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Name: Roland58

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The Prowler 13 is my first yak, in fact, my first paddle craft of any kind. Went out on a creamed coffee colored river in NE Texas surrounded by an abundance of very large snakes, most of which I believed to be cotton mouths.....spooky!

I did great going up river against the current, but, coming back I lost it twice. Both instances were my fault for not reading the current properly and setting up for a chicane early enough. Thank God I was with someone, as I got pinned against a fallen tree that flipped my yak and dumped me.....I was stuck, but, did manage to right the yak. My buddy threw me a rope and pulled me to shore. The next dump was from hitting a low lying bunch of limbs that wiped me off the yak. I was able to get myself back in, quickly, since I had concern about the snakes! Total trip was about 5 miles. I found out I am NOT 20 years old anymore! This 70 yr. old man was totally wore out from head to limited amount of remaining hair hurt! After two days of recovery, I'm ready to go again and this next trip will include some fly fishing!

I love my Prowler. I did place some industrial strength Velcro under the seat to keep it from slipping forward. Were it not for that, I would have given it a 10. I guess it is a 10 now, if the Velcro works out!