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I agree that these sandals are very comfortable. I first tried the Boulder because they accept custom orthotics, but returned them because they kept tearing up the tops of my feet. I wore the H2 sandals on a Grand Canyon raft trip. The reason I'm rating the H2 so low follows: 1. Insecure footing while walking on wet surfaces of the boat; 2. Tiny pebbles get stuck in the shoe while walking in the creeks; 3. They fill up with sand to the point of being uncomfortable on the beaches; 4. I had to stop and take the sandals off constantly to get the pebbles and sand out as it's really awkward to try and pour the debris out the back of the shoe. I wonder how well their Guide shoe works with the holes in the toecap.

So I'm back to my Tevas for river trips. (I've also tried Chacos, but the bumps are in all of the wrong places, and I'm lame within an hour of walking in them.) I have been wearing my H2s to work all summer, thanks to the closed toe! And when they need a bath, they go in the washer and come out like new. The soles and uppers are very durable and don't really show any wear. I'd like to try Keen's regular street style shoes for the winter. They are very well made. I tried several of them on and discovered that the size range is different through out the brand, depending on the style of the shoe, making them a bad choice for mail order.