Name: Bohemy68

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Bought a Saranac 146 a week before we went on a float trip down the Namekagon River in Wisconsin. It handled the small to medium rapids with ease. Being the only canoe with 5 kayaks my SS Sara was the barge for all the large gear. Yes we bottomed several times on the rocky bars but no huge gouges. The Scouts who took turns at the bow loved the adjustable seat. One reason not a 10 rating is that the mechanism to hold the adjustment cord was fastened with pop rivets that came loose on the 3rd day. I have since drilled out the pop rivets and reinstalled with stainless steel bolts. I have been reading for solutions to the bottom warping up between the seats. Does Old Town have a solution? I do love this boat. Great for solo canoeing while sitting on the middle seat as I use a kayak paddle.