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Bought this canoe from Dick's in the spring of 2013. Got a discount since some of the rivets in the front had popped out (easy fix). The canoe is easy to handle to load and unload (I can load and unload solo from the back of a pickup).

This canoe is very stable when not overloaded. On an early excursion we ended up facing 30 mph head winds and had no issues with stability.

The canoe has held up well over the last 3 years with only cosmetic scratches.

After several years in a canoe, I bought my first kayak this winter after looking for a kayak for several months. The big selling points were the price, seat, overall comfort, and cargo capacity.

I have had it out about a half dozen times on relatively calm water. The kayak seems to track well and is easy to maneuver. The boat is light enough and well balanced to carry short distances. The seat is extremely comfortable and can be removed and used as a beach chair.

Only complaint is that any water crossing the bow comes right into your lap. My brother has the same model but added a bow storage bag and does not have the same issue.