Name: RKQ

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I had my original Sea Eagle 330 for over 12 years, it survived hard paddling and finally tore the front out and it was time for replacement. I upgraded to the 300X and love this new boat. I love the removable skeg, and the tough skin. I use it on the Rio Grande in Northern NM. I replace the skeg to use in lakes for the enhanced tracking. I have paddled it in high winds, which admittedly is tough in ANY boat! I have recommended this boat over and over to people I know, and they also have been happy with the purchase

I am an older, small statured woman and this kayak is very light and easy to load on my car top carrier. It is a joy to paddle, tracks pretty straight and is very maneuverable. I have been using this kayak on lakes and slow moving rivers. It is not "tippy" and the cockpit provides alot of room for my dry bags. I love this kayak for its all around usefulness.

I love my Sea Eagle 330. I started with this boat on small mountain lakes in our area and the tracking is generally very good. The biggest problem I noticed is that if it is very windy, the kayak tends to be blown around a bit. I learned to paddle faster! I then moved on to Class II and III rapids on the Rio Grande. It's a fun and easy boat to maneuver between the rocks and around the holes. When the water level is very low, tho, the skeg will drag. The skeg is not removableso it is something to be aware of.

All in all this is a great kayak for the price. I occasionally use a friends' NRS but my SE-330 does all I ask of it! Recommend!