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by  KEEN

Newport H2 Sandals Description

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Newport H2 Sandals Reviews

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Unfortunately the external,…

Submitted by: paddler473232 on 10/23/2018

Unfortunately the external, rear strips of both sandals ripped off after 14 months. It's a pity because the sole of these shoes is very strong, but the strength of a product is measured in its weakest point.


These are some of the most…

Submitted by: DaMP on 8/3/2016

These are some of the most comfortable sandals that I've ever owned. My entire family has had these Keens for a few years now. They make excellent summertime shoes.

Comfortable. Spongy material for the footbed is extremely comfortable for the entire day. The neoprene lining is excellent.
Durable. Mine have finally started showing some wear after a few years of hard use. I've repaired some stitching, but otherwise they've been awesome.

They smell terrible. Your feet WILL stink, and so will the sandals.
Cleaning that smell out is nearly impossible. You can mask it, you can use dish soap, which helps for awhile, but it will return.
Small rocks find their way in easily, and getting them out often means taking them off.
They take forever to air dry. You'd think neoprene, polyester and the EVA would dry quickly.


I've owned my H2's for a…

Submitted by: BobbyinBryan on 4/1/2016
I've owned my H2's for a couple of years now and have worn them daily from April through October. Their excellent arch supports make them very comfortable. The only problem I've had was that the stitching on the straps was coming apart after one year of wear and I had to spend $20 at a shoe repair shop to have the Keen's repaired.

These sandals are typical…

Submitted by: DRPOOL on 10/19/2015
These sandals are typical Keen great quality. They fit well, are comfortable and sturdy. They are perfect for kayaking or wearing around the campsite.

These shoes are extremely…

Submitted by: lfhobbs on 9/8/2014
These shoes are extremely comfortable for a medium width foot even with developing bunions. The soles provide good push on the pedals and are great for walking

This review is for the Keen…

Submitted by: Rptyd on 7/11/2014
This review is for the Keen Newport H2 Sandals. I originally purchased my first pair in 2010. I do water testing for the State and scout for caves on a reg. basis so spend a great deal of time on the creeks and rivers. I was in desperate need of sandals that would take the beating of rugged, rocky terrain and still hold up to the riggers of continual submersion, so chose a pair of these to test out. Upon purchase, I noticed that although designed with a box toe, it fit the foot almost perfectly, barley touching on the sides without tension applied.

The 9 point draw system for proper conformity to the shape of the foot is a huge bonus in comfort for the active individual. The foot bed starts out fairly soft and in a short period of time actually takes on a slight impression of the sole of your foot, providing you with much better traction when hitting the slopes. So be a little patient, if you purchase.

Considering the terrain I have to traverse, I was in awe of the trademark toe of Keen products. Through boldering, climbing, rappelling, whitewater etc.. I've not stubbed my toe even once, lol.. The straps are as tough as the toe and lasted 3 yrs. of hard use in remote environments. I was surprised by the traction on various surfaces but watch out for slime covered rocks, there is no cure for those. I was so impressed with the product that I just replaced them with another pair and am looking forward to several more yrs. of use.
I have to rate this product highly due to comfort and durability.


Great water shoe – easy to…

Submitted by: cjcdis on 8/23/2013
Great water shoe – easy to remove and put on, durable, rugged, and great for protecting your feet. Con would be if you get around rocks or pebbles – they seem to get under your foot and are hard to get out without taking them off.

I'm giving the Newport 12 the…

Submitted by: rbailey on 8/22/2013
I'm giving the Newport 12 the highest rating for quality and comfort. I did have to order them a half size larger than a standard running shoe. This was not an issue. The cheaper water shoes I purchased in the past only came in full sizes so, the Keen's were a perfect fit for me. I thought, I ruined them on my first trip out when I sunk up to my knees in Louisiana mud. To my surprise they not only stayed on my feet but, they cleaned up good as new. Oh ya, chicks dig them too!

