Prowler 13 Angler

13' 4"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Prowler 13 Angler Description

One of the most popular angler kayaks on the market, the Prowler 13 combines performance with features. A large bow hatch, an oversized tank well and several places to mount fishing gear, the Prowler 13 was designed to produce results.

Prowler 13 Angler Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner

Additional Attributes

  • Comfort Plus seat back
  • Molded-in seat well
  • Click Seal bow hatch
  • 6" Cam Lock Hatch with storage bucket
  • Oversized tank well with bungee
  • Deck bungee
  • Side mounted carrying handles
  • Skid Plate
  • Paddle keepers
  • Molded-in cup holder
  • Two flush mounted rod holders
  • Transducer compatible scupper
  • Angler Graphics

Ocean Kayak
Prowler 13 Angler Reviews

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I got this boat for $600 at a…

Submitted by: Kayuke on 7/10/2020
I got this boat for $600 at a closeout in Ferndale, Washington when the factory moved away. It came with a rudder and leg straps, both highly recommended! Although the boat was nicknamed the big bannana cause it was slow (2mph hull speed) and yellow, it did serve well on many trips in the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, and lakes. It had plenty of cargo space, enough for a big cooler, in addition to a sizable front hatch. In 2-3 waves the boat will noticeably flex so it there's a lot of efficiency lost, but as an extra boat it served it purpose perfectly. It has no problem carrying overnight gear for a camping trip. The anchor kit also was excellent, which made lake lounging and positioning the boat towards the sun easy.

I've hauled this SOT bad boy…

Submitted by: DSS59 on 5/5/2020
I've hauled this SOT bad boy all over to fish off-shore, paddle and surf the waves on Lake Michigan with my young nephews, to fish in a variety of inland lakes and streams around the state. It's been easy to transport and quick to outfit, with plenty of storage and rod holders for my tackle and gear and enough deck space for electronics. I particularly appreciate the foot-controlled rudder for maneuvering in current or wind, so my hands are free to cast and retrieve. We have more kayaks, but this one's "mine."

Very satisfied with my kayak…

Submitted by: paddler770327 on 5/3/2020
Very satisfied with my kayak as I have done the following: Fishing in rivers and lakes. Sailing in lakes using a wind paddle sail. White Water on upper, middle and lower Chattahoochee River. Touring on lakes and in ocean.

The Prowler 13 isn't my only…

Submitted by: Silas on 6/25/2018

The Prowler 13 isn't my only kayak but it is my choice for shallow streams or weedy water. It can easily glide over most weeds and has been tough enough to handle rocks, so far.

I've packed it with all the camping gear and supplies for multi-day fishing trips,
I do use many small dry bags and ended up with a stack strapped to the rear well but I did fine.


Pros: fast, light, does well…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/1/2018

Pros: fast, light, does well in high winds.
Cons: Not that stable, Seat is absolutely garbage, being 28 inches wide is uncomfortable for someone 6 ft 210. Rod set very low in the rod holders have to get extensions. Takes on a lot of water if you don't have Scupper plugs. Not very happy with the kayak took it back.


This is my fourth kayak. All…

Submitted by: paddler411032 on 12/18/2017

This is my fourth kayak. All have been used exclusively in Missouri rivers to tour with small amounts of fishing. All were above big box store quality and in the 12-13' range. I am 6'2" and 230lbs. Between my weight and provisions for a week out camping a durable bottom in Missouri's rocky rivers is important. The Prowler is as durable as any boat I have had in the past, it's closest rival in durability being Coba kayak . I see a lot of reviews here talking about the speed of the prowler and I have to say it is the slowest of the four kayaks I have owned. It move easy enough and has a sweet spot where you don't have to work too hard to keep up a good speed. It can be paddled faster but the effort doesn't equal the result and it's better to keep up the steady pace in the sweet spot. I expect some of the other reviewers might be sharing their experience with a near empty kayak We go out a week at a time. We pack as light as we can but a weeks food, tent, footprint, first aid sleeping bag, tools and other odds and ends take up three dry bags and a 7 gallon bucket and most everything except the bucket fits below deck in what has been dry storage for me. The Prowler tracks well under power but seems to cross up while coasting more than the other Kayaks I have owned. Not really a problem as it takes a minimum forward movement to keep it on track. The prowler is the safest of all the others too. I have had it on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and appreciate the security of a kayak this hard to turn over. Even in the tight turns and surprises of the upper Gasconade river where you can find yourself swept into root wads, wood piles and strainers in tight turns and fast water I have found if you sit up straight you will remain on top. A little more effort is needed to power and this boat out jam in a hurry but it is better than my old Perception but not as nimble as the Cobra or Mad River hybrid.It is a lot more boat than they are. The Prowler is the easiest to get in and out of and even a big person can flop their legs over the side and access things behind them without fear of flipping. Not the least bit iffy. As others have mentioned, the seat did not agree with me. I had kept the seat from my early Cobra and moved it to all boats but after 10-12 years it had gotten to the point of no repair. Younger people may not mind the factory seat but a good seat is one of the best investments you will ever make. 100-150 dollars well spent The places where the Prowler out shines the boats from my past make it my favorite of those I have owned. It is a solid all around performer with a quality build and stability of a barge. These observations are based on four years of use, three to four 3-5 day outings a year and assorted day trips. A great kayak for what we do.


I first tried the Prowler 13…

Submitted by: FolbotCaptain on 11/2/2016
I first tried the Prowler 13 in Monterey, CA. Loved how it handled in the waves, the stability and tracking. Came back to Ohio and tried to find one but rarely are they on the used market here. Finally bought a blue camo one from Austin Kayak ($679 delivered) and absolutely love it.

I use it on moving water (up to Class II rapids) and well as flat water. At 28" wide its fast particularly compared to the newer, wider SOTs. Use of scupper plugs keeps the rider dry. But I pull them on moving water with rapids.

I have a 15' OK Scupper Pro for long distance on lakes and rivers and a Scrambler 11 for tighter rivers. But if I had to choose and only keep one kayak, as a versatile, do anything kayak, can't beat the Prowler 13'. Sure its a bit heavy but its a sit on top. Get a set of wheel and you can take it anywhere.


