Name: lfhobbs

Most Recent Reviews

This pack is very streamlined and fits well with all the adjustments possible. I love the small sized straps and fastbuckles, as this cuts weight and they don't snag like big buckles can do.

I would continue to purchase Osprey packs as they do an excellent job with the compartments and separation of items to make it easy to pack.

After 2 years with the Space Trailer, it continues to provide an excellent option between a canoe/kayak trailer and a utility trailer. I just hauled a desk and a dresser 300 miles in the covered trailer. They fit well and the drop down trailer tailgate was a plus as these pieces of furniture could slide out and in. Who would have thought a trailer could work for other purposes as well.

The size makes it possible to store a pop-up tent trailer, Space Trailer and my Honda CRV in a double garage for the winter. Sweet fit for everything! Saves Space!

These shoes are extremely comfortable for a medium width foot even with developing bunions. The soles provide good push on the pedals and are great for walking

Wonderful trailer. Although it's a bit pricey, it will last my lifetime. I bought the radial tires and it pulls easily. Not difficult to back up and I love the inside storage capacity!

I use these for a spare kayak on my 2-boat trailer when I'm out with the kayak of choice. Easy to use and I feel confident in it's security to leave the boat on the trailer.