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These sandals not very good for kayaking footwear. They tend to get a lot of small rocks, gravel sand, etc. stuck inside and it's difficult to get it out. Same is true with the venice sandals, even worse. This gravel ends up in the kayak and the car and makes everything a bit uncomfortable, especially carrying a kayak with rocks in your shoes. Full water shoes with adjustable heels are a better all year round solution. They keep out the gravel and are cool in the summer and warm in the winter when worn with wet socks or waterproof socks. I like things that are versatile and practical, instead of seasonal and uncomfortable.

Best Glide, best ride for it's size. Chop and boat wakes don't bother this boat much at all. I can't wait to get this baby out on a reasonably sheltered ocean area. This boat could do overnite's if you use ultralight gear and stow it on either side of the bow flotation, and behind the seat, as well as in the hatch. It is a very stable voyage even though it feels tippy at first. Probllems??? There are no paddleparks, and the lime green color is a bit obnoxious. (The only color REI has in stock) It fits a little loosely on my hullraiser because of the semi-v hull. but the hull is much stronger than the dagger blackwater that I had previously. It works fine on my hullraiser when I center the flatest part of the hull between the hullraiser bars. I love this kayak. I wish I would have gotten a different color, but The Necky Manitou Sport is the perfect boat for me and those who don't have room for A longer boat. It tracks very well also, and maneuvers quickly. It has the best seat and great outfitting. Try one out, you may not need a long boat to get the effect.