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Name: mjones

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The Tarpon 120 is a versatile yak that tracks wonderfully. It sits high in the water making it great for rough water conditions. I have fished out of the yak with ease. have taken the kayak down smaller white water and it has done everything I would want. Highly recommended!

I use the Aries 12' about every other weekend here lately since the weather has been so nice in Texas, and haven't had a single major problem. It handles great, it's stable, tracks well, and is pretty versatile as I paddle the Leon River and Lake Belton located close Gatesville Texas. The hull storage and deck nets are very useful and I like that it has 4 handles. If you plan on walking it to a shoreline, I'd reccomend buying or building a cart as it is pretty heavy. The only real issue, not huge, is the molded foot pads; they are a little awkward and start causing foot/knee pain after an hour or two. Other than that I believe this to be a great SUP for beginners or if you're trying to save some $$. As always, life outside is great and an Aries 12' SUP is a great way to enjoy a beautiful day on the water. Pros 4 Attached carrying handles Front and back storage areas 2 oar holders I like the color Green Cons Foot/knee pads a bit awkward. Could use larger and heavier duty padding. Water can leak in at the screws for the hatch, but a little tightening and silicone will fix the issue. Usage Used for touring lakes and slow rivers.

The Tarpon 120 is by far one of the smoothest yaks I have used. The dynamics of the yak allow it to cut through the water like a hot knife through butter. Buoyancy of the unit makes it very stable. The yak sits higher out of the water than most other sit on tops, allowing it to track faster. It is a Cadillac compared to many of the other sit on tops I have used.

This is a classic vest. Very comfortable, just slightly less so than the Astral. Not the most durable product out there, but you'd get a few long seasons out of it before it started to fray apart. The adjustable shoulder straps are the vest's biggest flaw: the buckles slip. People seem to come up with home-made fixes for this, but I never found a way to really make the slipping go away and still maintain the adjustability. I ended up just tightening them a lot - like dozens of times a day on the river.

Great kayak for fishing! I've had mine for 5 years and it gets a lot of use. It has great speed, tracking and stability. Handles 3 foot waves and swells with ease. Can't beat the price. It's my best fishing buddy.