Name: benroe1000

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I got this canoe at Dunham's on closeout. It had been stored outside and the hull was canned. I put a couple of 1x4's in the bottom, ran under all three seats to flatten it out. They worked great.

I've had this canoe out on my lake, in the river several times, drug it down embankments, bounced it off rocks in low water, the thing is just plain tough. It also makes a great fishing platform. It's not a lightweight with all the seats in, but paddles well. The seats are made out of some super tough nylon type plastic, very heavy, but you can drill through them to make bungee holes to strap tons of gear in this canoe. You can also take the middle out for even more room. The seats are very comfortable, and have held up to my 300lb girth very well this season. This canoe seems to end up as the pack mule on our most recent trips, and handles that feat nicely.

I would recommend this canoe to anyone getting started into paddling, as it is durable, very comfortable, and paddles reasonably well.