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Name: scotchmon

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Decent SOT for the money. I'm impressed with the recessed deck fittings, although there are a couple regular pad eyes used. I've ordered a pair of thigh straps, since accustomed to decked(sea and whitewater) kayaks, I miss not being more connected to the boat, and feel some power of paddle strokes is lost without the connection, and edging will be improved also.

I found the flat spot fore of the day hatch perfect to mount a Vexilar flasher, routing the transducer cable to pass under the comfortable seat and back to the designated scupper hole in the rear gear well. I also have installed a YakGear anchor trolley, and will need to add pad eyes/ bungee cord on the bow for carrying a spare paddle. All said, it should be quite the fishing kayak, and half the fun is rigging it! Hull speed is good for a 13' boat, and carry weight is decent and balanced.

Overall I'm very satisfied with the Prowler 13. Nine of 10, cause' nothing is perfect.