First off, I have to say that…

Submitted by: DKehlenbach on 8/12/2013
First off, I have to say that these are the most comfortable sandals I have ever come across. The reason for my low rating is the sandal's durability. I have had two pair of these sandals and within a couple of months, they started to fall apart in the toe and heel area. I didn't bother to contact Keen when the first pair came apart, since I bought them at an outlet store. I fixed them with my Speedy Stitcher, and they are still hanging in there.

I called Keen customer support about the second pair. I have had them 5 months and they are starting to come apart. Unfortunately, I didn't get a favorable response from customer service. My wife is active duty military and we are stationed in Puerto Rico. The representative said that they can't ship a replacement pair to Puerto Rico (surprising since there are Keen dealers here in PR). She said to fill out the warranty and they'll "see what they can do..." Time will tell if I can get a replacement pair.

Again, they are super comfortable and I have been using them for all kinds of outdoor activities (hiking, biking, kayaking, etc.). It's just a shame that the quality is just not there.


I purchased a pair of KEEN H2…

Submitted by: AlanMcFall on 8/10/2013
I purchased a pair of KEEN H2 sandals this summer for kayaking. They are quite comfortable and have full toe protection built-in. They dry quickly and also perform well as beach sandals.

You should order one size larger than your usual shoe size as they are cut somewhat small.


I probably have 6 years on…

Submitted by: findaboat on 8/8/2013
I probably have 6+ years on my current pair and they're still in GREAT shape. I rinse after trips and dry before storing and I'll bet ya I get another 5 or 6 years out of them. When they go, I'LL BUY ANOTHER PAIR.

These sandals are incredibly…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/25/2013
These sandals are incredibly sturdy, with good traction. I have owned several styles and find the strapping in each to be extremely durable and easy in/out clips, etc. The only thing is that they are made very wide, too wide for me, so I prefer the Chaco sandals.

I bought mine in Ely, MN…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/15/2011
I bought mine in Ely, MN because they were what the Boundary Waters head guide wore. I really appreciate the toe protection. To avoid sunburned and chafed feet, I wore socks as liners; for camp I changed to a dry pair that served as liners the next day. The chafing is the only reason I gave it 9 instead of ten; the guide seemed to have tougher feet.
All in all, a great water shoe.

These are decent enough for…

Submitted by: rdmcclary on 7/28/2010
These are decent enough for general "sandals". For around water, unfortunately, I must agree with the others who did not like them. They do trap sand and gravel. Worse, they are so slippery when wet that trying to get up a steep bank at the take-out is nearly impossible with these.

I am canoeing more these…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2009
I am canoeing more these days, and found that my favorite footware--Teva sandals--were allowing the tops of my toes to abrade against the bottom of my boat so I bought a pair of these due to the protective toe box. They are OK, but I will not buy another pair: they are not as comfy as Tevas, they allow much more river sand and gravel in [as mentioned below] and it takes considerably longer for them to dry than my trusty Tevas.

I purchased a pair for a week…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/8/2009
I purchased a pair for a week long paddle trip last June as my old reliable Teva sandals were about shot. The Keen's are very comfortable and protect your feet. However, they nearly drove me crazy with all the gravel and mud that gets stuck inside when you get in and out of the canoe. I nearly always had to take them off and rinse in the river before I could continue paddling. The Teva sandals did not hold nearly as much muck and generally I could rinse without taking them off.

I still like the Keens just fine but you should be aware that they trap guck if you step in it. The toe protection is worth the aggravation, in my opinion, however.

One additional note... I also have a hand build cedar strip sea kayak that I built over the winter. I planned to wear the Keen H2's when paddling but found that my size 13 Keens are so large that they just won't fit in my kayak. I was forced to buy some thin paddling booties just to get my large dogs inside. If you have big feet, the H2's might not fit in your kayak...


As a guy, it's embarrassing…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/7/2009
As a guy, it's embarrassing to admit how many pairs of these I own... but, in my defense when I discovered these Keens 3 years ago I knew I'd found "my shoe". I've bought over 10 pairs - I think it's 13 now... they are in the attic. I'm only 42 yrs old... and I figure I'll have all I need till I die. Didn't want them to discontinue them on me!:) I started buying them at end of season internet sites. I also own the Keen boots, but more often will still wear the sandals, even in winter, with a pair of Merino wool socks.

