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This is one of the most versatile canoes available. It comes set up to paddle solo but can also be used as a tandem. It's size allows for carrying all the gear needed for extended camping trips and or hunting/fishing trips to. Due to it's length it's a little slow to turn the sides height catches the wind but that's the price you pay for all that versatility. The weight is about as heavy as one person can handle. For some their newer Wilderness might be the better choice particularly if you don't need or want the ability to use it tandem. Good stability, speed and comfort.

A local dealer had a leftover at a good price so I bought it after a test paddle.At the time I had a longer boat but I wanted something I could just toss in the PU bed instead of dealing with roof hauling.At first I really liked it but I found that after a couple hours my back got sore. I tried everything I could as far as seat adjustment goes but the size/shape of the seat area was simply way to big for someone my size. Nonetheless, this boat would be a great choice for someone large enough to fit it properly.

For it's length-width I was very surprised how easily it paddled and it has good speed to. Like many of Oceans older designs there's a good bit of rocker fore and aft. That's sadly lacking in most boats these days. I guess they're trying to squeeze as much speed out as they can. A mistake if you paddle big waters or where big wakes can be an issue.

This is another boat Ocean should not have dropped from their line. If you're the right size and find one used it would be well worth trying.

This was the first paddle I ever bought. I still have and use it. For a relatively low cost paddle it's really quite good. Sure there are better, but you'll have to spend a lot more to see any appreciable improvement in performance or weight reduction. It has been discontinued. I would not hesitate to buy or recommend another Aqua-Bound paddle.

I got a sweet deal on one from a forum bud. First time out was on the GSB off LI. This was one of if not the most comfortable kayak's I've ever owned. Really don't even need to add a seat. The boat is very stable but on the slow side. Especially so heading into chop/waves.

Like all Malibu's it has that huge bow hatch that can swallow anything you want to bring. It's a wet ride unless you plug the seat scuppers. Tracks well but there's a fair amount of hull slap. For fishing small to medium lakes it's a good choice. If you don't have to paddle far it's pretty good for salt use to.

I demoed this canoe (Royalex version) a while back along with several other solo canoes. This was one of my favorites. Really good choice for fishing,camping and hunting. Easy to handle in and out of the water. Good stability, speed for boats of this type.

My only gripe is the wood thwart behind the seat rubs against my back. That's easy to correct but you shouldn't have to. I don't see how they missed it during development. Certainly no excuse for not having corrected it by now. Otherwise a really nice canoe.

IMO this is probably the best SOT ever in the 15-16' length range. A lot of thought went in to it's design. There's a lot of things I really like about this boat. It's surprising how stable it is for a 26" width. It has some rocker fore and aft. Rocker is very important when trying to get past waves. It allows you to go up and over rather than slicing right into the wave. It also helps when turning/maneuvering.

The TW is great-not to big/not to small. While not the fastest it's narrow design makes maintaining good speed/glide easier than most boats in this length. Very comfortable for me but the seat width might be to tight for larger folks. Weight is less than others in this class which can be a real issue if you're alone.

Hard to believe Ocean discontinued this one for the second time. I guess the sales just weren't there or they want to push the 15' Prowlers. Anyway the good news is RTM now holds the rights on this one and are selling it as the Tempo. Though I now paddle the Prowler 13 Angler because the shorter length is easier to live with this is still a great boat.

I recently found a great deal on this kayak at ACK,Though I've only had it out a few times I have years of exp with quite a few other kayaks both SOT and SIS. The size of this kayak is near ideal for most uses. Long enough for good speed/glide while allowing good maneuverability and tracking. It's also light enough to allow easy handling out of the water and loading on top as well.

The boat has plenty of stability for relaxed fishing but not so overly stable so as to not allow some leaning for quick maneuvering. The front hatch is big enough to get most anything you want to bring along inside. The smaller center hatch is good for key's or wallet. The TW is big - perhaps to big. I'd prefer it wasn't so deep. If you take some big waves in there that much water/weight could be trouble. I also would have liked it better without the FM rod holders installed. I like to put things where I want them not where someone else thinks things should be. Otherwise I love it.

A real pleasure to paddle and fish from. Anyone looking for a really good fishing kayak in the 13-14'length range should definitely check this one out.

