Name: Kayuke

Most Recent Reviews

I got this boat for $600 at a closeout in Ferndale, Washington when the factory moved away. It came with a rudder and leg straps, both highly recommended! Although the boat was nicknamed the big bannana cause it was slow (2mph hull speed) and yellow, it did serve well on many trips in the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound, and lakes. It had plenty of cargo space, enough for a big cooler, in addition to a sizable front hatch. In 2-3 waves the boat will noticeably flex so it there's a lot of efficiency lost, but as an extra boat it served it purpose perfectly. It has no problem carrying overnight gear for a camping trip. The anchor kit also was excellent, which made lake lounging and positioning the boat towards the sun easy.

I got this boat used for $400. For that price it's a steal. Its hull speed is about 4ish mph. It's very stable. I used a sealskin spray skirt with it and learned to roll it in my local community pool. It's been all over the San Juan Islands, 25 miles covered in one day. Plenty of space to hold a weeks worth of camping. Rudder and foot pedals work well, but I only use them in waves and wind. I did have to repair the seal on the bulkheads and they're still not watertight. However for moderate conditions, it's been a great boat.

My partner shelled out close to $1600 for this boat. It's been worth it. The pedal drive is outstanding. We upgraded to a larger rudder and turbo ST fins. It carries camping gear with ease. The plastic it's made of is stiff and doesn't flex as much as other plastic boats. I got the 11' sail kit and made a furling rig. On very few occasions, when the wind has been about 10 mph and in the right direction, it's been a huge energy saver. I've been able to find parts (rudder cotter pin, bungee, mesh pockets) easily online. I've been in 3-4 foot waves/tide rips with it and you definitely want your paddle out to help brace. The sit on top rides higher and makes tipping easier, but I've never fallen out. I use a dry suit. The sit on top is great to jump off, cool down, and hop back in. It's great not having to bail water. The boat has been in use for 13 years and the mirage drive is still going strong.