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I'm giving the Newport 12 the highest rating for quality and comfort. I did have to order them a half size larger than a standard running shoe. This was not an issue. The cheaper water shoes I purchased in the past only came in full sizes so, the Keen's were a perfect fit for me. I thought, I ruined them on my first trip out when I sunk up to my knees in Louisiana mud. To my surprise they not only stayed on my feet but, they cleaned up good as new. Oh ya, chicks dig them too!

After logging in over 1000 miles on my Old Seven 2 Paddle, that no one said would last, I felt it was time to go with the new Exodus Fishstix. The seven 2 is still kicking, but after adding 1 1/2" of close cell cushion to my sit on top, I felt the need for a longer paddle.

I must admit I was a little set back at paying close to $400 with tax for a fishing paddle, but after giving it some adjustment and break-in time, I am 100% happy.

Two words of caution for the new buyer. First, give yourself some adjustment time if you are going from a straight paddle to a curved one. Second, if your old paddle had a lot of flex, don't expect the Fish Stix to bend. I had the tendency to dig more that I needed and found my joints to ache a bit from putting more pressure on them from a slightly different angle than I was accustom to. After my third trip, I started settling in with the change in form and I am extremely enjoying it.

Great combo bag. I can carry my tackle, drinks, and food in same tote! The bag is very well made. Originally I thought the $130 price tag a bit high until I tried to have one fabricated... quotes where starting at $200.

This is a great product.