I got mine used off ebay at a good price and picked it up on my way to LI to visit friends and do some fishing.Im very happy with the Tarpon.The speed and glide makes paddeling a breeze.The boat turns pretty well especially considering the 16'length.Turns a little quicker with the rudder and tracks great with or without the rudder deployed.Very stable with a nice dry ride.At first two things had me concerned.The molded seat has a hump in the center and no tankwell.Surprisingly the seat is very comfortable for me but some hate the hump as it causes them back pain.Ive also come to think the large rear hatch has advantages over a TW.You can store gear below without tethering to prevent loss as you do with a TW and access is almost as easy just a bit slower.Lots of folks simply add a crate on back as a substitute but Ive not tried that arraingement yet myself.The front hatch is identical to the rear and will swallow just about anything.They do a great job keeping water out.Neither has let a drop in yet.The flat/forward sloped floor is very comfortable with plenty of leg room.Rigging this yak for fishing is a breeze as the big hatches allow you to easily reach anywhere inside the hull for installation of any accesories you want to add with enough good surfaces topside.With the "possible" exception of the new Hobie Adventure 16' there's no better SOT for fishing out there.I havent had a chance to try the new "i" vewrsion yet.Some say the hull is identical but others say there are slight differences and feel the old hull paddles better.We'll see one of these days but for now I REALLY like this one!

The eX is IMO the finest fishing yak on the market.Track's great and is the most stable yak on the market.Not many 15' yaks turn well but this one does.The speed is also quite good but they have slowed down a bit since Malibu added more plastic.They had a problem with the seat post's cracking.They stopped production till they got everything sorted out but the added material/weight has eaten up some of the speed.Slower than the OK Prowler but not by much.It has more storage space/weight capacity than you'll ever need.The deck layout is the best for mounting accesories.There's quite a few options/packages available from Malibu.I got mine with 4 flush mount rod holders.Two up front,2 behind the seat.The huge bow hatch can swallow anything.It's a "bubble" design and you can actually store stuff within the hatch itself.I also got the large rectangular hatch's right in front of the seat and another just behind the seat.These are great.I can get most of my rods,tackle box,etc in these without having to go up to the bow hatch.Not that that's a problem.The stability allows you to do anything you want without worry of flipping the yak.You can stand in this one.The boat is totally dry.No water comes in any of the scupper's.The TW is huge but not very deep.It has a slight round recess in the bottom for a bucket.Mine has the adjustable straps so nothings going anywhere.Went with the STS high back seat.Very comfortable and came with a zippered pouch on the back and two water bottles/holders.I use the bottle holders for my fly rods.They hold them great but not all fit depending on reel size.All in all an incredible yak.Just plain luxurious is the best way to describe it.If your looking for a big yak(14' or more)this one should be high on your list.Not as easy to deal with as smaller boats but they cant match it's speed or tracking.There's some hull slap but not as bad as the Cobra's.There's a couple that are faster and perhaps a little easier to paddle in chop but they just cant match the eX's "Fishability".Good luck!

I've had the 140 out a few times now and figure it's time to post a review.Like the original,the 140 is an excellent fishing yak.It's increased size and features open the door to touring and camping use as well.This one is quite a bit faster with the same tracking,stability and feel as the original.Surprisingly,it turns just about as well too.The large rear hatch/bulkhead allows you to carry a fair amount of gear nice and dry without worry of loss if you should go over.Very unlikely!Theres a smaller hatch up front but no bulkhead.Kinda dumb but its not to hard to add one if you choose.For now,i just fill most of the bow area with pool noodles tied to the block of foam WS provided.This allows me to still carry rods or whatever inside under the full skirt i bought with the boat if conditions warrent it.WS stayed with the huge CP.I wish they had shortened it some but thats about my only complaint.The hull is flatter than it used to be but the chines are still there.This is good when you float over something.Less chance of tipping over.The upper deck has been lowered and catches less wind.Its also more comfortable when you put your feet up on the deck or hang them over the sides.All in all a great yak and worthy succesor to the original.If,like me,you have/had an original and wondering if its worth the switch.IMO-YES!Everything you love about them is there with some nice improvements.The added speed,and glide alone is worth it.You can really cover some distance in a short time and have a ball enjoying its excellent paddleing characteristics along the way.As a bonus,the new plastic WS is using kept the weight under the std original and about the same as the UL version.The plastic is smooth now without the texturing of the old style.If your looking for the best rec boat on the market.Without question,the Pungo 140 is what you want.