Best Kayak Wall Racks

Wall racks are one of the most popular choices for storing your kayaks, canoes, or SUPs. Mounted either inside or outside and using a range of lightweight, but strong materials, like J-Cradles, mounting hardware, and straps, there are a number of great options to choose from.

Below is a list of some of the most popular kayak wall racks from brands like Sparehand Paddlesports, Malone, Suspenz, Seattle Sports, and more. For even more options, be sure to check out the full Kayak Wall Racks gear guide.

Fortunately, the paddling community has been testing, paddling, and reviewing wall racks and other storage options for over twenty years. By leveraging the reviews and experience that's been shared by thousands of your fellow paddlers, you can help narrow down the various wall rack options to find the best storage solution for you.

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Best Kayak Wall Racks of 2021

JDock™ Kayak Storage System

A smart choice for safely storing canoes, kayaks and roof boxes. The JDock™ is a wall mount system capable of storing two kayaks inside or outside. 200 LB capacity heavy duty all steel wall cradles with corrosion resistant powder coating. Comes complete with 12' load straps, mounting hardware and a Lifetime Limited Warranty.

  • Material Description: Corrosion resistant for extended life

Additional Attributes

  • Two kayak storage capacity
  • Large enough to store a roof box or canoe
  • Includes all required mounting hardware and 12' cam buckle load straps
  • Approved for inside or outside installation
  • Corrosion resistant for extended life
  • Lifetime Limited Warranty

JDock™ Kayak Storage System Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
(6 Consumer Reviews)

I use the Malone J Dock to…

I use the Malone J Dock to store one of my Hurricane Skimmers 128 and a FeelFree Nomad. The Skimmer sits on the J Dock arms and the Nomad uses the strap sling underneath. T… read full review

The JDock looks nice but,…

The JDock looks nice but, most importantly of course, it seems like a very good product. I installed them about 2 weeks ago; installation instructions are clear and simple. U… read full review

I absolutely love this…

I absolutely love this storage system. Living in an apartment with no storage space I was on the hunt for something to hold my kayak and not take up a lot of livable space. … read full review

Kayak Wall Cradles

Store your kayak in a snap with these easy-mount wall cradles. Built with strong yet lightweight powder-coated steel, the cradles come with mounting lag bolts for quick and easy installation.

  • Material Description: Powder-coated steel

Additional Attributes

  • Top selling kayak storage solution
  • Strong, yet lightweight powder-coated steel
  • Mounting hardware included
  • Sold in pairs
  • Compatible with Cradle Lock

Kayak Wall Cradles Reviews

(0 Consumer Reviews)

No one has submitted a review yet for the Kayak Wall Cradles. Please help out the community and share your experience!

Wall Mounted Single Kayak Storage Rack

SpareHand KC-10 is the best value for storing your boat on your wall- Sparehand KC-10 wall rack and can be mounted anywhere that has wall stud or anchor to cement block walls (anchor included). This simple system is very strong and easy to install. Also comes with safety strap to secure your kayak.

Additional Attributes

  • Wall-mount kayak storage rack
  • Steel construction with padded arms
  • Stores a boat on your wall
  • Dimensions: 2.5W x 24D x 20H inches

Wall Mounted Single Kayak Storage Rack Reviews

(0 Consumer Reviews)

No one has submitted a review yet for the Wall Mounted Single Kayak Storage Rack. Please help out the community and share your experience!

Kayak Condo

The Talic Kayak Condo – Wall Mounted Storage for Kayaks is convenient, accommodating, and best of all, affordable! The very thick and soft 2 inch wide webbing conforms to the shape of your boat which means there won’t be any pressure points to dent or scratch your boat. You can look forward to years of maintenance free storage. All your kayaks will rest comfortably, sure to be in excellent condition and ready for yet another day’s adventure. There are three models to choose from and each one is strong enough to hold boats that are 100 pounds each. Kayak Condo 3 can hold three boats each weighing 100 pounds – now that’s strong! Recommended for kayaks under 100 pounds, and about 29 inches wide or less. Not recommended for outdoor use. Easy to install, easy to use. You’ll have peace of mind, knowing that your boats will have the best rest available, and at such a great price. If you plan to mount the Kayak Condo onto a masonry wall you will need to purchase a Masonry Wall Mounting Kit.

Prices range from $109.95 to $274.95.

