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My Hurricane is beautiful. I'm a girl (or was a girl) and looks and matchy-matchy are a girl thing. So red and white kayak, red life jacket, etc. Having said that I have to say that the cockpit is not as comfortable as my Wilderness, but that's my only complaint. It tracks well, light weight and reasonably priced. Looks as good as my son's much more expensive yak.

This rating is more about Yakima Customer Service than the product ... I had a serious issue with the Yakima racking system used on my 2003 Toyota Camry. With two kayaks on top, we lost the entire rack ... wound up with the racks, hull raisers and kayaks on the shoulder of the highway ... pretty scary. Yakima was wonderful ... the store where I purchased most of the items told me that because the kayaks were so short, light and we were using the Hull Raisers, we didn't need to tie down the yaks. WRONG INFORMATION!! Even though the kayaks were securely attached and we had been going on short trips successfully almost every weekend this season ... without the extra security of the tiedowns and the tiny roof ledge on my Camry ... our kayaks and racking system acted like a horizontal sail on the top of the car and the wind caught it right and the entire thing flew off the car. No one was hurt, we were on a Chicago Tollroad and the wind took it to the shoulder which had a concrete wall separately it from an entrance ramp ... we were lucky. So, technically it was our fault because we didn't have the kayaks tied down (even though we were told we didn't have to do that). Yakima Customer Service was just that CUSTOMER SERVICE!!! They are replacing our entire systems ... no questions, no returning the product, just concern and telling me what probably went wrong. Oh and they're also sending us the tie-downs and suggested that the other car we have has a better roof ledge and we might want to use it ... they're sending me what we need for the other vehicle. I'm a little afraid to use the Camry, but Yakima did right by me.

I just bought my first pair of Keen H2 Sandals ... fortunately they were on sale, so I paid $70 instead of $90. Love them ... love the toe protection. My son recommended them; he loves his and uses them for everything from fishing to hiking to kayaking. They are worth the extra money. On vacation last week I was kayaking with the cousins and they liked them and were going to buy some when they returned to California. It really is an all-purpose "shoe." My only complaint is sand (and probably dirt and other stuff) ... When it gets in the shoe, and getting in and out of a kayak on a sandy beach can fill up your shoes, it's hard to get out. You have to take the shoe off to shake the sand out and that's not always convenient when you're on the water.