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Saranac 146 is a hot rod.

Well my movie making son came in for a visit in late September from Los Angeles. We did our normal thing and hit the Flint River. Now that it is his canoe, he sits in the rear with the kayak paddle and I am up front with the single blade. He has one of the lastest GoPro's and shot some excellent video. I am amazed at how much speed this canoe makes with so little effort. We put some scrapes on her, but had a perfect day, in perfect weather for September 28, in North Alabama. We even spotted a cave and stopped and did some spelunking. Just a perfect day, out of the river with my son. Just doesn't get any better. Oh yes, still easy to clean up, cause we never put her up dirty.

Well I gave the Saranac 146 to my son, holding it for him in North Alabama for the time being, he is working in LA. We had a good run in it when he came home for Christmas - son sitting in the back with a double blade oar, me up front chilling. Way fast and easy to turn, we thought. Way easier to clean up than the Mad River and slicker in the water. Really impressed.

People reporting about bottom sway issues, as long as it doesn't leak, we are happy. Continue to be impressed with this canoe, in comparison to the Mad River Adventure 16, I owned for 6 years prior. Ain't canoeing great?

Recently sold my Mad River Adventure 16 as I am 65 and felt the length and width were getting too much for the old bod. Got over not having my Harley but could not get over not having the canoe. So I went full circle, back to my Scout days, and bought a Old Town Saranac 146. Took it out this morning. Still a handful to load by myself, but I did. Found a good launch point and started upstream. The water was low in places but fast, which made for a good workout.

I found the Saranac to be more responsive than the Mad River and easier to get "up to speed". My double blade kayak paddle actually works better as the Saranac is closer to the water and not as wide.
All in all for 499 dollars, I would say I choose wisely.

Well Folks, it's Chuck again to continue the rave about his Mad River Adventure 16. I have owned this canoe for nearly four years and love it to death! Lots of room, easy to paddle when I am by myself, tracks good and is tough as nails. I get on my favorite river in North Alabama, the Flint, a lot and love to get on it right after a 2-3 inch rain. Once I got out of position and was running in some heavy current, got sideways and here comes a tree. I knew it would fold in half but it bounced off with no damage whatsoever. The only thing negative is the 82 pound weight. Once I get it loaded on my boat rack on my little Ford Ranger it's all downhill from there. Best 499 dollars I ever spent.

My Mad River still impresses me! Tough as a tank and speedy too. I keep up with kayaks even when I am alone. Tons of room, comfortable seats, and I think she is pretty too. Best 499 dollars I ever spent! This canoe is so stable. Love it to death. Going out on the Flint River this weekend. Nothing more fun than paddling my canoe.

An update on my Mad River Adventure 16. This past season I…

An update on my Mad River Adventure 16.
This past season I spent a lot of time on one of our local rivers, most of the time by myself. The canoe continues to impress me, with it's stability and spacious room. When me and the wife go, we take lots of stuff, chairs for the sand bar visits, cooler etc. When I go by myself, usually, I got me a 7 foot kayak double blade paddle and I can make my canoe move smartly down the river. LOVE IT!

Well, I've made several trips in my canoe, and continue to love it, and marvel how STABLE it is.
To the gentleman that said it was to tipsy, and no room for storage: Last weekend me and my wife made a run down the Flint River in Alabama. We had a cooler, two camp chairs, and our picnic gear and had room for more. Don't have any idea about what he was talking about. If you want a great canoe for just a few bucks, then this is the one.

Me the wife, kids and grandkids got our nearly new Adventure 16 out on Madison Lake today. I had to keep assuring the wife and grandkids that it wasn't going to tip over. The last time I had been in a canoe was 30 years ago in February. Even by myself, sitting in the rear, I was able to make good speed with killing myself. The only problem I had was with a strong prevailing wind. But hey, it was pushing the son-in-laws kayak, and he's in a lot smaller craft and has a much lower profile. I love this canoe. It looks good, rides good in chop because of that triple chin. I got mine used one time, no joke for 499. I am tickled to death. If you think this canoe is squirrley, then I don't think you need to be in a canoe.