14' 6"
Width (in)
Weight (lb)

Saranac 146 Description

The Saranac 146 canoe packs in a ton of features at a great price. The Saranac 146 features rod holders, storage options and storage trays as well as two contoured seats with comfortable seat backs and a center bench seat (perfect for smaller passengers). From bow to stern the Saranac 146 provides versatility while delivering on fun. A great option for families, anglers or casual canoeists looking for a recreational canoe that performs well on the water.

Saranac 146 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Seating Configuration: Solo, Tandem, 3+
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Comfortable contoured seats
  • Center bench seat with storage compartments
  • Molded-in rod holders (bow seat and center)
  • Comfortable molded-in carrying handles (bow and stern) include molded-in flush mounts for rod holder or anchor system

Where to Buy the Saranac 146

Old Town Canoe and Kayak
Saranac 146 Reviews

Read reviews for the Saranac 146 by Old Town Canoe and Kayak as submitted by your fellow paddlers. All of the reviews are created and written by paddlers like you, so be sure to submit your own review and be part of the community!

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Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/22/2022




Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/14/2022




Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/14/2022




Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/10/2022



I have transported this…

Submitted by: KM4POK on 4/22/2021

I have transported this canoe on the roof of my car. I took it out on the river. It handles well. It scratches easily. It is very heavy to manage it by oneself. Very heavy. Difficulties like this lead to innovation.


For the price ($525 after 10%…

Submitted by: paddler871350 on 9/9/2020
For the price ($525 after 10% off on a Dick's program and additional comp. for a small, cosmetic issue), I think it was a steal. At full price it also seems to offer a real value. It's solid, lightweight, and most importantly for me, is super stable (Full disclosure; I didn't want a canoe because my lasting, though dated, impression of them was as slow, unstable, campground props...my wife made the call). I'm guessing it gives up some speed and maneuverability due to its probably relatively wider beam, but for us this is serving duty as a lake barge (worth mentioning that the lake is 1000 acres, so there is some trust involved)... it also doesn't stand out to me as exceedingly slow. It's got a roomy feel and performed well in some light to medium chop in a 12-15 or so kt breeze. People have mentioned the crimping issues, though I don't think that is something that develops, ours came like that and it could well be done to increase strength, much like beer cans are crimped. Of course it could also be due to a design process that cuts a few corners, but either way it has yet to affect me. I find the folding seats comfortable and convenient and the center bench and storage area very well thought out. The rod holders could have been done with maybe a bit more ambition (they're just holes, with no apparent way to stabilize the rod...mine was flapping a bit around in the chop). Bottom line: so far so good. I enjoy using it and it's exactly what we were looking for (I can't imagine there is a better value out there). I've overcome my canoe bias and believe I will enjoy it more by using a kayak paddle.

I dot have a ton of canoe…

Submitted by: HappyLittleTrees on 5/5/2020
I dot have a ton of canoe experience to base this review on, so for a beginner this thing is awesome!!! We can fit my wife and I, the dog, and an ice chest with drinks. The seats are fantastic too. We just kick back in the middle of the lake and relax.

Excellent entry level budget…

Submitted by: seanmessamore on 3/16/2020
Excellent entry level budget friendly family canoe. can seat 3 comfortably. 2 rod holders, 1 waterproof hatch, 1 bench with storage. two thumbs way up.

I have only had my new…

Submitted by: paddler501427 on 4/22/2019

I have only had my new Saranac 146 for a few weeks, currently storing it upside down on two sawhorses. I agree this is a nice tandem canoe but concur with another reviewer who noted the warping on the boat bottom. Yuk! Looks bad for a new purchase.


We bought this canoe with…

Submitted by: Alesbrook on 6/18/2018

We bought this canoe with the idea that it would be used on slow flat water as a recreational boat for children and adults. This boat has met all of our expectations. This boat has seats with the folding backrest and a center bench with built in storage instead of a yolk. These features would be cumbersome on a long tour but are quite nice to have for the recreational use we put this boat through. Great buy for just putting around the lake and dropping a fishing line or two.


Purchased this canoe due to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/31/2018

Purchased this canoe due to all of the positive reviews. In general I am satisfied with the canoe, it is stable and comfortable to ride in. It does scratch easily but seems pretty durable. My wife and I do a lot of fishing in it and it works well for this. The only complaint I have is with the bottom of the canoe, the floor between the seats has warped badly. It doesn't seem to affect the performance but it does look bad. Several people have commented on it and said it may be a defect in it. I contacted Old Town and sent pictures but never received a reply. In general it seems to be a good canoe but I wouldn't recommend it to anybody.


Great choice

Submitted by: mcoutten on 4/24/2017

I did lots of research before buying. We are a family of 3, 2 of which are in our 60's so we needed something comfortable. Bought ours from Austin Kayak and love it. Have mainly used it on local rivers and lakes but it is very stable and bought an Old Town Canoe SitBacker for the middle and our daughter is very comfortable. Bought 3 Bending Branches bent canoe paddles and what an overall perfect purchase.


Saranac 146 is a hot rod.

Submitted by: Facklerrebel on 12/13/2016

Well my movie making son came in for a visit in late September from Los Angeles. We did our normal thing and hit the Flint River. Now that it is his canoe, he sits in the rear with the kayak paddle and I am up front with the single blade. He has one of the lastest GoPro's and shot some excellent video. I am amazed at how much speed this canoe makes with so little effort. We put some scrapes on her, but had a perfect day, in perfect weather for September 28, in North Alabama. We even spotted a cave and stopped and did some spelunking. Just a perfect day, out of the river with my son. Just doesn't get any better. Oh yes, still easy to clean up, cause we never put her up dirty.


This is a very nice canoe for…

Submitted by: TroyOH on 9/6/2016
This is a very nice canoe for the price point. Having seat backs right from the factory is nice. It tracks nicely and has decent speed. I would recommend this canoe.

We have 2 of the Old Town…

Submitted by: Bienemann5 on 8/10/2016

We have 2 of the Old Town Saranac 146 canoes and we absolutely love them. They have been perfect for our family of 5. The seats with the folding backs are a great feature. They provide that needed support when out on the water for hours, and then fold down for easy hauling and storing. We also like the molded spots by both seats, as well as the closable storage space and water tight storage space, both in the middle. There is even plenty of room in these canoes for a cooler with food and drinks, and some light fishing tackle. The material and overall construction is sturdy and sound. We have not encountered any defects.

I rated these canoes a 10, however there is one thing I don't like about them. This is the weight, which I knew before buying. They are big and ackward canoes out of the water, which makes it difficult for one person to load/unload on a vehicle or storage.

Overall, my wife and I are 100% satisfied with our purchase and the quality of the canoes. They have provided many hours of enjoyable family time.

I strongly recommend this canoe to anyone in the market for one!


Great canoe! I have had it…

Submitted by: dsa2402 on 8/8/2016
Great canoe! I have had it for 4 years now and it is still in great shape. The seats are very comfortable. Lots of room for extra gear or riders. The dry storage is a great feature for keys and phones. Great for fishing as well with the built in rod holders. A little heavy, but is pretty easy to handle with two people. Highly recommend!

Got to use this canoe on a…

Submitted by: sapperjoe85 on 8/2/2016
Got to use this canoe on a family vacation recently and enjoyed it very much. It was very responsive even with two grown men and our tackle. Even when moving around to either reach for something or wrangling a nice bass this boat felt very stable. The seats were very nice and comfortable and the back rest made a huge difference. The dry box in the middle seat was nice and big enough. It held two phones and two sets of keys with room to spare. I personally am not a fan of the middle seat but I can see where it serves a purpose. I wouldn't recommend this canoe for much more then fishing, one day trips or just a one nighter.

Bought this canoe from…

Submitted by: paddler236943 on 7/13/2016

Bought this canoe from Dick's in the spring of 2013. Got a discount since some of the rivets in the front had popped out (easy fix). The canoe is easy to handle to load and unload (I can load and unload solo from the back of a pickup).

This canoe is very stable when not overloaded. On an early excursion we ended up facing 30 mph head winds and had no issues with stability.

The canoe has held up well over the last 3 years with only cosmetic scratches.


Love our new canoe! After 2…

Submitted by: paddler236934 on 7/11/2016
Love our new canoe! After 2 years of fishing from the dock, and watching all the boats on the lake, we finally decided to buy a 2 person fishing canoe. It was the Best decision we made! We had to travel 2 hours to pick up our Amazing Old Town Canoe. Our 1st day on the lake we had our local newspaper get a picture of us fishing & put it in the paper the next day. We couldn't believe it. We are having the Best Bonding time on our new canoe! Its our new favorite thing to do!

Just bought this boat and…

Submitted by: micmor on 6/22/2016
Just bought this boat and have taken it out on a lake a couple times. It tracks well, and is easy to paddle. Good stability and just a good basic boat. I do miss the portage yoke I had on my discovery, but that is my biggest complaint so far. Just a heads up, the center cooler popped open and hit the roof of the car with a loud bang and scared me, but caused no damage. Strapping it closed will prevent that. Oh, and the seats... never had a canoe with padded seats and a backrest before, I am spoiled now.

I had been researching for a…

Submitted by: paddler236882 on 6/20/2016

I had been researching for a month and tested an Old Town Next before picking up the Saranac 146 2 weeks ago. I wanted something that was stable enough for me and my 6 yr old boy, plus cooler. The Next was fun and fast with just me but a little tippy I felt for a novice my size 6'2" 260. Plus I had no room for him. I read some reviews on here and the Saranac caught me eye. Especially on sale! Dicks had a great advertised price but none in stock, so I emailed our local bass pro manager and he agreed to price match reluctantly! I got out the door with tax for $503. And at that price I feel like it was a steal.

Nimble for a canoe
Fits well on my wife's 4Runner and my truck with a hitch extender.
Back rests!  I have a bad lower back and these seats are 10x more comfortable than they appear.
Love the storage and middle seat
Stable, again
Too heavy for me to carry or load by myself with risk of back injury
Easy to scratch.  I know it's cosmetic
 and just accepted that is what they are meant for.
Oil cans/flexes on the floor.  I felt it had a tendency to flatten out while on the water and off.
Some decals were sloppily applied, air bubbles.  Minor issue

That's about as critical as I can be after 2 trips on the slow moving North Canadian River. We went with several friends in old Grumman aluminum and a Coleman Scanoe. They were both jealous of our backrests and easy paddling nature (double end kayak) with just me in the back working and my wife in the front seat and kid & cooler in the middle. We scratched it up pretty good on some low water sandstone drop offs. But oh well. We plan on using it for many more family trips and may get something more sporty for the kids as they get older. I fish out of a bigger boat usually so that wasn't a priority for me, but I don't think I would be comfortable standing in this one. This is as critical as I can be, so 8+. Wish it was lighter/more durable and finish quality but overall I would recommend without hesitation for slow current and flat water adventures.


My husband and I rented the…

Submitted by: paddler236832 on 6/6/2016
My husband and I rented the Old Town Saranac Canoe when we were on vacation in Bar Harbor. We loved it! So easy to steer and maneuver and the seats are so very comfortable too! Love the adjustable backs on them. After renting one twice we decide to start to look for one to purchase. We haven't gotten one yet but hope to soon!

Great canoe! Awesome for two…

Submitted by: sross on 5/31/2016
Great canoe! Awesome for two adults, even better with one person and gear for camping. Very comfortable and stable with good tracking. Durable and spacious with many amenities include drink holders, rod holders and seat in the middle for small child or mans best friend.

The wife and I bought our…

Submitted by: Denny on 5/31/2016
The wife and I bought our Saranac 146 three years ago when we started canoeing. The polyethylene boat is easy to put on the truck and to carry to the river. This was the first old town canoe in our canoe group and everyone was asking about it and how we liked the fold down seats. They sit down low so this helps with balance and we have never tipped over going down the rivers yet. Some in our group liked it so much they bought their own and we now have 5 Saranacs in our party. That tells you a lot right there. Took it out last week and did a camp over by the river and it carried our gear, and the wife and I, with no problems.

I used the Old Town Saranac…

Submitted by: DRPOOL on 5/4/2016
I used the Old Town Saranac 146 canoe on Sheridan Lake in South Dakota with my son. We spent the entire day on the water. The Saranac was comfortable & tracked well in the water. Overall it is a sturdy, comfortable canoe that is tracks well.

This is a great family…

Submitted by: paddler236722 on 4/27/2016
This is a great family recreational and fishing canoe for lakes and ponds. It has adjustable seat backs so it is comfortable for us older folks. I put a 30 lb/thrust minn kota to ease up my fishing activities and to deal with the windy conditions that are prevalent where I live. This is the third canoe I have owned, the other two I just plain wore out.

My wife and I purchased the…

Submitted by: wstilton on 1/6/2016
My wife and I purchased the Saranac 146 canoe last summer. We use it in ponds and lakes for site seeing, fishing, and pleasure cruises. It tracks great and is very stable in windy and storm conditions. We are very happy with the purchase. If you're in the market for a nice all-around comfortable, stable, and inexpensive canoe make sure you give this one a look. It's a chore for 1 person to load but easy for 2.

Well I gave the Saranac 146…

Submitted by: Facklerrebel on 12/29/2015
Well I gave the Saranac 146 to my son, holding it for him in North Alabama for the time being, he is working in LA. We had a good run in it when he came home for Christmas - son sitting in the back with a double blade oar, me up front chilling. Way fast and easy to turn, we thought. Way easier to clean up than the Mad River and slicker in the water. Really impressed.

People reporting about bottom sway issues, as long as it doesn't leak, we are happy. Continue to be impressed with this canoe, in comparison to the Mad River Adventure 16, I owned for 6 years prior. Ain't canoeing great?


I used this canoe with my son…

Submitted by: DRPOOL on 10/15/2015
I used this canoe with my son on a small lake in South Dakota. It was stable & tracked well. The seats were very comfortable even after canoeing for 8 hours.

Recently sold my Mad River…

Submitted by: Facklerrebel on 10/15/2015
Recently sold my Mad River Adventure 16 as I am 65 and felt the length and width were getting too much for the old bod. Got over not having my Harley but could not get over not having the canoe. So I went full circle, back to my Scout days, and bought a Old Town Saranac 146. Took it out this morning. Still a handful to load by myself, but I did. Found a good launch point and started upstream. The water was low in places but fast, which made for a good workout.

I found the Saranac to be more responsive than the Mad River and easier to get "up to speed". My double blade kayak paddle actually works better as the Saranac is closer to the water and not as wide.
All in all for 499 dollars, I would say I choose wisely.


I bought this canoe several…

Submitted by: paddler236562 on 10/13/2015
I bought this canoe several years ago and found that it works great in both calm and rough water. I have found myself caught in rough lake water due to storms and it handled big swells very well. The high freeboard made it comfortable in rough water and I stayed dry. It's fairly lightweight, 75 pounds, makes it easy to carry with two folks and even one person, if you are not moving it too far. It's just a great all around canoe.

Bought a Saranac 146 a week…

Submitted by: Bohemy68 on 9/30/2015
Bought a Saranac 146 a week before we went on a float trip down the Namekagon River in Wisconsin. It handled the small to medium rapids with ease. Being the only canoe with 5 kayaks my SS Sara was the barge for all the large gear. Yes we bottomed several times on the rocky bars but no huge gouges. The Scouts who took turns at the bow loved the adjustable seat. One reason not a 10 rating is that the mechanism to hold the adjustment cord was fastened with pop rivets that came loose on the 3rd day. I have since drilled out the pop rivets and reinstalled with stainless steel bolts. I have been reading for solutions to the bottom warping up between the seats. Does Old Town have a solution? I do love this boat. Great for solo canoeing while sitting on the middle seat as I use a kayak paddle.

The Old Town Saranac 146 is…

Submitted by: blakefallin on 9/16/2015
The Old Town Saranac 146 is probably the best canoe for the money on the market. There are better canoes out there, but if your looking for a good quality canoe that is not going to break the bank, this is it! It is not as fast and does not track as well as its counterpart, the Mad River Adventure, but tracks well enough. Between the two canoes the Saranac is much more stable, and has more storage, and seating than the Mad River. The Mad River is a great boat as well, but since I was planning on using this with the wife and two small kids, the Saranac was the better choice. I"ve had the Saranac for two years now and had my wife, 5 year old and two year old in the canoe comfortably, and have not had the slightest fear of tipping over yet. The canoe is also very durable as we have had some pretty hard hits on rocks with no damage to the canoe. If your looking for a great, economical, family canoe this is the canoe you want.

We purchased our Old Town…

Submitted by: paddler236518 on 9/14/2015
We purchased our Old Town Saranac 146 over a year ago. We have never been happier. We use ours in the inter-coastal waterways and the bays in and around Tampa Bay. This is the most stable canoes we tried, which ultimately made our decision to purchase that much easier.

If we had to do it all over again, we choose the Old Town Saranac 146 again, without hesitation.


I bought the Saranac 146…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/3/2015
I bought the Saranac 146 after narrowing my choice between it and the Mad River Explorer 14. I liked the looks of the Mad River better but the Saranac offered more space inside. Once I sat in both of them the decision was made. The Saranac seats were much more comfortable and durable feeling. We have used the Saranac for several months now and love it.

It tracks well and paddles easy with two persons (not bad with a single either). Price was great too! Only drawback is the weight when loading it on top my Jeep by myself. If it were 20 lbs lighter it would be the perfect canoe.


I canoed a lot growing up in…

Submitted by: tommynax1 on 8/27/2015
I canoed a lot growing up in southern Mississippi; on lakes, rivers, bayous and out to the barrier islands in the Gulf, but always in an old kneeling only aluminum hand-me-down from my uncle. After 2 back surgeries, I was a little apprehensive about getting back in a canoe at all. That is until a co-worker of mine introduced me to the Old Town Saranac 146. The seats and seat backs are incredible. I can stay in this canoe all day without the slightest strain on my back. Since I have bought my own, I've only missed one weekend on the water.

The amenities included; rod holders, drink holders, dry storage, carry handles, and the list goes on and on, make this canoe a value by themselves but add the comfort and it becomes a dream come true! Despite it's weight; 79lbs, this canoe is highly manageable loading and unloading with one person. Now this 48yr old is feeling like a kid again in the lakes, rivers and bayous of southeast Texas. See Y'all on the water!


Great Canoe. Easy to handle…

Submitted by: michmic56 on 8/6/2015
Great Canoe. Easy to handle and fits well on top of my car. But be sure to tightly secure the middle storage hatch lid and the seat backs if you transport it on your car roof. We found that the wind catches those and can cause a lot of drag on the vehicle. Also, the hatch lid almost flew off. Other than that, It's just the right size for us now that our kids are grown. It is a little heavier than I expected but not anything we can't handle.

I picked this Old Towne…

Submitted by: paddler236392 on 7/28/2015
I picked this Old Towne Saranac 146 canoe up on sale for a father's day gift to my dad. It was a replacement for a 17ft Coleman we had been using for nearly 30 years. We instantly wished we would have done that 30 years ago. This boat is light-weight, fast in the water, well-equipped and comfortable.

The contoured seats with the adjustable back-rests make a world of difference. We have now taken the boat out on a couple of fishing trips that went beyond 6 hours and never once got uncomfortable. With the old boat, about 2 hours and you were ready to get out and swim. This boat also has nearly everything you need built in. It has storage for small items, back-rests, cup holders, and rod-holders already in the boat. You don't need to bring a bunch of accessories to add on to the boat. You can even put a little ice in the center seat/console and use it as a cooler so you don't even need that.

Functionally, this boat is phenomenal. Only a couple of minor things that I would improve upon. The small hatch in the center console does get water in it. The water appears to come in through the latch part of the lid as the paddle drips on it. It isn't a lot of water, but enough to ruin a cell phone, so a water-proof container is a must have for valuables. The other thing is the cords that adjust the seats have nowhere to store the cord when transporting. This means that we end up having to tie the extra cord around the seat when it is folded so we can load it on top of the truck for transport. An extra latch or loop somewhere near the seat would be a great addition to give a quick tie-point for the cord when transporting.

I would definitely recommend this boat to others as a good boat for nearly any activity on flat or slow water.


A lot of reviewers mention…

Submitted by: paddler236374 on 7/17/2015
A lot of reviewers mention this being a great "first" canoe. However, I had two other "more expensive" canoes and needed a third for extended family river trips. Quite honestly I bought it due to the price. We are all more than pleasantly surprised! All the kids ask for this canoe first. It is tough and fun, not to mention comfortable for us older paddlers.

Recently purchased my 2nd of…

Submitted by: johnnybishop on 7/16/2015
Recently purchased my 2nd of this model and I am just as pleased with this one as I was with the last. The dry hatch is improved on the new one. It is a very stable boat, If I am solo I can stand up and cast a throw net out of it. I use it mainly in creeks and slow rivers and occasionally a lake. Love this canoe and would recommend it to anyone.

I purchased the Old Town…

Submitted by: paddler236325 on 7/2/2015
I purchased the Old Town Saranac 146 this spring. It is the first canoe I have bought new and we really like it. It is stable and easy to steer has three seats with plenty of room and two seats are padded with folding seat backs. I would prefer that the dry storage be a little larger but that is about all I would change.

I got this canoe at Dunham's…

Submitted by: benroe1000 on 6/30/2015
I got this canoe at Dunham's on closeout. It had been stored outside and the hull was canned. I put a couple of 1x4's in the bottom, ran under all three seats to flatten it out. They worked great.

I've had this canoe out on my lake, in the river several times, drug it down embankments, bounced it off rocks in low water, the thing is just plain tough. It also makes a great fishing platform. It's not a lightweight with all the seats in, but paddles well. The seats are made out of some super tough nylon type plastic, very heavy, but you can drill through them to make bungee holes to strap tons of gear in this canoe. You can also take the middle out for even more room. The seats are very comfortable, and have held up to my 300lb girth very well this season. This canoe seems to end up as the pack mule on our most recent trips, and handles that feat nicely.

I would recommend this canoe to anyone getting started into paddling, as it is durable, very comfortable, and paddles reasonably well.


Great features for great…

Submitted by: paddler236230 on 5/18/2015
Great features for great price. MSRP $649. $499 at Dick's. GOT mine at Academy for $399. Handles well and easy to transport.

This is actually our second…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 5/15/2015
This is actually our second canoe. It replaced a 14' Coleman Scanoe. It's very stable and tracks well. The seating is very comfortable. And, I'm quite happy with the storage. The one downside so far, it catches a lot of air when you encounter a crosswind. But, I find it a minor issue. So far, we've only had it on lakes. Looking forward to our first river trip with it.

It's very comfortable. Easy to transport. All in all, it's a great value. I would definitely recommend it.


This is my first ever canoe…

Submitted by: paddler236217 on 5/11/2015
This is my first ever canoe purchase (04/01/15) and got it from Dick's on sale for $499. It was their last one and had my name on it. The staff was very helpful and had it pulled up to the front the day before I got there.

It is very stable and tracks fairly straight. I have paddled in Grapevine Lake by myself into a strong headwind just fine. But it does catch a lot of wind if turned sideways when alone. I probably just need to put some weight in the front when paddling solo. I have gone twice with another person and once by myself.

I like the built in storage and the seats are comfortable and I have lower back problems but it is comfortable and the bottom of the seat has a nice cushion built in.

I was going to purchase a Kevlar canoe which is lighter, but at 79 lbs, I can shove it in the back of my truck with the little red flag by myself, no problem. I am 60 years old, but in good shape, 195 lbs, 6' 1" and fit in this just fine. I was concerned that it was not a 16 footer, but there is plenty of room in front of me. I can stretch my legs out all the way and lean back in the adjustable seat. But, you can't turn around is the only thing, but overall that does not matter much.

My next thing is to go fishing but I expect no problems with stability. I have tried several times leaning to the limit to see what it would do when coming close to turning over and it feels very stable.

You can't go wrong with this canoe for $499 or even $599.


A great entry level canoe,…

Submitted by: poika44 on 9/4/2014
A great entry level canoe, very affordable, durable, and stable. Easy to maneuver on flat water, not too heavy so it is easy to transport, it has user-friendly features like carry handles, pole holders, water bottle holders and seat storage compartments, making it even more versatile for the recreational paddler. Molded seats and seat backs are very comfortable, but prevent turning around comfortably in the seat. Fun for two or three, but not conducive to use by a single paddler.

This is a great canoe. Super…

Submitted by: Flannepe on 9/2/2014
This is a great canoe. Super stable. Bought it to fish and float down the rivers. It's a bit of a tank to get moving but it steers really easily. No problems through the small rapids.

It is hard to move by yourself. Not that it's heavy. Without a thwart its awkward it pick up. The best part is the seats. They are so comfortable. We went on a two day 20 mile fishing trip down a rocky swift river and my back did not hurt at all. Also it's super tough. The river was rocky and the water was a little low and the canoe just got some minor scratches that you would expect. We tagged some rocks on the bottom of it that would have given an aluminum boat a serious dent. All I found when we pulled out were minor scratches. It's slow to move but super stable which makes it perfect for fishing. No problem landing any of the fish we caught.

Over all it's a great boat.


Very satisfied with this…

Submitted by: paddler235887 on 8/27/2014
Very satisfied with this canoe. I did have an issue with a seat part breaking but the customer service was great and I had the parts in 4 Days. Very stable and it handles well. I've had a coleman 15' canoe and a browning 17' canoe and now that I'm older I needed something more lightweight and easier to handle. Good canoe.

First canoe purchase. Was…

Submitted by: paddler235872 on 8/22/2014
First canoe purchase. Was looking for an all purpose canoe for fishing & pleasure. The Saranac offered the best of both. Adjustable folding back rest seats, cup holders, rod holders, and two storage compartments. The canoe is well made, lite weight, and stable in the water. Overall a great canoe for the money. Would highly recommend this canoe.

We bought the Old Town…

Submitted by: Russ on 8/20/2014
We bought the Old Town Saranac 146 XT canoe several years ago as an inexpensive, beginners canoe. Being frustrated by the lack of rentals while camping, we chose this canoe because of price and size. My wife and I are near retirement, and we wanted a canoe we could load easily. It has been stable and comfortable while paddling. We canoe protected, small lakes, ponds or lagoons.

I purchased the Old Town…

Submitted by: zurmilpad on 8/19/2014
I purchased the Old Town Saranac 14-6 this summer to use primarily for lake canoeing. I owned a wood/canvas 17 foot Old Town canoe in my "youth" and spent many enjoyable hours in it. It is now many years later and I wanted to again enjoy the relaxation and peace that comes with canoeing.

The new canoe has been great. It tracks well with either one or two on board. It is very stable and responds well to the canoe stroke. The materials are high quality and construction is superb. The thermoformed polyethylene hull should afford many of years of use. I did a great deal of research and read a lot of reviews and the Saranac kept "floating" to the top of the list. The weight at 80 lbs., though not "light" is manageable.

If you plan on more "intense" canoeing including portaging over distances, you may want to consider the lighter, though more expensive, alternatives. I have devised a simple system to load the canoe by myself so the weight has not been a problem. My son and I took it camping this summer and it performed very well. The seat backs (something the old wood/canvas model never had!) are great and add to the comfort and enjoyment.

Overall, for a reasonably priced, well built, comfortable, recreational use canoe, this is the best!


Purchased a few weeks ago at…

Submitted by: paddler235842 on 8/13/2014
Purchased a few weeks ago at Dicks for $449. It's a good entry canoe. The seats are very comfortable. I took my wife and son out on a calm lake. It's very stable and surprisingly easy to paddle. I used a 240mm kayak paddle too. The canoe is heavy as others have mentioned. I was able to load and unload it by myself using a pair of saw horses and teeter tottering it onto my truck.

For the money, it's a great canoe. If you buy from a big box store, make sure you carefully inspect it. The first one I got had a lot of damage. They also do not properly store canoes so check for warping.


got ours 2 years ago when we…

Submitted by: Denny on 8/11/2014
got ours 2 years ago when we just started canoeing. We like the low center of balance. it rides well and we haven't tipped over yet. Our group kept asking about it and we have 4 of them on our trips now. 1 concern I had was the tips wearing so I had a kevlar skid plate on both ends and that seems to have helped with that. Have used it many times and still are enjoying it.

As beginner canoe…

Submitted by: JimmyKimmySC on 7/11/2014
As beginner canoe enthusiasts, we are very happy with our decision to purchase the Old Town Saranac 146 canoe. The canoe is 14 ft. 6 in. and weighs 79 lbs. We decided early on that in order to get the most out of it and truly enjoy ourselves, we wouldn't be too overly concerned about scratches, scrapes, etc. We have lived up to that considering our second outing involved nailing a bridge pillar head-on on a Level II river rapid (we did mention "beginner" here!). What felt like major damage ended up being a rough scratch on the bow trim work molding which did not crack or split. Our canoe has also fallen from the top of the SUV onto the road while we were loosening the straps to remove it from the rack. No dents, but some scratches. In short, the polyethylene material is VERY DURABLE!

We are big fans of the adjustable backrests and padded seats. They are easy to adjust by simply adjusting the tension on the cord that wraps around the back of the backrest. This is great when you need to adjust to another position to avoid back fatigue during longer trips. The backrests fold down for storage and transport. There are three molded cup holders, molded bow and stern paddle holders, and a middle seat/storage/cooler console. There are 2 storage compartments in the middle console (which can also serve as a foot rest/stabilizer for the paddler in the stern seat). The larger rectangular compartment, which is a little larger than a drink six-pack, has a flip lid and the second smaller cylindrical compartment has a more secure twist lid (may be watertight, but not certain). The entire console may be removed if desired. At the front of the base of each seat there are additional open storage compartments. The canoe also has molded carrying handles and pre-cut holes to install lighting.

The Saranac 146 is sturdy and feels light on the water. We highly recommend this canoe. We found it on sale two hundred dollars below retail, so for us, big bang for the buck and will pay for itself many times over!! We are looking forward to enjoying it for many years.


I couldn’t be more pleased…

Submitted by: jcalhoun on 7/5/2014
I couldn’t be more pleased with my Old Town Saranac 146 canoe. While shopping for canoes, I was originally looking at the Old Town Guide series canoe simply because I had paddled my father-in-laws older Guide series canoe and been impressed with its stability and ease of handling.

Ultimately my final decision came down to price and features. I was able to get the Saranac 146 for about $100 dollars less than the comparable Guide series. The Saranac has a middle seat that is perfect for my young child and there is still plenty of room in the canoe for our 60 pound dog and gear. As an added bonus the middle seat doubles as a storage compartment. In addition to plenty of storage room, the Saranac 146 has built in rod and cup holders. I've been very pleased with the durability of the canoe. The thermoformed polyethylene construction of my canoe has already survived being dropped in our paved driveway. If my father-in-laws canoe had been dropped I would be patching the fiberglass again.

As happy as I am with the canoe, this review would not be complete without listing the cons. For me the cons weren't a deal breaker, but they are note worthy. The most noticeable con is the form of the canoe. Unlike rigid fiberglass canoes, the Saranac does not have a clean line. When the canoe is out of the water you can notice the bottom of the canoe flexing in around the seats. My other con would be seat design. The front and back seats have small built in storage places which prevent your from paddling in a kneeling position. In my opinion, the storage spaces on the front and back seat aren't very useful and tend to just collect water should you get splashed. I do still find the middle storage compartments extremely useful but they are actual compartments that close. One of them is even a sealed compartment. The lack of a yoke makes carrying the Saranac alone close to impossible and at 80 pounds its not the lightest canoe in the world.

In general, the Saranac 146 is a great weekend warrior canoe, but probably not for your serious paddler. It's a rugged cost effective canoe that has enough room for your family and gear for a day at the lake.


Old Town is well known for…

Submitted by: paddler235669 on 7/3/2014
Old Town is well known for quality canoes and the Saranac 146 is no exception. This model can seat 3 with the bow and stern seating having adjustable seat backs making it comfortable to paddle and relax. The canoe is made from thermoformed polyethylene and performs well on the water. It is setup with rod holders and storage bins for fishing (which my son likes) or it can simply be used for recreational canoeing. I have been pleased with this canoe and look forward to years of use.

Great entry level canoe. Lots…

Submitted by: paddler233476 on 6/23/2014
Great entry level canoe. Lots of great features. Great price. I beat the crud out of this thing and it takes it. It is more stable than most canoes

The Saranac is a great canoe…

Submitted by: paddler235585 on 6/11/2014
The Saranac is a great canoe esp for beginning. Mostly flat water. It is a little heavy but paddles well and very stable. My wife and I love it and we are both beginners. It will be our touring boat. I like the storage compartment to.

The Saranac 146 is an OK…

Submitted by: cycle003 on 4/17/2014
The Saranac 146 is an OK canoe, especially for casual use, say around the lake cabin. It was pretty comfortable with the molded seats, backrest and cup holders. However, this is not a good tripping boat, nor does it have very good initial stability. We had it loaded with about 450 lbs, and it was pretty much at its limit, despite a reported 750 lb capacity. It was still pretty tippy even when loaded. Also, the one I rented sure seemed heavier than 79 lbs as reported on the Old Town website.

Again, if you just want an inexpensive canoe to tool around with at the cabin, this boat will be fine. Otherwise, look for something with better stability and lines.


This is a solid canoe, the…

Submitted by: paddler235491 on 4/4/2014
This is a solid canoe, the best bang for the buck out there. It comes ready with a lot of fishing provisions and is extremely stable. I spend most of my fishing time standing up. I would take this over a fishing kayak any day. It's also great for a day paddling down a river. Fits my cooler and all my gear for the weekend.

The Saranac 146 is a great…

Submitted by: paddler235271 on 8/9/2013
The Saranac 146 is a great first canoe for family fun. It's very affordable and spacious. Recently, I had two adults, 2 kids and gear in the canoe on a fishing trip although I wouldn't recommend this on a regular basis. For my son, fishing gear and myself it is perfect.

Made out of polyethelene, I load it onto my minivan myself and it's easy to maintain. I've built a mount and use a trolling motor for saltwater fishing and it's holding up very well. The only drawback so far is the difficulty tracking in windy conditions.

For my purposes, fishing, this is a perfect tandem canoe which has already paid for itself in spades with the memories it has created for me and my children. I am very happy with the versatility of this canoe.


During our trip to Eagle Lake…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/8/2013
During our trip to Eagle Lake in ME we used the brand new Saranac 146 canoe. We loaded the canoe for a week of camping, two adults and a dog. We had not trouble maneuvering the canoe with all the weight placed in it. The seats are lower than what we were used to, but we enjoyed paddling with the new high.
We recommend the Saranac no matter what your experience is.

Nice canoe for the price. Not…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/29/2013
Nice canoe for the price. Not to heavy to lift solo. Seats are good. Easy to move with two people. Would suggest to anyone looking to get a good canoe for a good price.

I purchased this canoe from…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/29/2013
I purchased this canoe from Gander Mtn. and found it to be the most comfortable angling model, that I've ever owned. The Saranac has rod holders, cup holders, very comfortable seats and it handles well in the water too.

Great boat, but I do not like…

Submitted by: paddler235220 on 7/29/2013
Great boat, but I do not like the middle seat; it gets in the way. The canoe floats lite in the water even with a lot camping stuff. Glad we got the Saranac 146

I bought this canoe in May…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 6/7/2013
I bought this canoe in May 2012 when it was on sale for 40% off, so that alone makes me very happy. I've operated this vessel in small and large lakes in Colorado without any issues. Hit some large waves last year at Eleven Mile Reservoir during a storm on the last day of our camp. My friend has a 16 ft. Old Town Discovery, both boats heavily weighted down with gear and 2 people in each boat, and handled fine cutting through/ along the waves. We avoided burying our bows, and kept from having too much water flood in over the top. The Discovery tracked slightly better than my Saranac as per the design differences, but the Saranac held up fine.

The seats are very comfortable while paddling, at rest and stationary for at least the first three hours while fishing. I've been out on the water for six hour stretches without any significant comfort problems with the molded seats. Just have to adjust yourself every so often.

Modifications: I removed the center seat and installed a carry yoke from Old Town. This gives me greater floor space for fishing and/ or camping gear, and slightly reduces the weight.. Added pull ropes to the bow and stern. Added para cord guy lines which run under the gunwales the length of the boat (for hooking things to). -I'm thinking about configuring a spray skirt to aid for future storms I get caught out in should we end up driving the nose into the bowel of a wave. 20 years of canoeing, and some blue water sailing and so far have kept afloat, but one never knows.

This canoe has so far proven to be a great workhorse. Easy to handle, great for carrying loads, reasonably quick to start on the water, and tracks pretty good under paddle, and is a stable platform to stand in.

I gave a 9 out of 10 because of my dislike for the center seat. Otherwise, the Saranac 146 is a great canoe, and regardless of on-sale price, there's no doubt in my mind that my money has been very well spent. I would strongly recommend this canoe to anyone.