Name: joyballard

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I have used mine until it should be ragged...but it isn't. I have several kayaks and its my favorite. I have used it on lakes, rivers, and the ocean. The handles on the side are great. It is slightly heavy for me as a smallish woman but I can manage on my own. Stable and tough. Good choice.

It's pink. I love it. I like the large storage in back. It is big enough for a cooler. Some of my friends don't find it perfectly stable but I've never had an issue.

I bought this tandem so I could take my autistic son. I love it. It is so lightweight and inflates like a dream. The material is tough and good quality.

I bought this board as an entry for the sport. Price was a factor and it was reasonably priced. It was a decent choice because it is very stable and came with a paddle but on the downside is very heav . Pros I love its great stability Cons It is very heavy and awkward to carry. Usage Lake usage for fun

It is a good deal for an entry level paddle board and it is super stable. It is very heavy to carry however and really needs a well placed carry handle. Pros Well priced and very stable Cons Very heavy and hard to carry Usage Mostly on a lake and quite often