Additional Attributes

  • Prices range from $109.95 to $274.95

Kayak Condo Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars
(13 Consumer Reviews)

bought the kayak rack 2…

bought the kayak rack 2 years ago, workmanship and quality of the talik rack is by far better than anything elsle i have seen , buying another set to put on another wall. kee… read full review

I had the idea that putting…

I had the idea that putting together a rack by myself would be an easy task, but in the interest of time I bought this product instead( despite the price) Living in Norway i… read full review

I recently purchased and…

I recently purchased and installed a 3 kayak condo and am very impressed with the quality of the product. I have a Necky Manitou 14, Wilderness System Tsunami 13, and Palmic… read full review

Kayak J-Storage Cradles


No bent, 1 inch aluminum tubing here! Same basic shape as the incredible J-CRADLES, but at a reduced price to only fit a blank wall area or outdoor, inground post. Made from Heavy Duty, 3" wide, No-Rust Steel. Designed to hold a single or tandem kayak. Deluxe 3/4" Thick Real Rubber Padding! 3 inch wide flat rubber area will hold your boat carefully. Easy one person load - No dangerous ropes or pulleys. Set of two includes 2 HD straps and mounting screws

Kayak J-Storage Cradles Reviews

(0 Consumer Reviews)

No one has submitted a review yet for the Kayak J-Storage Cradles. Please help out the community and share your experience!

Big EZ Wall Mount Rack

Watercraft rests on nylon covered foam pad. Stores boats & boards on their side at their strongest point. Adjustable safety straps hold your boat securely in place. UV protected straps, fabrics and plastic parts. Includes 2 Big EZ Arms with Safety Straps & Mounting Hardware.

Available in Marine Grade (Black) - $104.95

  • Material Description: Powder-coated steel frame

Additional Attributes

  • Compatible with Suspenz Free-Standing Storage Systems
  • Extends 28” from the wall
  • Holds up to 150 lbs.

Big EZ Wall Mount Rack Reviews

(0 Consumer Reviews)

No one has submitted a review yet for the Big EZ Wall Mount Rack. Please help out the community and share your experience!

Deluxe Double-Up Wall Cradles

Deluxe Double-Up Wall Cradles make storing your boats and paddle a cinch! Wall mounted heavy-duty steel cradles allow you to store two boats with one set of cradles. Easily fold up the cradles when not in use. Includes two cinch straps for secondary boat storage. All mounting hardware included.

Additional Attributes

  • Wall mounted heavy-duty steel cradles
  • Store 2 boats! Use the included cinch straps to store a second boat
  • Pivoting arms allow for fold up storage when not in use
  • Built in cleats designed for storing your paddle
  • All mounting hardware included

Deluxe Double-Up Wall Cradles Reviews

(0 Consumer Reviews)

No one has submitted a review yet for the Deluxe Double-Up Wall Cradles. Please help out the community and share your experience!

JAY Wall Mount Rack

The BEST way to store your boat is to suspend it on straps so there are NO PRESSURE POINTS, it never touches a hard surface! This JAY Rack will cradle your boat and distribute its weight evenly. Included in box: 2 JAY Arms with Safety Straps & Wall Mounting Hardware.

  • Material Description: Powder coated steel frame

Additional Attributes

  • Extends 22" from the wall, Height: 26”
  • Boat rest on the exclusive CSS (Cradling Strap System) – No pressure points; protects against hull distortion
  • Store kayaks on their SIDE at its strongest point
  • Adjustable straps to suspend your kayak or SUP correctly
  • Module arm that can also attach to Free-Standing rack
  • Stores boats up to 125 lbs.

JAY Wall Mount Rack Reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 Consumer Reviews)

I purchased the Suspenz…

I purchased the Suspenz J-style Kayak racks and am very pleased with their quality and performance. They are exposed to the elements year-round in Michigan and have held-up v… read full review

Very Good racks, nice wide…

Very Good racks, nice wide straps and even came with safety straps that buckle insuring that there is no way kayaks can roll off rack from the vertical position. The reason I… read full review

Wall Mounted Storage Racks

Lightweight aluminum, wall-mounted rack for storage of canoes, kayaks or SUP boards, and other small crafts. Mount in your garage, storage shed, basement our house exterior. Rack comes standard with 6 arms to store 3 crafts. Features adjustable height arms with vinyl hull guards and end caps with built in tie-down openings. Add additional arms to store more crafts or items such as ladders. Available in aluminum or powder-coated black finish.

Additional Attributes

  • Rack Dimensions: 38" Deep x 84" High x Variable Width (width is variable depending upon installation, depth is from wall to end of arm). Arm length: 35"

Wall Mounted Storage Racks Reviews

(0 Consumer Reviews)

No one has submitted a review yet for the Wall Mounted Storage Racks. Please help out the community and share your experience!

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