Your Paddling Christmas List

Remember that button down shirt with the weird stripes that you got from Aunt Joyce last Christmas that still has the tags on it? Don't make the mistake of not prepping your Christmas List again this year.

Fortunately, your fellow paddlers have been doing Christmas gift recon for you all year. Here's some paddler-approved gifts from this year to look over and send Aunt Joyce's way.

Kayak Christmas List

by Eddyline Kayaks


"We just finished kayaking 12 miles on the Chippewa river in Wisconsin, we were..."

by Delta Kayaks


"Have paddled it mostly in the SF Bay Area. The fittings are all top notch, as are the seat comfort and adjustability. The rudder system is a nice upgrade..."

by Sea Eagle Inflatables


"It is amazingly well constructed, light enough for me to handle by myself..."

by Tributary


"Fantastic Inflatable...I'm a big guy, and primarily use this alone, but have used it as tandem and it performed well."

Canoe Christmas List

by Buffalo Canoes


"Best Canoe ever !! Not only is the quality of the canoe excellent , but the staff and the owner take pride in each one that is made..."

by Placid Boatworks


"I was excited to acquire a 2 year-old Rapidfire within 12 miles of home, after reading and hearing so many great things about them."

by Nova Craft Canoe


"characteristics that combine both stability, speed, and grace on the water..."

by Wenonah Canoe, Inc.


"I'm impressed with the stability of the canoe so far...."

Stand Up Paddle Board Christmas List

by BIC Sport


"If you're lookin for a versatile flatwater board, this board works well...."

by Body Glove


"It is stable enough that I fish and crab off of it in the Puget sound..."

by SIC Maui


"Its a very nice board for all conditions, especially on choppy water. There is No better board I can think of."

by Grey Duck


"We ended up picking up two of them so me and my better half could paddle..."

Fishing Kayak Christmas List

by Vibe Kayaks


"Outstanding fishing kayak. Very stable. Lots of extras for the price..."

by Kaku Kayaks


"Extremely comfortable and extremely stable fishing platform, I guide..."

by Hobie


"This is the perfect mode of transportation for any angler looking for a real..."

by Pelican International


"My first kayak ever. I’m learning more about it as time goes..."

Paddle Christmas List

by Aqua-Bound


"I love this paddle. It's like a feather. You can paddle all day. It also has a groovy..."

by Bending Branches


"It is light weight and the blade size suits my stroke and offers all the control..."

by Gearlab


"What a beautiful & quiet paddle to use."

by Mitchell Paddles


"I've had this wonderful paddle for 14 years. It takes time spent in my kayak to a new level of enjoyment."

PFD Christmas List

by MTI Adventurewear


"I love that it fits properly, keeps her high in the water, and is functional in various..."

by Mustang Survival


"This lifejacket is a game changer. I have a variety of lifejackets..."

by: MTI Adventurewear


"First, an excellent, comfortable, reasonably priced Kayaking jacket. But more importantly I wanted to add a note"

by NRS


"I love love this pfd! On my third year with this gem. Been a..."

Gear & Accessory Christmas List

by Cascade Creek


"I bought one for myself and one for my husband and it is both our favorite kayaking accessory."

by Suspenz


"I recently purchased a deluxe wall mount rack for my Predator 13 kayak, with my gear she's a heavy one at roughly 80 pounds."

by Malone Auto Racks


"I'm 70 and love my original Telos. I've modified the retaining clip..."

by Easy Rack Ramp


"An elegant and simple solution! Alternatives are expensive and complicated. I can now put my Delta 16 on and off the roof of my Kia Forte."

by SportsRig


"I've had my Sportsrig micro trailer for almost 10 years now..."

by Malone Auto Racks


"When I arrived at home, the first thing I did was ordered one from..."

Paddling Shirt Christmas List

It's true, paddlers have been practicing social distancing way before it was cool (and necessary). Show off your social distancing skills and your enthusiasm for kayaking with this t-shirt.

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~Get the BWCAW Tee~

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