Name: Denny

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I got one of the smaller coolers they make and liked the thinking behind it. Kind of like a dry bag. Works well but had heard they tend to fall apart. After reading the instructions it says to roll the top down 5 times doesn't leave much room for beverages.

bought a Yakpad gel cushion for my canoe seat because sometimes we are on the water up to 8hrs. and that can cause some big time pain on the rear. I really liked it and used it all last year and was impressed how well it worked. Alas, took it off my canoe to wash it and left it on my porch to dry overnight and someone stole it. Guess they felt they needed it worse than I did. But, I will get me another because they work so good.

Won one of these in contest along with a Nova Craft canoe so while waiting for my new canoe I mounted this to the inside of my garage and put my Old Town on it. Worked so good we bought another one to have them both off the ground and out of the way.

Just took this polyethelene (3 Layers) boat out for it's maiden voyage last weekend on the Middle River here in central Iowa. We do alot of canoeing and don't see many Nova Craft canoes around here. Having only paddled a few canoes in my time, I was a little leary with the higher rockers this boat has over my Old Town. We also weren't used to the bench type seats so we added a couple seat-backer that aided my poor rear end.

At the start the boat seamed a little squirrely but once we got our sea legs it was fine. Made it through the paddle just fine though we did dump it 1 time on a branch that I didn't avoid in time. The river was flowing fast with lots of rocks that we didn't avoid everytime so when we were done I was interested on how the bottom of the boat would look. other than a few scratches (which we were expecting) everything held up fine.

I would recomend this boat to everyone to at least try out....good ride

The wife and I bought our Saranac 146 three years ago when we started canoeing. The polyethylene boat is easy to put on the truck and to carry to the river. This was the first old town canoe in our canoe group and everyone was asking about it and how we liked the fold down seats. They sit down low so this helps with balance and we have never tipped over going down the rivers yet. Some in our group liked it so much they bought their own and we now have 5 Saranacs in our party. That tells you a lot right there. Took it out last week and did a camp over by the river and it carried our gear, and the wife and I, with no problems.

got ours 2 years ago when we just started canoeing. We like the low center of balance. it rides well and we haven't tipped over yet. Our group kept asking about it and we have 4 of them on our trips now. 1 concern I had was the tips wearing so I had a kevlar skid plate on both ends and that seems to have helped with that. Have used it many times and still are enjoying it.