My first kayak. Easy to…

Submitted by: paddler237177 on 10/23/2016
My first kayak. Easy to paddle. Easy to fish from. Footwells filled with water, but nowhere else. I'm a portly 5' 8" @ 235 lbs. Had my 4 yr old son sitting up front, no problems. He was able to stand up and jump in with no troubles. I look forward to fishing in all those stumpy areas I've coveted for the last 30 years. No complaints at all so far. I had no troubles with wakes from PB's. I've only had it in Lake Conroe so far and the weather is getting cool now, so a more thorough review may have to wait until Spring.

Totally pleased with this…

Submitted by: paddler237142 on 9/24/2016
Totally pleased with this kayak!! I've been cod jigging in it off the coast of Newfoundland. Canada. I've been far from shore in massive swells and the kayak performed exceptional. It's a kayak you only have to buy once in your lifetime. Add it to the bucket list!!

I don't have much positive to…

Submitted by: TroyOH on 9/6/2016
I don't have much positive to say about this kayak. The color scheme is nice is probably it. This may as well be a bathtub. They claim a high weight rating but the foot wells fill completely and the back gets about 2 inches of water with me in it. My wife who is not a big gal won't even use it because how wet the ride is.

I just picked the prowler 13…

Submitted by: bandit-1887 on 7/25/2016
I just picked the prowler 13 up. The kayak handles great, and I love fishing hooked up fish finder gps. All the gear does great in the lake even when wavy. I would recommend to anyone that this is a great kayak.

I am so glad I bought this…

Submitted by: paddler236640 on 6/20/2016
I am so glad I bought this kayak. It is faster and tracks better than the 3 others I have had so far. Also, it is very stable. This is the first SOT type kayak for me and it is much easier for me to get out of. I fish mostly lakes and the everglades. I am 5'11 and 245 lbs. Love the weight capacity of 450 in this yak. I can take all the gear I need.

Decent SOT for the money. I'm…

Submitted by: scotchmon on 5/22/2016
Decent SOT for the money. I'm impressed with the recessed deck fittings, although there are a couple regular pad eyes used. I've ordered a pair of thigh straps, since accustomed to decked(sea and whitewater) kayaks, I miss not being more connected to the boat, and feel some power of paddle strokes is lost without the connection, and edging will be improved also.

I found the flat spot fore of the day hatch perfect to mount a Vexilar flasher, routing the transducer cable to pass under the comfortable seat and back to the designated scupper hole in the rear gear well. I also have installed a YakGear anchor trolley, and will need to add pad eyes/ bungee cord on the bow for carrying a spare paddle. All said, it should be quite the fishing kayak, and half the fun is rigging it! Hull speed is good for a 13' boat, and carry weight is decent and balanced.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the Prowler 13. Nine of 10, cause' nothing is perfect.


A little heavy, but sturdy…

Submitted by: cburton on 4/27/2016
A little heavy, but sturdy and reliable. I have a sail rig on it and the rudder comes in very handy. Tracks well in currents, not so great riding waves. All around workhorse of a kayak.

My husband picked up a…

Submitted by: paddler236464 on 4/26/2016
My husband picked up a Prowler 13 from Academy last year and I gave it a few test paddles. It felt a little more tippy than my Drifter, but sure was fast! That being said, when I saw a 2016 green one on ACK on sale for $679 with free shipping - I jumped on it! "Swamp Thing" got her maiden voyage this past weekend on a small lake and performed tremendously!

First off, it wasn't as tippy as I remembered and was actually stable enough for me to hang my legs over the sides into the water and to sit sideways. No trouble there! She's fast, tracks well, and is a fun paddle. Feels quite sturdy and has enough room for my wide posterior. At 5'5" and 265, there was an inch or so of water in the foot wells, but it's the South in the summer and that's not a problem.

She isn't nearly as maneuverable as the shorter Drifter and turns a little like a barge, but I think some practice with tilting up on the edge will help me there. It's worth the trade-off to get the awesome speed moving across flat water.

Didn't deal with much wind or current, but had fun riding some motor-boat wakes. All in all - I think I'll be having a great time with the Prowler 13 this summer!

My only downside is the seat - utter waste of material!!! There is zero back support, although the padding under my bum was nice. I've ordered an Ocean Kayak back-band type support to add in and that will hopefully fix the problem.


The Prowler 13 is my first…

Submitted by: Roland58 on 9/14/2015
The Prowler 13 is my first yak, in fact, my first paddle craft of any kind. Went out on a creamed coffee colored river in NE Texas surrounded by an abundance of very large snakes, most of which I believed to be cotton mouths.....spooky!

I did great going up river against the current, but, coming back I lost it twice. Both instances were my fault for not reading the current properly and setting up for a chicane early enough. Thank God I was with someone, as I got pinned against a fallen tree that flipped my yak and dumped me.....I was stuck, but, did manage to right the yak. My buddy threw me a rope and pulled me to shore. The next dump was from hitting a low lying bunch of limbs that wiped me off the yak. I was able to get myself back in, quickly, since I had concern about the snakes! Total trip was about 5 miles. I found out I am NOT 20 years old anymore! This 70 yr. old man was totally wore out from head to limited amount of remaining hair hurt! After two days of recovery, I'm ready to go again and this next trip will include some fly fishing!

I love my Prowler. I did place some industrial strength Velcro under the seat to keep it from slipping forward. Were it not for that, I would have given it a 10. I guess it is a 10 now, if the Velcro works out!


I purchased an Ocean Kayak…

Submitted by: hooked_on_paddlers on 9/7/2015
I purchased an Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 about a year ago and it has been a great kayak. It's very stable as I have found out. And everything you could look for in storage area. The only thing I do not like is the built in foot holders and the uncomfortable seat that could be upgraded in my opinion. But overall I am pleased with the Prowler 13 and just purchased another one for my wife 2 weeks ago.

Great kayak for fishing! I've…

Submitted by: mjones on 8/16/2015
Great kayak for fishing! I've had mine for 5 years and it gets a lot of use. It has great speed, tracking and stability. Handles 3 foot waves and swells with ease. Can't beat the price. It's my best fishing buddy.

The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13…

Submitted by: JoeWNixon on 7/1/2015
The Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 Angler is great for the price. With a weight capacity of 450 pounds there is plenty of capacity for a big guy like me, plus all of my gear. This kayak is also light enough to easily load and unload from any vehicle. The only thing I don't like about the kayak is that a lot of water comes up through the front scupper holes, therefore, you may need to use plugs to keep the water out!

A third follow-up review of…

Submitted by: paddler230939 on 2/18/2015
A third follow-up review of my Prowler 13. This information may prove helpful for others getting on in age like I am: I am 68 years young, still muscular, but still 68.

