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Name: kayakMike

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I purchased my Fathom LV from the good people at Sweetwater Kayaks in St. Pete in May of 2008 and have paddled both on freshwater rivers (the Silver River being my favorite), Tampa Bay and the Gulf of Mexico several times. This boat gets sweeter as my sea kayaking skills improve. Last weekend I paddled inside Mullet Key, Ft. DeSoto, at the mouth of Tampa Bay, practicing directional control, edging and bracing and didn't even bother utilizing the smooth operating skeg when the wind picked up and changed direction. Blue/green water over the bow and spray in my face and I loved every minute of it, heading into the wind didn't seem to slow me down at all.

I do quality inspections and have trained several others for a major corporation and I know quality when I see it and the Eddyline boats have it. The hardest decision I had to make was deciding between the Fathom LV and the Nighthawk 16 because they are both awesome kayaks. Some day I'll have a Nighthawk too.

I've had my new Tampico 140 out several times including a paddle out to Anclote Key and was very impressed with both it's speed and tracking, as well as they way it handled 2' seas. I consider the Tampico 140 my training wheels for learning and developing the essentials needed for open water kayaking. The cockpit fits me like a glove. The seat was a little uncomfortable after a few hours, but I bought a Skwoosh cushion and that did the trick. I'm 5'8", 180 lbs. and 55 years young and plan on paddling my 140 all over Tampa Bay and the Gulf coast for a long time, even after I purchase a 16' or 17' sea kayak. Can't beat it for the money, period.

Purchased a P13 a month or so ago after testing out several kayaks at a demo. The P13 was my final choice, mainly due to the fact that Crystal Murray, who was at the demo, is a fishing guide and regularly uses and highly recommended the P13. I've stalked gators on lakes and rivers (to photograph them) and am impressed with how close I can get to wildlife due to the P13's hull being so quiet. Fished under the bridge at Clearwater Pass and found the P13 to handle the windwaves and current very well. A Coast Gaurd cutter came under the bridge heading out into the Gulf in a hurry and sent some 3' wake waves my way. The P13 handled them very well, much to my relief. My P13's rigged for fishing and I'm very happy with the layout and rigging. Would highly recommend the P13 for both recreational and fishing uses. Very good design.