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This is my fourth kayak. All have been used exclusively in Missouri rivers to tour with small amounts of fishing. All were above big box store quality and in the 12-13' range. I am 6'2" and 230lbs. Between my weight and provisions for a week out camping a durable bottom in Missouri's rocky rivers is important. The Prowler is as durable as any boat I have had in the past, it's closest rival in durability being Coba kayak . I see a lot of reviews here talking about the speed of the prowler and I have to say it is the slowest of the four kayaks I have owned. It move easy enough and has a sweet spot where you don't have to work too hard to keep up a good speed. It can be paddled faster but the effort doesn't equal the result and it's better to keep up the steady pace in the sweet spot. I expect some of the other reviewers might be sharing their experience with a near empty kayak We go out a week at a time. We pack as light as we can but a weeks food, tent, footprint, first aid sleeping bag, tools and other odds and ends take up three dry bags and a 7 gallon bucket and most everything except the bucket fits below deck in what has been dry storage for me. The Prowler tracks well under power but seems to cross up while coasting more than the other Kayaks I have owned. Not really a problem as it takes a minimum forward movement to keep it on track. The prowler is the safest of all the others too. I have had it on the Missouri and Mississippi rivers and appreciate the security of a kayak this hard to turn over. Even in the tight turns and surprises of the upper Gasconade river where you can find yourself swept into root wads, wood piles and strainers in tight turns and fast water I have found if you sit up straight you will remain on top. A little more effort is needed to power and this boat out jam in a hurry but it is better than my old Perception but not as nimble as the Cobra or Mad River hybrid.It is a lot more boat than they are. The Prowler is the easiest to get in and out of and even a big person can flop their legs over the side and access things behind them without fear of flipping. Not the least bit iffy. As others have mentioned, the seat did not agree with me. I had kept the seat from my early Cobra and moved it to all boats but after 10-12 years it had gotten to the point of no repair. Younger people may not mind the factory seat but a good seat is one of the best investments you will ever make. 100-150 dollars well spent The places where the Prowler out shines the boats from my past make it my favorite of those I have owned. It is a solid all around performer with a quality build and stability of a barge. These observations are based on four years of use, three to four 3-5 day outings a year and assorted day trips. A great kayak for what we do.