I kept my old Prowler 13 in my garage but moved on to a Tarpon 100 because it was easier for me to load, especially solo... I recently acquired a C-tug yak cart from the great folks at Austin Kayak. I discovered that when attaching the C-tug cart directly under the seat of my old Prowler 13 the balance was perfect and except in deep soft sand I could literally use two fingers to pull my yak in mud, gravel, uphill or downhill... only soft deep sand required more vigorous pulling power.

My old Prowler 13 is much like other reviewers have stated. It is an ancient battleship that will go through the roughest of water and storms, reasonably quick, very stable and bulletproof. I installed a Crazy Creek yak seat and put a small air cushion on top of that seat... it is as if my Prowler 13 has been resurrected from its garage tomb and is now back in action once more: I had forgotten what a fine overall yak the old Prowler 13 is... and now even with advancing years it is easy to move with the C-tug cart which fits it like a glove and get to and from the water. It is then easy to slide in and out of my Tacoma truck.

I encourage a few readers who are getting a bit older like me to rediscover the merits of the old Prowler 13 yak. As it is only 28 inches wide it is easy to straddle and sit down in while launching compared with what I call Bass Yaks now that are as big and heavy as a Jon Boat.

No lawn chair, no whistles or bells, no TV room or such, just a really rugged old yak that won't break the bank and if you don't look forward to carrying it much get a C-tug cart. Your old Prowler 13 will make you smile once more. Ocean Kayak still makes the ancient Prowler 13 and for good reason. The esoteric will understand.


This kayak is 10 years old,…

Submitted by: SeaSearch on 9/5/2014
This kayak is 10 years old, have enjoyed every minute of ownership. This kayak has been all over the Florida Keys, Florida Panhandle, and makes a river trip every week on Mississippi rivers. Don't fish, but bought the angler model (only one they had), but added a lot of extras for my hobbies...diving, snorkeling, camping, etc. I've added extra hatches, extra cleats, cushioned seat, and anchoring system to make it efficient and enjoyable. This unit transports well, on SUV or truck rack...easy to handle...keep unit in garage when not in use...other than a few scratches...looks like new. excellent unit.

Ocean Kayaks are fast! This…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/26/2013
Ocean Kayaks are fast! This kayak is going to get you down the river or to the honey hole long before any of friends. The foot wells are big and the foot braces adjustable. This is a great kayak!

I recently found a great deal…

Submitted by: Bernie_CNY on 7/14/2013
I recently found a great deal on this kayak at ACK,Though I've only had it out a few times I have years of exp with quite a few other kayaks both SOT and SIS. The size of this kayak is near ideal for most uses. Long enough for good speed/glide while allowing good maneuverability and tracking. It's also light enough to allow easy handling out of the water and loading on top as well.

The boat has plenty of stability for relaxed fishing but not so overly stable so as to not allow some leaning for quick maneuvering. The front hatch is big enough to get most anything you want to bring along inside. The smaller center hatch is good for key's or wallet. The TW is big - perhaps to big. I'd prefer it wasn't so deep. If you take some big waves in there that much water/weight could be trouble. I also would have liked it better without the FM rod holders installed. I like to put things where I want them not where someone else thinks things should be. Otherwise I love it.

A real pleasure to paddle and fish from. Anyone looking for a really good fishing kayak in the 13-14'length range should definitely check this one out.


I am so Pleased with this…

Submitted by: paddler234943 on 4/3/2013
I am so Pleased with this kayak ! took it out for the first time this past Saturday. HOLY CRAP is this yak a breeze to paddle bought at West Marine for 549.00 wow I knew that would get your attention!!! For you guys and gals in Daytona Beach, Florida go see ryan at west marine to hook you up while they last. I'm only saying because I went to Dicks Sports and for same yak they wanted 750 and no price match. I can't say enough about this kayak

My first real fishing yak was…

Submitted by: paddler230939 on 2/24/2013
My first real fishing yak was a Prolwer 13 and I really learned to yak fish and paddle in that craft. Fast forward about fifteen years and I have owned and fished over a dozen different yaks which all enjoy considerable popularity today. All of them did at least one thing very well and several of them did several things fairly well. None of them really met my expectations. I more recently acquired another Prolwer 13 that had been hiding in a warehouse for some years: Rigged it up and went fishing.

The original Prowler 13 is one of the very best fishing kayaks ever designed and manufactured. It does not have a sexy cockpit or lawn chair seat like some of the new fishing yaks nor does it have all the whistles and bells that come with some of the newer fishing yaks. But the ancient Prowler 13 will take it's owner through the roughest of waters and storms in complete safety and not require exhaustive paddling. It is extremely stable, reasonably brisk speed though not a touring yak, and it turns quite well even into the wind.

Having spent more money than I care to admit in search of the perfect fishing yak only to be disappointed time and again, I can say without hesitation that the original Prowler 13 is one of the best fishing yaks ever made. And you can still find them for about half of the price of the so-called new and improved fishing yaks. In addition, the Prowler 13 is much lighter than nearly all of the newly designed fishing yaks. Said another way, when I am paddling my ancient Prowler 13 I feel as if I have come home after a long and misguided journey.


Awesome kayak. Bought this…

Submitted by: paddler234787 on 9/24/2012
Awesome kayak. Bought this boat second hand after being disappointed by the performance of my sit in kayak. The P13 is very stable and whilst not intended to be a racing kayak it kept up with my friends lighter boats. For those that like paddling rivers it is very easy to get into and out of without having to look for flat shoreline. Try one, you might like it.

I bought mine on the west…

Submitted by: paddler234671 on 7/20/2012
I bought mine on the west coast of Canada and I now have it on the east coast. I luv it, it will handle almost anything you can throw at it, really stable. I think its safer than a regular yak. Havent come close to overturning even in heavy seas. The only complaint I have is the weight when trying to cartop it, but the pros more than make up for it, I'm thinking of getting a two seater now so i can take the kids along, luv it!

I bought the Prowler 13…

Submitted by: paddler234190 on 8/3/2011
I bought the Prowler 13 angler in March on sale- it is my first SOT kayak- I bought it based on lots of research. It felt tippy at first but once you got seated and started paddling you feel very secure and stable- I had it out in fresh water lakes at first- it is a wet ride and I wore waders to stay dry, but then I expected water inside the cockpit with scuppers open-

I had no experience with kayaks- this is my first- I am 65 years old and 6 foot tall 250 pounds- I did not know what to expect so I'll just tell you my observations- the prowler is an all around fishing kayak that does everything good but nothing best- it is like a Swiss Army knife- the Hobie Revo's and PA are the rage with my fishing buddies, but I have had four knee operations and peddling hurts my knees so I am happy with my Prowler- it handles rough water in the Chesapeake Bay and works well in the creeks and rivers-

I have never turtled the Prowler and the more I fish from it the more stable I feel- it isn't as fast as some but isn't slow as others- the hull cuts through swells and boat wakes with ease- I think I made the right choice as I wanted an all around kayak that can do everything- I would have given a 10 if the seat were more comfortable but my butt gets sore after about four hours of fishing-


I purchased my 2006 Prowler…

Submitted by: Mudpuppy75 on 7/27/2010
I purchased my 2006 Prowler 13 angler used in 2008. Since then, I've had the boat in just about every kind of water: slow rivers, lakes, whitewater, and ocean surf. I really like this boat. It is very stable, tracks well, and also turns easily.

Speed: At 13'4", I can outpace just about any rec kayak, including a paddling buddy's Pungo 120. When kayaking with friends in their 14 ft touring boats, I can keep pace, but I do work harder. However, in a sprint, the Prowler plows water quickly, and touring boats pull away easily. It is quick enough, but not fast.

Tracking/Maneuverability: Small streams have never been a problem, and I don't see the point of a rudder except under very demanding conditions.

Stability: I've had this boat in ocean surf and whitewater up to class III. It handles Class I-II with absolutely no problems. It is maneuverable enough to be a decent river runner, but it isn't a whitewater boat. In class III without thigh straps, I got dumped in a hurry. With them, you can surf it. However, the length makes all of this challenging. In normal conditions like handling larger boat wake, punching through surf, or river running, you won't get dumped unless you're just not paying attention. The Prowler is rock solid.

Capacity: One reason I bought the Prowler was capacity. I’m about 6'2", and at the time of purchase, I was 310 lbs. My weight made it a wet ride with the foot wells and seat being almost completely full with water. Now I'm 225, and the ride is much drier. Without scupper plugs, there is about an inch of water in the foot wells. Now, my 6 year old daughter will ride in the tankwell with no problems whatsoever.

Convenience: People tend to either love or hate SOT's. To me, you can't beat the ease of use. On a hot day, the ability to take a quick swim and climb back on is a real plus. If you do capsize, just flip it over and get back on. No problem.

Dislike: The 6" screw-in hatch is a PAIN. It has always been difficult to open and close, and now something appears to be warped, and I can't get the thing on at all. I'm replacing the hatch with a twist lock style hatch. Also, my boat has holes in two of the scuppers. A little Lexel caulk took care of it, but it does make me wonder a little about OK's build quality. Also, the angler addition is heavy, about 60 lbs. However, one person can car top it.

Bottom line: You can do a little of everything very easily with this boat, but don't expect to win any races. The Prowler 13 is a great all around kayak. I sometimes think about selling it to get a faster touring SINK, but then I think about the versatility that I'd be giving up, and I always decide to keep it.


I have owned, paddled and…

Submitted by: paddler230939 on 7/21/2010
I have owned, paddled and fished many sit on top yaks for the last decade. The P13 was my first yak and the only one I have not either traded or sold. The newer yaks designed primarily for fishing have better designed cockpits for fishing gear and such, and many make the P13 look downright ancient by comparison. However, I am yet to paddle a yak that provides the security on open water become very rough that is a characteristic of the old P13.

Get caught in horrible chop and wind and the P13 will bring you home with confidence every time. It has the best secondary stability of any yak I have had experience with and it is tough as nails. I stuffed swimming pool noodles in the gunnels just for added security, but I have yet to get a drop of water in the hull even after horrid weather conditions. Primary stability is also excellent as well. Unless you are out in seas with strong currents, you do not need a rudder to go where you want to go, and the P13 will glide almost forever it seems. I fish the bays of Southwest Louisiana where there is heavy tugboat and barge traffic accompanied by considerable waves and wakes. The P13 handles them as if they were not really there in the first place.

A number of yak fishing colleagues who own far sexier and more recently designed yaks have often sold their modern yaks and purchased a P13 after giving my old P13 a test paddle. I am 63, 200 pounds, fit and love to yak fish: I have a Prowler Big Game which I like as well, but the P13 is easier for me to load by myself. Save for paddling in horrible sea conditions, the P13 is not truly great at any one thing, but it does almost everything else quite well indeed.

The purpose of this very latent P13 review is to share my experience and conclusions with the rapidly growing body of men and women interested in yak fishing, particularly saltwater yak fishing. Install a high end comfortable seat and the P13 is very hard to beat for safety, endurance and price. It will not disappoint.


Love this boat. Works with…

Submitted by: paddler233690 on 7/8/2010
Love this boat. Works with you rather than against you in the wind and current. Stability allows sitting sideways on the boat to cast if you want and standing is definitely a possibility (if practiced). Tracks great, and portages without a cart are possible (not necessarily fun, but possible). Molded foot wells contribute to overall boat strength. I highly recommend.

Well, I've finally decided to…

Submitted by: paddler233652 on 6/15/2010
Well, I've finally decided to write a review on how the Ocean Kayak Prowler 13 performs in strong winds and choppy seas.
If you're considering a Prowler 13 against other SOTs, I just took my Prowler 13 out this morning to test it specifically against a force 6 wind (and gusting) and a moderate tide, with the wind and tide coming from around 10 o'clock in relation to the kayak.

I've had the Prowler 13 for two years now and alternate it with a composite Valley Nordkapp LV sea kayak, using it mainly for journeying when I get the chance.

Here's how this mini test panned out:
Over a 2.65 mile leg against the tide (not strong), across a hellish choppy and relentlessly windy open stretch of sea, the Prowler made 3 miles per hour. I don't have a rudder, but despite the wind hammering the kayak from an angle, very little correction was needed to keep it on course. The bow cuts through the water with negligible "slap", casting spray aside. Very smooth in fact. Waves coming "broad side" are wet... I wear a wetsuit in this kind of weather.

I pootled about a bit, in and around the local harbour etc taking in the sights, which added a couple more miles, then timed myself back on the 4.2 mile return leg, with the wind and moderate tide on the stern quarter (about 4 o'clock in relation to the kayak). On this course I used a lot of right hand paddle to counteract the slight broaching effect of following waves and wind on a moderate angle. This was good fun, with waves sluicing around, under and over the kayak, and the prowler made its usual "fair weather" progress of 5 miles an hour back in the bay where I started.
And that's it.

