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Purchased NRS Hydroskin Gloves several years ago and they still perform perfectly. Love these gloves the most comfortable best form fitted glove I have worn. Would recommend to anyone looking for a glove that allows you the flexible fit and excellent palm-to-finger grip.

Purchased Kayak Sak from Kayak Covers of Charleston. Highest quality kayak cover custom made I have seen. The team at Kayak Covers of Charleston is easy to work with if you are unsure of how to measure your kayak to get the perfect fit they will help you complete the short measurement form and everything can be done over the internet. Got my kayak cover and love it! It is easy to cover the kayak and remove the kayak.

Only disappointment is would have liked the cover to have been water proof…when it rains I have to take the kayak out and empty the water and then let everything dry good and put it back in the kayak sak.

Would highly recommend the Kayak Sak to anyone looking to protect their investment and keep it looking like new for years to come.

Pelican dry cases you can never have too many and all sizes come in handy. I have several different ones and have found them to do exactly what they claim keep things protected, dry, and secure and Pelican does it well. Highly recommend the Pelican cases for electronics, first aid, keys, etc.

Purchased the Liquid Logic Deuce Coupe because of several features: the ease of moving the kayak to the water when a boat launch is not an option, plenty of room for two kayakers, ability to paddle solo or duo, a skeg that can be lowered or raised depending on desire to go straight or navigate tight waterways, and because it is a very stable kayak and hard to flip. Found out the kayak was not easy to move through various terrains (had to purchase a kayak dolly), limited storage options to hold gear for a day trip, and very hard to reach storage areas as a solo kayaker.

The kayak is very stable and I love the skeg design giving you the option for more maneuverability when needed. Biggest con to the boat is that it is easily cut – I have taken it out on the water three times and it does not just get dinged and scuffed – these are actually cuts in the boat anytime it hits anything – durability is low.
Liquid Logic was more expensive than other kayaks – I probably would not spend the extra money for Liquid Logic next time.

Great water shoe – easy to remove and put on, durable, rugged, and great for protecting your feet. Con would be if you get around rocks or pebbles – they seem to get under your foot and are hard to get out without taking them off.

Purchased two Aqua-Bound Manta Ray paddle 230cm. Pros: light weight and very…

Purchased two Aqua-Bound Manta Ray paddle 230cm.
Pros: light weight and very versatile, perfect for long days out on the kayak, easy to adjust the feathering and quickly lock in when you need it.
Cons: price

Purchased 2 SPT Lockable Tie Downs 13 Foot. Love these tie down straps. The lockable feature with reinforced steal cables allow you peace of mind when you have to leave your kayak strapped to your trailer or the roof of your car while you grab a bite to eat or overnight. They are easy to install and remove when you are ready to unload the kayak. Would recommend to anyone – I plan to purchase another set (longer) to fit the mid section of the kayak where it is a little wider for the 13 foot.