Name: RPG2

Most Recent Reviews

Good build material, very solid, light, packs small (will fit in the trunk of an SLK with the cartop down!), inflates quickly, stable in flat and mild white water, carries 500 lbs, can be used as a tandem. The thing to consider for all inflatables: it takes longer to put them away than to set them up. You cannot easily get them dry after use. Use a chamois cloth? Put it in a small room with a dehumidifier? Hair dryer (no!)? Things I don't like about this boat: no footrest, seat is not secured in place, very slow (low performance), the security rings for the caps are incredibly difficult to put on (and they are not coming off), very hard to get totally dry, no carry handle in the middle of the boat.

That all being said, they are simple to set up and there is a deal to the end of July 2022 that can't be beat, $249!