Hopefully the above has addressed some questions you might have about the Prowler 13's performance when it starts to get a bit "naughty". It feels very stable and maneuvers amazingly nimbly in this wind strength, tracking very well without a rudder... considering; rewarding a relaxed approach.

In normal conditions, you can paddle the Prowler at 4 –5 miles an hour all day with no need for a rudder. It also maneuvers easily in rockpools and tight spaces, and is a reasonable weight to load on the car single handed... I'm average build.

Compared to the Nordkapp LV, the Prowler 13 is slower as you might expect, being an entirely different kayak, with a little more effort needed to maintain "cruising" speed, but not by much, and easily puts in 20 – 30 mile days. I can't see a longer SOT, such as the Tarpon 160i being much faster. I'm going to try one in the future some time to see though... and a Prowler 4.5 Elite.

With great performance, load capacity, fitness for purpose, price, build quality and all round SOT convenience, the Prowler 13 is in my view, a very capable kayak, that gets you out there, and lets you hop on and off... coves, etc... with ease. A design classic.
I bet it's good for fishing from as well.


I've had an opportunity to…

Submitted by: paddler233389 on 9/30/2009
I've had an opportunity to rent several different SOT yaks for ocean recreation off Pacific Coast in Santa Barbara past two years. Ocean Kayak stood out as a superior quality product. When I decided to buy my criteria were focused upon speed and stability. All SOT's are pretty slow so yet I didn’t want to experience buyer's remorse from choosing stability over speed. Like most folks I didn’t want to struggle with transportation so something under 15 feet and 60 pounds made the most sense. I settled in on a Prowler 13 Angler. This model doesn't perform best for any one task which is why I love it. I'm in this for exercise, fishing and just enjoy being out on the water. I didn't want to feel overly compromised with any one thing and I don't plan on buying more than one yak.

If you have a single purpose need in a yak this model isn't for you. If you believe it's not the tool but the man behind it and like variety a P13A is perfect. My main advice is make sure you have a rudder as even in calm conditions I found it allows me to focus on speed and my surroundings rather than being distracted with constant minor paddling corrections to maintain a straight line.


I just recently purchased a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/14/2009
I just recently purchased a used prowler 13 and I really like it, it seems to track really well is very stable and has plenty of room for me (6' 185 lbs) all of my gear. I mostly use it in flat water and after reading other reviews i bought some soft golf balls and stuffed them into the scupper holes after realizing just how much water sits in the bottom of the foot wells when they are not used. Now the only water that gets in is from the paddle which is far less than what would be in there without the plugs. Overall a great boat, the only negative thing is that I don't wear shoes so the molded foot wells push against my ankles and it is a little uncomfortable but not bad.

Just got mine last week, and…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/10/2009
Just got mine last week, and love it... I'm a first time kayaker, and took it out and hit the water running...been in pretty good chop in open water, and never felt nervous. I'm 6'2" and 265, and I have just enough room for my legs to be comfy...

I recently got in the OK…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/13/2009
I recently got in the OK Prowler 13 after spending, literally, hundreds of hours on Lake Mead, NV. In numerous sit in kayaks trying to fine tune which one was best suited for me. I wasn't sure at first if I could give up my sit-in for a sit-on top. However, after reading probably no less than 125 reviews, and watching you tube ocean kayak videos, as well as renting several sot's, I decided that I was going to give the prowler a shot. Man, am I glad I did.

I do a lot of angling, as well as a lot of long camping and day trips on Lake Mead, and if any of you have ever been there you know it is always, always rough water. The first time I had my Prowler on the water it was during the weekend when the lake is most busy. I had 10-15 mph wind coupled with 2-3ft chop from both boats and wind. Needless to say I was a bit hesitant, being my first time on this particular yak. After about 15 minutes I knew I was in the right boat for me.

The boat handled the chop with no problems, tracked straight and true, in spite of the strong wind. The boat handled all of my gear, and is relatively fast for a shorter kayak. I felt solid on the Prowler, meaning I didn't feel like I was tipping or unstable at anytime.

I can't express enough how this boat is suited as perfectly for a first time kayaker as it would be for the professional kayak angler. I not only use mine for angling, but also multi day trips, the tank well will fit a 55 liter dry bag, full of stuff very easily with room to spare. The front hatch is another story, I put more stuff in there than I could have ever expected.

This kayak is a great all around kayak for multi use. I am 5'11" and weigh 250 and it has sufficient room for me and all my gear. I would recommend this kayak to anyone looking to buy a Sit on top. Ocean Kayak is head and shoulders above the other sot companies, and makes a far superior product.


I'm 6'3" and 240lbs. I rented…

Submitted by: paddler233147 on 6/1/2009
I'm 6'3" and 240lbs. I rented this boat so my experience is limited but I enjoyed paddling it. It is a great all around boat. It glides along nicely and tracks well. It turns quickly enough and is quite comfortable for my larger size. It feels like a nice GT car compared to some of the barges in the OK line-up.

My only complaint is that it is a little on the heavy side. It is a little tippier than the wider OK boats but it is way, way, more stable than the Scrambler (also 28" beam) If you are a larger guy and are considering a Scrambler, you'd be miles happier in the Prowler for sure.


I've had my Prowler 13 Angler…

Submitted by: paddler233013 on 2/9/2009
I've had my Prowler 13 Angler almost a year. I absolutely love it so I won't heap more praise than what has already been said. Instead, I'll recount my experiences regarding some of the criticism cited for this yak. First, I'm 6'1", 180 lbs and paddle solely in freshwater lakes and streams in Northern Alabama.

One thing I heard with the Prowler was the molded in footwells dig into your calves. I have not experienced this and actually do not think I'd like adjustable footwells because it be awkward to reach down to move them. Second thing you hear is you get wet. It's hot in Alabama so I actually don't mind, but with scupper plugs, you stay dry as a bone. All I do is fish close to where I put in so I don't care about speed and turning radius. I have no frame of reference anyway. But I can tell you the Prowler 13 is a superb fishing platform. I catch more fish (bass mostly) out of my yak in the out-of-the-way creeks and streams than I ever did out of my bass boat.


Have had the Prowler (paid…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/7/2008
Have had the Prowler (paid less than $700 new) about a month and used in fresh water central Fla. streams and in salt for fishing.

