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The Knives in Our Lives

"Our Readers Write" is a quarterly feature at Its purpose? To showcase letters from the In the…

Tags: In The Sameboat, knives, Reader Responses, Mailbag

Staying Put: Keeping Your Kayak Still

There you are, right where you want to be, within perfect casting distance of that honey hole. But the wind tu…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing, kayak fishing, anchors

Using A Deck Sling

Many years ago I saw a very simple piece of equipment that I filed away in my memory bank and forgot to retrie…

Tags: Kayak, rescue, gear

Camping Gear Features That Don't Cut It

Dozens of new canoeing and camping products are introduced every year.  Some are honestly useful;  o…

Tags: gear

Top 5 Ways to Customize Your Fishing Kayak

One of the funnest parts of kayak fishing is customizing your fishing kayak to fit your individual needs. So…

Tags: Video, kayak fishing, outfitting, gear

What Seat is Best for You?

Now that I'm back on the water again, I'm a lot more conscious and protective of my back. And to be honest, up…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing

Canoe Spray Decks

Here on day four. I camped about two kilometeres from Kesagami lake. Huge massive lake. When I get there I'm g…

Tags: Spray Cover, Canoe, Video

Get Hooked!

I often get ideas for these articles by watching fishing shows on TV. Once in a great while, there will be a g…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing

Wholesale + Retail = Fish Tales

I had an opportunity last week to go on a different type of fishing adventure. This trip would be to ICAST, wh…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing