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How to Put On a Kayak Sprayskirt

Sprayskirts are made from neoprene and are designed to keep water out of the inside of your kayak so that you …

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The Knives in Our Lives

"Our Readers Write" is a quarterly feature at Its purpose? To showcase letters from the In the…

Tags: In The Sameboat, knives, Reader Responses, Mailbag

The Case for Buying a Used Boat

Are you in the market for a new boat? But is your bank statement saying, "Not now"? Then Tamia suggests you ma…

Tags: In The Sameboat, used gear

Staying Put: Keeping Your Kayak Still

There you are, right where you want to be, within perfect casting distance of that honey hole. But the wind tu…

Tags: Kayak, Fishing, kayak fishing, anchors

Deck Storage

I have found every paddler has their own opinion as to where and how to store gear on the decks of their kayak…

Tags: Kayak, gear, storage

Solo Canoe Sailing

In this video, Dave Rossetter demonstrates how to set up a sailing system in a solo canoe using a pole and a p…

Tags: Video, Canoe, Sailing

What To Wear

When you're out on the water, you have to take into account two important factors — the temperature of t…

Tags: Video, Kayak, Clothing, Canoe, basics

Using A Deck Sling

Many years ago I saw a very simple piece of equipment that I filed away in my memory bank and forgot to retrie…

Tags: Kayak, rescue, gear

Camping Gear Features That Don't Cut It

Dozens of new canoeing and camping products are introduced every year.  Some are honestly useful;  o…

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