I'm sure there are lots of great sandals out there... but if your foot is a 'Keen foot'...then you know what I'm saying! By the way, I'm still on my first pair - I'd say they are holding up well enough...


Extremely comfortable. Great…

Submitted by: bopfan on 3/28/2009
Extremely comfortable. Great fit. But they are lousy in a kayak. Mine filled up with sand and small pebbles. Can't get the pebbles out unless you take the sandal off. Tried shaking em while on and the pebbles just roll around and relocate themselves! Maybe if there were no stones, rocks, pebbles or sand they would be perfect for kayaking. Everyday usage? Very cool and comfortable.

Excellent shoes! Best shoes I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/11/2009
Excellent shoes! Best shoes I have owned for being around water. They do not rub my feet raw like others I have had. Water drains out fast and they dry quickly. Very durable. Excellent comfort. Great traction.

What an incredible pair of…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/27/2009
What an incredible pair of sandals. I've had mine for 2 years and I literally wear them every day in summer. Very comfortable! I wear them in the yak and out on the town. Worth the money

A 2 rating with a caveat. I actually really like them…

Submitted by: novashores on 10/10/2008
A 2 rating with a caveat.
I actually really like them on dry land, for light hiking, etc, as the support and toe protection are good. That said, I would not recommend them around the water. Working as a sea kayak guide, these sandals are incredibly slippery on wet rocks...where I need to depend on solid footing for me and my guests. These are not intended for this. I wrote Keen on this matter, and never heard back from them either.

These sandals not very good…

Submitted by: nevercrywolf on 7/19/2007
These sandals not very good for kayaking footwear. They tend to get a lot of small rocks, gravel sand, etc. stuck inside and it's difficult to get it out. Same is true with the venice sandals, even worse. This gravel ends up in the kayak and the car and makes everything a bit uncomfortable, especially carrying a kayak with rocks in your shoes. Full water shoes with adjustable heels are a better all year round solution. They keep out the gravel and are cool in the summer and warm in the winter when worn with wet socks or waterproof socks. I like things that are versatile and practical, instead of seasonal and uncomfortable.

My wife and I recently…

Submitted by: paddler232155 on 7/10/2007
My wife and I recently celebrated our 12th anniversary by camping and taking a canoe trip down the Delaware. While picking up a new camp stove, I took a look at sandals (the web site for the canoe rental said we'd need 'Sneaker- River shoes for wading').
I saw the rubber toe box and tried them on. They fit great BUT THE PRICE! The only reason I bought them was because my wife's feet needed something better than rock socks, and the Teva's I had tried would have rubbed against where she'd had surgery.
Now, neither of us had ever canoed over rapids, rocks and ledges, and we took a dunking. Several, in fact. Having the Keen Venice H2's though kept us from getting our feet damaged, in addition to us looking like newbies. THEY WERE WORTH EVERY PENNY I PAID FOR THEM!
You can be all kinds of foolish by doing something without training, but having the right gear can save your as-er, feet.
The ONLY reason I give them an 8 is because they are not made in the USA. Sobbish? No, I just want to support the local economy...

I have had my Keen sandals…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/21/2005
I have had my Keen sandals for two complete summer seasons now. They are about the only shoe I wear in the warmer weather. I carry them kayak expeditioning for camp shoes/hiking/running. They are super. I have some keen bostons and cortina mid length boots as well. I found them on sale at rei and since I liked the sandals so much and the footbed is a mirror I grabbed them up.

