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I purchased a pair of KEEN H2 sandals this summer for kayaking. They are quite comfortable and have full toe protection built-in. They dry quickly and also perform well as beach sandals.

You should order one size larger than your usual shoe size as they are cut somewhat small.

I purchased a Point 65N kayak because I like yto kayak much more than my wife does- The tandem model is composed of three parts which fit together easily. Although the tandem weighs 77 pounds , each part weighs around 25 pounds, so it is easy to carry and assemble at water's edge in about a minute,

The front and rear sections can be snapped together to create a solo kayak and it comes with a rudder for better tracking. All three pieces fit in my Volkswagen Tiguan, so there is no need for a carton carrier. A very nice maneuverable kayak indeed,