Name: TroyOH

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Mine is the RX model and is a pure joy at 57 pounds. Tracks true and glides easy. There is nothing negative that can be said about this canoe.Made in 1992 and expect it will still be going strong for many years.

If you are used to a regular canoe this will be a learning curve and pleasant surprise at the same time. At first it feels a little tippy but as you get used to the narrower design you will love the manuverability not to mention the speed. Works best with a kayak paddle as you set a little deep for a regular canoe paddle. Highly recommend this canoe.

This was my first fishing kayak. For the price it has a lot of nice features. I am 6 foot and 300 pounds and can stand and paddle or cast. My only complaint would be that the plastic seems a bit softer than my others.

This is a great kayak if you are a bigger person. I am 6 foot 300 pounds and this kayak is very stable. The drop down skeg makes it track well in current and wind. I would recommend this yak to anyone.

I don't have much positive to say about this kayak. The color scheme is nice is probably it. This may as well be a bathtub. They claim a high weight rating but the foot wells fill completely and the back gets about 2 inches of water with me in it. My wife who is not a big gal won't even use it because how wet the ride is.

I bought this kayak for my wife. She loves it and says that it is very comfortable. It doesn't fair well in current or wind as it gets pushed around, but is fairly quick.

Best fishing boat/kayak I have used. Very stable and hauls like a barge. It isn't fast but it's not hard to paddle for this big of a yak. Easily stand and paddle or cast. Want to go swimming no problem. You can climb over the side to get back in and all the water goes right out the scuppers.

This is a very nice canoe for the price point. Having seat backs right from the factory is nice. It tracks nicely and has decent speed. I would recommend this canoe.