1st, it is awkward loading & unloading, I bought some "sticky" gloves to handle it and they made a difference.
2. In the twisty streams it turns good, not like a 10' but good, fast and accelerates well;
3. rugged over snags & oyster beds.
4. the front well is very hard to access so don't plan on using anything in it while underway.
5. the paddle drip is there but it is a (mostly) dry boat if using the plugs.
6. the most negative: on a three hr trip I abraded patches of skin the size of a silver dollar on both calves where they rubbed against the non-skid surfaces on the foot wells, did not feel any pain at first but that afternoon wow! looking for a way to solve this problem besides wearing knee pads turned around on my calves; any help?
Last, the "bungee cord" paddle keepers are too close to me & slightly behind for me to use them one handed. Sugestions? Oh! get a foam pad for your butt if you are in the seat long. Love the boat and would buy it again.


I bought two boats and one of…

Submitted by: paddler232526 on 4/9/2008
I bought two boats and one of the primary reasons for purchasing a sit on top was I can only enter off a dock - which negates a traditional boat. The plastic is constantly smashed into the barnacles on dock pilings and has held up well. The boats paddle ok, the stability is top shelf, being a single guy I have taken numerous first time paddlers out on the boats, and the stability pays off.

When I paddle, I do hear the scuppers sucking air and realize it diminishes speed by adding friction. It's a roto-molded design problem. I will say the boats are tuff; I drag them along a wooden dock, use the dock as a boat ramp and am pleased. I paid about 1900 for two boats and two Kevlar paddles. As the other guy said, your feet will stay wet but the paddle itself will soak you from the knees down anyways. I've had them about 3 months and pull them out of the river and have never even rinsed them off. (SALT WATER) as I live in Ft Lauderdale FL, no corrosion and the hulls don't leak in calm water. Will be trying the ocean soon.

Good choice in boat; rugged, carries well and is stable. Fast? NO. Light? No, but maintenance is zero and they can take a beating.


Got a Prowler 13' Angler…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/8/2007
Got a Prowler 13' Angler edition from a friend that has even more kayaks than I do, he had to move & sell half of his fleet, thank you!!

Specs are roughly 13.4 * 28, real weight with seat & tackle box is 61.2 pounds. Awesome boat, very seaworthy, stable & fast yet extremely maneuverable. As any other SOT is a wet ride being a insignificant nuisance to anyone that is into kayaking or kayak fishing.

Hard to understand those folks that write a review & complain about a kayak being wet, doesn't make any sense to me, it won't ever, I do find that kind of reviews a bit annoying since they low rate a product that could be worth for someone like you looking for a kayak (and eventually discarding that model ) cause some "once a month" gets on the water not willing to get wet (??!!), so you go for another model that maybe it wasn't as perfect as the one "once a month" low rated on a review that probably starts with "this is my first kayak, I tried it once in my bathtub...." .....please.

Oh, well, freedom of speech is called.

If you are into fishing from a kayak you might like to consider this model, easy to outfit, great carrying capacity, comes with flush mounted rod holders, one handy tackle box, cup holder, huge front hatch full of possibilities, well designed tank well, paddle tether & one decent seat making her a "plug & play" ride, safe & fun.

Did some deep water re entry practice finding the Prowler the easier one to get back on, Had a WS Tarpon 120, have a Perception Aquaterra, two Featherlite 9.5 & 12', have used my friend's Fish 'n' Dive & his adored OK Drifter.

For a couple of years of experience doing very light touring & hard fishing the Prowler is the safest & easier to use.

Rudder? I wouldn't bother, the more weight you had the more you'll need to hustle car topping.

Rough, windy seas you say? give it to her , she'll take you home safe, you'll remember this review. The Prowler 13' this yak is as good as it gets.


Great recreational/fishing…

Submitted by: rcornwell242 on 9/28/2007
Great recreational/fishing boat. Outfitting is well thought out. I thought it was fast for a 13' boat, and very stable. Performs well on lakes and calm rivers, and I actually did O.K. through some mild rapids (class I & II) on the New river below Bluestone Dam. Heavy water gets kind of pushy on such a long boat, but no flips or rolls. Footwells do get water in them when you sit still, but it self-drains when you are under way. Overall I am very happy with this boat.

After paddling an OK…

Submitted by: Pattiwak on 8/27/2007
After paddling an OK Scrambler for 13yrs., the Prowler 13 was the boat that allowed me to become "detached" from the Scrambler. Have had no problem with leaks, it is fast, floaty, and turns amazingly well for its shape. While it is fitted for a rudder, I doubt that I will ever need one. OK has addressed the tracking problem in its smaller boats with the sharper keel in the P 13. The boat is also lighter at 54lbs than most of its competitors. Amen.

I got the Prowler 13 Angler…

Submitted by: paddler232118 on 6/22/2007
I got the Prowler 13 Angler edition a few weeks ago. I took it out on calm water for two hours with my daughter, I went to get my stuff from the dry storage when we got back to shore and there was over 1 cm deep of water in the whole kayak. I was told by ocean kayak to check for a leak where the scupper holes are put together, I saw holes and there were chips on all the scuppers. The tackle box that came with the kayak will not even fit in the spot made for it, they put the fish finder in the wrong spot, all this was after my kayak was shipped wrong in the first place. The kayak place I purchased it from is good enough to take it back and give me a complete refund, I will be getting another make of kayak, not ocean.

Had my Prowler 13 for a…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/22/2007
Had my Prowler 13 for a couple of months now. It's faster than I thought it would be. I haven't figured out the neg mentioned below on the foot wells. They are great and I have no problem with my feet slipping off. Maybe the guy was wearing Flip-Flops or something. A water shoe that fits your feet snug and no problemo. I turn sideways to reach goods in the tank well and I'm not careful at all when doing this, and there is no fear about tipping over... Very Stable for a 28" wide Yak. I don't recommend standing up in any Yak without outriggers "even a 36" wide F&D". You big guys who want a fast and stable Yak should test drive a Prowler 13. That F&D is a tug boat "nice tho if your not in a hurry or going long distance". I do recommend a nice high back seat tho the factory seat is a pain on my buttoxious maximus. I bought mine w/o testing first knowing it was a great Yak.
Anyone looking for a fantastic fishing machine but scared because you can't test first will not be disappointed in the Prowler 13. You may think well I want stability and 28" wide doesn't seem to be wide enough like 32 to 34" wide yaks. Well those wider ones will be a bit slower most likely. My experience with Prowler 13 is it seems a little tippy when you first sit in it and rock solid stability once your weight is on it. Try before you buy everyone usually says, but if no one in your area will let you then take the plunge if you want an awesome Fish'n Yak, this one is not a risk taker.

