Name: Flannepe

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The Aspire is a great kayak. Very roomy cockpit. Seats are…

The Aspire is a great kayak. Very roomy cockpit. Seats are super comfortable. I love that they adjust three ways. The back goes up and down and, forward and back. The front of the seat also goes up and down.

The stability is also great. If you lean into it the secondary catches you. There is a skeg that you can raise and lower with a little rope. When it's down the Aspire tracks super well. It even helps you stay on course when the winds blowing. It's spring loaded so if you hit rocks or something it bounces up and down with out damage. You don't even really feel it when it hits something.

The dry storage in the back is a handy feature with the hinged lid. It's easy to get into. I haven't had any water get into it yet. I still use a dry bag in it cause I don't trust any dry storage on any boat. This one seems to work though.

There's plenty of room to carry what you'll need on a day trip down the river. I've been using it to fish for bass lately and it works great.

Overall this is a great kayak for the money.

This is a great canoe. Super stable. Bought it to fish and float down the rivers. It's a bit of a tank to get moving but it steers really easily. No problems through the small rapids.

It is hard to move by yourself. Not that it's heavy. Without a thwart its awkward it pick up. The best part is the seats. They are so comfortable. We went on a two day 20 mile fishing trip down a rocky swift river and my back did not hurt at all. Also it's super tough. The river was rocky and the water was a little low and the canoe just got some minor scratches that you would expect. We tagged some rocks on the bottom of it that would have given an aluminum boat a serious dent. All I found when we pulled out were minor scratches. It's slow to move but super stable which makes it perfect for fishing. No problem landing any of the fish we caught.

Over all it's a great boat.