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This review is for the Keen Newport H2 Sandals. I originally purchased my first pair in 2010. I do water testing for the State and scout for caves on a reg. basis so spend a great deal of time on the creeks and rivers. I was in desperate need of sandals that would take the beating of rugged, rocky terrain and still hold up to the riggers of continual submersion, so chose a pair of these to test out. Upon purchase, I noticed that although designed with a box toe, it fit the foot almost perfectly, barley touching on the sides without tension applied.

The 9 point draw system for proper conformity to the shape of the foot is a huge bonus in comfort for the active individual. The foot bed starts out fairly soft and in a short period of time actually takes on a slight impression of the sole of your foot, providing you with much better traction when hitting the slopes. So be a little patient, if you purchase.

Considering the terrain I have to traverse, I was in awe of the trademark toe of Keen products. Through boldering, climbing, rappelling, whitewater etc.. I've not stubbed my toe even once, lol.. The straps are as tough as the toe and lasted 3 yrs. of hard use in remote environments. I was surprised by the traction on various surfaces but watch out for slime covered rocks, there is no cure for those. I was so impressed with the product that I just replaced them with another pair and am looking forward to several more yrs. of use.
I have to rate this product highly due to comfort and durability.