake -- it moves. Pros Stable platform, tracks well, easy to transport , light enough to pull up on to finger pier. Comfortable to sit, kneel, stand or just lay on my back and soak up the sun. Cons A little tricky rolling it up. I don't use the Kayak seat (available extra) Usage So far -- Paddling canals and Bay in Ocean City MD. very Relaxing, and great core exercise . I paddle Kayak style and stand up. Coming up -- local canal, river , and state park lake about 25 miles away