Name: micmor

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What can I say? A basic sit on top. It holds my 225lb body out of the water. It tracks as well as an 8 foot boat will, which isn't great, but it gets you there. So far, we have only taken it out on flatwater, but there is a river nearby that I want to give it a shot. I may consider thigh straps, but for the most part, this is an easy boat to just play around on.

Just bought this boat and have taken it out on a lake a couple times. It tracks well, and is easy to paddle. Good stability and just a good basic boat. I do miss the portage yoke I had on my discovery, but that is my biggest complaint so far. Just a heads up, the center cooler popped open and hit the roof of the car with a loud bang and scared me, but caused no damage. Strapping it closed will prevent that. Oh, and the seats... never had a canoe with padded seats and a backrest before, I am spoiled now.

Great boat, with a large load capacity. I like to take this boat down a local river with some decent drops, and it handles very well. Tracking is ok, but since it is a flat bottom, it required a bit extra work to keep straight. All in all, I would love to have another just like it for friends.