How to Fish a Senko Better

In this video, Chad Hoover shares a few tips on how to more effectively fish a Yamamoto Senko.

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How to Effectively Fish a Senko

Let me show you guys a tip on how to more effectively fish a Senko, especially a weightless Senko, which in my opinion is one of the most effective ways to fish it, if not the most effective.

What you want to do is make a cast. As soon as the lure hits the water, let off about a rod's length worth of line and then lay your lure on the water. What that does is that gets you out of contact with the lure and allows that bait to flutter and do what a Senko does. You'll also see it pulling the line into the water and when it stops pulling the line into the water, you know it’s at the bottom. Then you can reel down, take up your slack, give it a twitch, and then just lay your line back on the water and do the same thing again. By putting you out of contact with the lure and there being a swoop in there, it keeps the fish from feeling you before you feel it. But more importantly, it also allows you to line watch because what happens is when you make that cast, you lay that line on the water. If that fish hits it and starts moving to the left or right, you'll see that line start to move with it. Reel down, and when you see that line moving to the left, set the hook to the right. If it's moving to the right, set the hook to the left. Wha that'll do is almost always guarantee a corner of the mouth hook set, but it also gives you a little bit of momentum. When they grab that bait, they're headed to somewhere safe. A lot of times that's cover. So if you see them swimming one way, set the hook the other way. That's also going to let you turn them away from cover, so you're going to have a better hook set. You're going to have a better advantage of keeping them from getting fouled up, and this whole concept of laying that line on the water is going to make you a much more effective and successful Senko fisherman.

So if you haven't added a Senko to your arsenal, you should. If you do have a Senko in your arsenal and you've never laid your line on the water or fished a Senko by line watching, add that to your arsenal of tactics. I promise you, you'll catch more fish!

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