Bought the Prowler 13 just…

Submitted by: paddler231361 on 4/23/2007
Bought the Prowler 13 just two weeks ago. Seemed to paddle fine on my first outing. However, when I got back to shore, I noticed that the hatch was half filled with water so I assumed there was a leak. Called the company and I was told to fill the hatch with water and look for a leak around the scupper holes, a problem that has occured "on occasion" where things are glued together. Sure enough, there was a hole there. This was covered under warranty, but I had to return the kayak to the place I bought it (100 miles away) even though there was a dealer right down the road. Sounds like the quality control is poor on this model. Support from the company is also poor.

I took a Prowler 13 down the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/2/2007
I took a Prowler 13 down the Guadalupe River in Central Texas, during a fairly high water level that cut about two hours off the normal 6-hour run time. The boat performed well, the storage was great, but it had one big problem for me: the footwells are not substantial enough for my feet. My feet kept flopping off the ridges of the molded-in footwells. This prevented me from getting a good brace for power-stroke paddling, and it also left me with a good deal of lower back discomfort at the end of the run. I think since I couldn't brace my feet very well, my back was taking on most of the strain. I'm persuaded by this experience that adjustable, pedal-style foot braces are better.

a freind got me and my 11 yr…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 3/26/2007
a freind got me and my 11 yr old son into kayaking about 3 months ago. we sold our 14ft sail boat to buy the kayaks. mine is the p13, what a great kayak. we loaded the boat down with about #125 of gear and my #233, it did every thing that was asked of it,just a great all around kayak, also, very good to fish out of when fully loaded down. the scupper plugs are the only addition that i will make to the p13. befor you buy, try the p13, you might be glad you did.

After doing a lot of research…

Submitted by: paddler231852 on 10/20/2006
After doing a lot of research (including going to two demo days and trying out 10+ kayaks on the water) I decided on a Prowler 13 for my first kayak. I bought it in May and so far, I love it. I use it to fish 90% of the time, and it has plenty of space for all my gear and gadgets. It has a good compromise of speed and stability. I am 6' tall, 185 lbs and I have plenty of capacity for extra stuff, yet the kayak is still pretty quick and I can turn it easily. I recently went on a fishing trip with a friend in a 12' sit-in made by Old Town, and we noticed that at moderate paddling speed, his yak started to produce an annoying wake while mine was still very quiet. Also, at first I felt like the kayak would drift a little while tracking, but after I'd been out in it a few times the problem stopped. Must've been my fault, not the kayak's... I didn't bother getting scupper plugs, and my seat still stays dry. Water does pool at the bottom of the foot rests, but my water sandals are thick enough to keep my feet up out of the water. The hull is very durable, and I've scraped over a couple oyster bars with only some superficial scratches on the hull to show for it. In my experience, I only get hull slap from small, choppy waves - ripples are no problem, and it just floats over bigger swells. Most of the time when I paddle through shallow, muddy water I don't scare away the catfish/sting rays/whatever until they're close enough to touch with my paddle. If it wasn't for the occasional hull slap, I'd give it 9 or 10 stars.

This is a follow up to my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/13/2006
This is a follow up to my original review. I took the Prowler on vacation in the Adirondacks mountains of New York. Camping, fishing and day trips every day for ten days, I was able to put the boat through it paces, and was very happy with the results. The water in the boat when at rest that I mentioned in my earlier review is more a problem of perception (You see it there) than performacne. I remained pretty dry as my feet and seat remained above the water in the boat. I encountered some very heaby weather, wind and rain with standing waves, and never felt I was in over my head. Portages were easy, and the yak carried all the gear I needed. I see no need for a rudder for trips, I guess it could be helpful if all you do is fish. Overall, I am very happy with the boat.

I've had this boat since last…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/11/2006
I've had this boat since last May. It's my first sit on top after years with a canoe and sit inside kayaks. All in all this boat performs very well. It's narrow enough I can put my legs over both sides and creep through the flats. I can also sit side saddle just for a change of pace even in deep water without fear of tipping. I am adding foot pegs since the wells are not at quite the right spacing. Ocean has rails and foot pegs that can be attached using the existing holes for the rudder rails. My boat has no rudder and I've not felt the need for one with the types of fishing I do. The front hatch cover is large enough for fishing rods and reels to be placed inside the hull ready to go. The rear gear wells are large enough for a crate and cooler. The small screw lid compartment in front of the seat is a great place for your wallet and keys. I put them in a ziplock bag just in case. The small tackle box in it's holder is a nice touch In all this is an excellent fishing kayak and if foot pegs had come with it I would have rated it a 10.

Other reviews praising this…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/6/2006
Other reviews praising this yak are plentiful---and correct I'd say after having my P13 out four times on inland lakes, with little or no wind. Read those reviews for the good points.

However, the P13 does suffer hull slap with waves of any size, your behind will fall off after a couple of hours on the standard seat, and although it tracks "on a glide" just fine, the bow sways from side to side with each stroke (even taking various stroke techniques into account). I'm thinking a skeg or rudder would be a useful accessory. I want to go the retractable skeg route if possible, just haven't found one for this boat yet. The rudder adds a bunch of "stuff" at too high a price IMHO, and seems as if it might complicate the standard arrangement for foot placement (that is, anyplace you like). Others who have the rudder can weigh in on this.

Oh--while this boat is not excessively heavy, it is a bit awkward for one person to handle when loading/unloading (aren't they all?) I have a sit-in yak that weights just a couple of lbs less, and it too can be a handfull when I move it around alone.

Lastly, I'd recommend the scupper drain plugs for calm water. I weight 195 lbs, and when I pull the plugs out while on the water, water comes into the boat. With ocean waves, I suppose the plugs would actually hold water in the boat, but on calm water they will help keep you dry (dryer actually--as my feet always end up wet from entry/exit and paddle drips). If you buy the plugs, realize that the newer boats take 2 small, 2 medium, and 2 large plugs (you can confirm this at the OK website)

So, would I buy this boat again if I had it to do all over again? You bet---especially if I was big into fishing, or needed to carry a bunch of gear.