I've had the H2 for a couple…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/20/2005
I've had the H2 for a couple of months and so far so good. I am impressed with them and would buy them again. They have a snug fit (you definitely want to try them on first) and are easily adjusted for a tighter fit with the bungee strap. This is especially helpful when hiking with wet shoes. Speaking of the bungee strap, I broke one and they sent me a replacement kit within days for no charge. I've heard of some people breaking the pull tab on the heel strap when putting them on; I've learned that if you use the front pull tab to get the foot as far into the shoe as possible first, then there isn't as much strain put on the heel tab. I had a pair of Timberland's before and these are much better. One reason they're better is that there is no insert. They're all one piece. The Timberlands were rugged, but they had an insert that needed replacement after a while (especially if used in water). The problem was that they didn't sell a replacement insert. I could never get them to fit right again. You will never have that problem with the H2. If you buy online, make sure they have a good return policy. Fitting is crucial. I got my pair on sale for $70; that's about as cheap as I could find them. Retail is $90. They're worth it.

I just bought my first pair…

Submitted by: BFGallo on 9/6/2005
I just bought my first pair of Keen H2 Sandals ... fortunately they were on sale, so I paid $70 instead of $90. Love them ... love the toe protection. My son recommended them; he loves his and uses them for everything from fishing to hiking to kayaking. They are worth the extra money. On vacation last week I was kayaking with the cousins and they liked them and were going to buy some when they returned to California. It really is an all-purpose "shoe." My only complaint is sand (and probably dirt and other stuff) ... When it gets in the shoe, and getting in and out of a kayak on a sandy beach can fill up your shoes, it's hard to get out. You have to take the shoe off to shake the sand out and that's not always convenient when you're on the water.

I LOVE my Keen sandals and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/1/2005
I LOVE my Keen sandals and refer to them as my "sport utility sandals." At first I wore them when paddling my Royalex canoe, then they quickly became my favorite all-around summer footwear, both indoors and out. They are comfy, hold my feet securely, and the rubber toe bumpers keep me from stubbing my toes on rocks and tree roots when hiking. And they dry quickly after getting wet. I'm 100% delighted!

I just purchased my 1st pair…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/1/2005
I just purchased my 1st pair of Keen H20 sandals. I wish I had found out about them earlier in the spring. The best all around sandal for outdoor and indoor use. I was surprised how comfortable they are on canoe trips and casual wear.

I agree that these sandals…

Submitted by: SueChef on 9/1/2005
I agree that these sandals are very comfortable. I first tried the Boulder because they accept custom orthotics, but returned them because they kept tearing up the tops of my feet. I wore the H2 sandals on a Grand Canyon raft trip. The reason I'm rating the H2 so low follows: 1. Insecure footing while walking on wet surfaces of the boat; 2. Tiny pebbles get stuck in the shoe while walking in the creeks; 3. They fill up with sand to the point of being uncomfortable on the beaches; 4. I had to stop and take the sandals off constantly to get the pebbles and sand out as it's really awkward to try and pour the debris out the back of the shoe. I wonder how well their Guide shoe works with the holes in the toecap.

So I'm back to my Tevas for river trips. (I've also tried Chacos, but the bumps are in all of the wrong places, and I'm lame within an hour of walking in them.) I have been wearing my H2s to work all summer, thanks to the closed toe! And when they need a bath, they go in the washer and come out like new. The soles and uppers are very durable and don't really show any wear. I'd like to try Keen's regular street style shoes for the winter. They are very well made. I tried several of them on and discovered that the size range is different through out the brand, depending on the style of the shoe, making them a bad choice for mail order.


I just bought my second pair…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/31/2005
I just bought my second pair of Keen sandals; the first pair was the Newport style, and the recent purchase was the Newport H2. They are essentially identical in design, just different materials. They are the only sandals I've ever worn that I could walk all day, day after day, in complete comfort. Although a little pricey, I think they are well worth it in the long run.

I bought the H2 sandals to…

Submitted by: string on 8/29/2005
I bought the H2 sandals to wear in the boat, but I wear them every day. I have owned several brands of sandals and these are by far the most comfortable, wet or dry. The first time I wore them, they were the only shoe I wore for 3 days. We were camping and paddling on a rainy weekend so they saw many different conditions.

The toe cap keeps rocks and junk out of the shoe and an added bonus for me is that the straps are neoprene lined which keeps my feet from getting cold.

They adjust with one drawstring. They are expensive, but I think worth it. I found my pair and 6 others for my kids and their spouses on sale in various places.