Name: DaMP

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Borrowed this boat and loved it. Have said if owner was ever interested in selling them I'd happily take at least one off his hands.
Very durable and comfortable boat.
Felt good in the seat, which was excellent quality.

Paddled very well, had no struggle to go where I wanted, and the added length really helped with the tracking as I'm used to 10 ft boats.
I really enjoyed this boat and it may well be my next purchase.

Wife and I rented these from a livery service, so I expected some degree of wear and tear on them when we showed up.

For a boat that retails for $600, I would expect a much higher quality, and a better feature set. There are precisely ZERO bonuses on this boat. The only positive thing I could say about the features was that I had ample room to store my bag behind my seat.

There are very limited tie downs, only on the aft end, and much to far to be useful without assistance.

Both my wife and I had tracking issues with these on a moderately slow river, both wanted to drift badly. They are certainly a little faster than other recreational boats I've paddled, but the tracking shortcomings really detracted from the speed gains.

The seats weren't as comfortable as the Dirigo that I've borrowed a few times.

Correcting course was pretty smooth, but it was required far too much in my experience. I'd expect better for a mid-range recreational boat. I've got some $200 boats with more features that track at least this well, with far more features and storage capacity.

These are some of the most comfortable sandals that I've ever owned. My entire family has had these Keens for a few years now. They make excellent summertime shoes.

Comfortable. Spongy material for the footbed is extremely comfortable for the entire day. The neoprene lining is excellent.
Durable. Mine have finally started showing some wear after a few years of hard use. I've repaired some stitching, but otherwise they've been awesome.

They smell terrible. Your feet WILL stink, and so will the sandals.
Cleaning that smell out is nearly impossible. You can mask it, you can use dish soap, which helps for awhile, but it will return.
Small rocks find their way in easily, and getting them out often means taking them off.
They take forever to air dry. You'd think neoprene, polyester and the EVA would dry quickly.

We bought two of these for the kids (14 and 11) to use on the nearby lakes and rivers. So far they've been good boats for beginners.

Tracks fairly considering the length and hull design
Fairly large cockpit.
Relatively fast considering its design.
Cost effective!

Seat design isn't the best. Molded plastic.
Drink holder is a joke. You can barely reach it from the cockpit.
"Dry" storage is laughably not anything close to dry.
Very difficult to empty. A LOT of water can get in this boat, it's very hard to drain it.

Good for beginners to decide if kayaking is your thing, but you will want to upgrade soon.