Took the boat out in the…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/19/2006
Took the boat out in the Raritan Bay off of Staten Island NY and in some freshwater lakes. I am happy with the yak, however the ride is wet(water in the foot wells), especially when not moving (read fishing). The tracking and seconday stablity are great. Primary stability is good but you need to pay attention to any sizable waves coming your way. Speed is good. I was a little concerned about how easily I was able to intentionally flip the boat when practicing self rescue, but so far I have had no unplanned swims despite some rough water outings in the bay. I will update this review as I get more time in the boat. So far so good.

After paddling a small SINK…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/30/2006
After paddling a small SINK rec boat for several months, I realized I wanted something more. I need a jack of all trades, something for touring and fishing on flat water, but something small enough to take down small shallow fast moving rivers. I was also very concerned about a boat that would handle my 320 pounds! I had originally considered getting a drifter, but found the prowler, to be more than capable of handling my weight. I found it VERY stable, yet still pretty nimble with a good amount of glide. A great boat!

Purchased a P13 a month or so…

Submitted by: kayakMike on 5/15/2006
Purchased a P13 a month or so ago after testing out several kayaks at a demo. The P13 was my final choice, mainly due to the fact that Crystal Murray, who was at the demo, is a fishing guide and regularly uses and highly recommended the P13. I've stalked gators on lakes and rivers (to photograph them) and am impressed with how close I can get to wildlife due to the P13's hull being so quiet. Fished under the bridge at Clearwater Pass and found the P13 to handle the windwaves and current very well. A Coast Gaurd cutter came under the bridge heading out into the Gulf in a hurry and sent some 3' wake waves my way. The P13 handled them very well, much to my relief. My P13's rigged for fishing and I'm very happy with the layout and rigging. Would highly recommend the P13 for both recreational and fishing uses. Very good design.

I bought the Prowler 13 on…

Submitted by: CoosaRiverCat on 8/17/2005
I bought the Prowler 13 on the advice of several prowler owners and I am not disappointed at all. I am a big man, 6'1" tall and 270 lbs. I found the Prowler 13 to be stable, fast and maneuverable. My first big river trip was a 12 mile jaunt with several class 1 and 2 rapids .The Prowler handled them with ease, even with a kayak rookie at the helm. I would recommend the Prowler 13 to anyone.

Really like the P13, it is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/22/2005
Really like the P13, it is fast enough for my applications (fishing, beer drinking, and day touring). Very stable, I can stand up on it. It is quiet through the water which I like, I can get close to wildlife along the river where I kayak the most. The boat is also very strong and will take a beating. 13 feet is easy to haul in a pickup truck, 54 pounds easy for anyone to carry. This is my first kayak and I am glad I didn't go with an “el cheapo” model, but I think I got a great deal on the Prowler.

Just got the boat Prowler 13.…

Submitted by: paddler231068 on 5/10/2005
Just got the boat Prowler 13. First test ride on my lake. Got my neighbor to do some fly-bys with his wake board boat, centurion with 500 lbs ballast fill. Let’s say it’s an extremely stable boat compared to an Otter that I have. I’m 6'2" 250lbs 32 inseam. Let’s say I tried to surf his wake. Wild ride but didn't flip, close one though, it was a 4 ft wave. Need the scupper plugged for sure! Will try a gets some today! Love the boat!

Took my P13 for a test today.…

Submitted by: paddler230960 on 2/21/2005
Took my P13 for a test today. Paddled against a light wind to a barrier island off west central Florida. Took small swells with ease and tracked nicely in light winds and sea chop. Impressed with its stability and comfort. For fishing I bought a "milk crate" which fits perfectly in the tank well. I used cable ties to fasten a pole holder to the crate...$5 and I'm set to go fishing. Seat stays nice and dry and I liked being able to stretch my legs. Very happy with the P13.

My name is Chrystal Murray…

Submitted by: paddler230952 on 2/18/2005
My name is Chrystal Murray and I am a paddle-fishing guide in west central Florida.

I have been guiding out of a Prowler 13 since October and really like it. There's plenty of space in both the front hatch and tankwell. Both the cockpit and tankwell are the same size in the 13 as in the 15. Both kayaks have the same 450lb. weight capacity too.

Though the 13 only weighs two pounds less than the 15 it is much less mass of boat to lift on and off a vehicle when alone as well as easier to store. The kayak was a wedding gift from my husband. He thought it would be more suitable for me to handle by myself than the 15, and it is!

The 13 is stable enough for me to stand up on without the pontoons though I do use those for drifting the flats on windy days. It is seaworthy offshore as well and I won't hesitate to use it off the beach this season for triple digit tarpon. Both kayaks have an angled bow entry along with the built in skeg which minimizes weather cocking and so track tremendously straight when paddling against the tide coupled with wind from the side.

Because of the additional length of the 15, a charter guest who has never paddled before will always be paddling a little faster in the 15 than me by the end of the day.

BTW, the first fish out of the new kayak was a tarpon. I took that as an omen that it was meant to be mine!


As great as the bigger…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/27/2005
As great as the bigger Prowler is, it looks like OK went to school on that one and made some refinements here. While OK is obviously evolving their designs, it's good to see they're retaining rigid, durable hulls and decent hardware. I'm not a fan of the cost-cutter boats. The hull performs well. It's stable and plenty fast for a 13' boat with a 28" beam. Handles the rough stuff near shore with little problem. Easily gets you back in and around the stumps of the backwaters. While it's beamy, the entry is somewhat sharp and hull slap isn't too bad.

The layout is great. You have grab handles fore and aft, as well as on each side. There are paddle holders that let you go hands-free and a deck line, should a lunker yank you over the edge. The forward hatch is of good size. It's a hard cap over a neoprene cap. The inner cap is a tight fit, so you have less to worry about in the heavy stuff. The console consists of a 6" hatch, two cup holders and a tackle box recess with bungee cord. Can't ask for more than that. Even the base model comes with this, plus the seat, which is a bit unusual.

While some brands seem to see how little they can give you, this model strives to see how much. It rides pretty high and dry, especially if you're used to fishing from a Scrambler or other cousin. The aft well is cavernous and has quick release bungee cords. The footwell is long and the seatwell wide, so it takes on all comers.

While it appears to be designed as a fishing rig, I'd say it's retained enough speed to make it a very attractive all-round boat. Someone put some thought into what we like to carry and how, and it's panned out in a great design. Very few boats bring together superb design, materials and quality. This one comes real close. I'm guessing that this will be a very hot boat among those who can tell the difference, so I wouldn't expect to see much discounting.

Prowler 13 Angler

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