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Name: CoosaRiverCat

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I have owned the Kingfish for over a year now and will keep it until it sinks. I use it for large creek fishing and it is great. For the larger rivers I use my Prowler. The king fish is very easy to fish out of and I am letting my grandson learn river fishing in it. I also use it as a loaner for friends to use. For the money and as a beginners kayak it is good.

I bought the Prowler 13 on the advice of several prowler owners and I am not disappointed at all. I am a big man, 6'1" tall and 270 lbs. I found the Prowler 13 to be stable, fast and maneuverable. My first big river trip was a 12 mile jaunt with several class 1 and 2 rapids .The Prowler handled them with ease, even with a kayak rookie at the helm. I would recommend the Prowler 13 to anyone.