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Skylark Description

Eddyline's best selling Skylark doesn't stray far from the company's touring kayak roots. The 12 foot Skylark has abundant stability and a roomy fit, yet retains the efficiency to keep up with longer boats. Hatches and bulkheads bow and stern for safety and storage convenience. This versatile boat fits many paddlers and is easy to move both in and out of the water.

Skylark Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit Inside
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

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Very nice kayak for…

Submitted by: Presschecker on 11/1/2022

Very nice kayak for recreational paddling - lightweight, straight tracking, and fairly quick. The only downsides are cost and availability.


I bought this kayak since as…

Submitted by: Fizzy9 on 10/11/2022

I bought this kayak since as I age I can't lift my heavier boats. It is 32 lbs. which is great. Paddling the the Pine Barrens of NJ on one of the rivers it turned out to be a bad choice for the fast running water. It doesn't track well and tips easily. I will use it on small lakes in the future.


The Eddyline Skylark has…

Submitted by: paddler1879915 on 2/22/2022

The Eddyline Skylark has proven to be a very stable, easily maneuverable, and wave-worthy craft. I was skeptical at first at its low profile in the water but this kayak rides most all inshore waves cleanly and tracks smoothly in crosswinds. The glide is a gift for the efficient paddler. The more open cockpit allows easy access to our daily gear and doesn't heat up in the Florida sunshine. The durable but lightweight hull material is fade resistant and easy to carry and car-top.


I bought this kayak after…

Submitted by: metsker on 11/23/2021

I bought this kayak after moving from the Southwest to the Southeast. I had a cheap Pelican in the Southwest because there was basically no water there. Now, there are rivers and coastlines to explore so I upgraded to the beautiful Eddyline Skylark. It's been a wonderful ride during the last several months. As a 62 year old woman with considerable paddling experience that goes well beyond poking about in a Pelican, it is relatively easy to slide up on my car top racks using the bath mat method. Another review posted it as 49 pounds but it is only 41 pounds. It tracks well and is responsive. I'm happy with my purchase.

That said, a few issues, especially at this price point: the hull is delicate and you can't bang about in rivers with rocks or carelessly launch from a concrete landing, etc. I mean, you have to think about the hull *all of the time". Sure, you can rub out the scratches and some will say you need to enjoy the boat and not worry about a few scars, but who wants to worry about that? I am one that likes to pay more for good toys and then I take good care of them so they last a long time.

A few additional minor complaints: no cupholder, no paddle holder.


Just purchased two 12 foot…

Submitted by: paddler839502 on 7/31/2020
Just purchased two 12 foot eddyline skylarks for my husband and I. We just finished kayaking 12 miles on the Chippewa river in Wisconsin, we were extremely happy with them. We own sea kayaks with rudders and we're afraid we'd miss having that option. But the skylarks tracked well, and are so much easier to get on top of our vehicle. My husband liked having a little more room in the cockpit and the back rest is very comfortable.

The perfect higher end all…

Submitted by: elisabethtobe on 7/27/2020
The perfect higher end all around beginner to intermediate kayak! You can feel stable as a beginner with plenty of room to grown & develop skills. Narrow & refined enough lines to track straight with easy, but still has a nice open, easy access cockpit. The absolutely fabulous low weight of 49 lb makes this the easiest boat ever to move and load for a woman or older boater! I have owned 4 boats including a 14 foot liquid logic that is now too heavy to handle, but this has allowed my to continue enjoying my sport. Nice lines, plenty of storage & buggies for gear. This is one, wonderful boat!

You can't go wrong with the…

Submitted by: GeoffG on 7/25/2020
You can't go wrong with the Skylark. It's very stable, tracks well for a shorter kayak, and is light enough to cartop with ease. It has the best qualities of a recreational kayak with some features found in true sea kayaks-- thigh braces and waterproof compartments.

We bought these boats last…

Submitted by: paddler819913 on 7/22/2020
We bought these boats last spring from Empire kayak in Island Park New York. We could not have made a better decision. The Skylark is an extremely stable fast boat That is easy to paddle in many different kinds of weather. Gabrielle and Mike from Empire kayak for fabulous. They let us take it out for a long paddle test as well as other boats that they had.

I've owned my Skylark for 5…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/16/2020
I've owned my Skylark for 5 years and its as exhilarating now as ever. The hull shape and material make for a fast and solid outing under any conditions. The boat is well engineered and constructed, the design is elegant, and holds its looks ...looks as new today as it did 5 years ago. The only boat that would replace this one is an edyline explorer...

I am a 5'2", 66 year old…

Submitted by: paddler814797 on 7/6/2020
I am a 5'2", 66 year old female. I was looking for an all round recreational kayak that I could grow into and enjoy for years. My criteria was lightweight so i could handle it myself..good tracking...stable...comfortable seats...dry wells....and a skeg. After reviewing, sitting in and lifting many kayaks, I settled on Eddyline Skylark. I have not regretted my choice at all. Although it doesn't have a skeg, the hull shape is fabulous for tracking! I was kayaking Lake Erie...out for a pleasant day.. forcast was for water like glass for the day. I ended up in 1' to 3' swells and waves an hour later! I remember asking Jesus to calm the waters....he answered back..." learn to paddle"! I didn't have my spray skirt on because it was so calm. For 45 minutes I paddled hard. My Skylark was FABULOUS! Its tracking was excellent. I was kayak surfing. The boat handled beautifully no matter which angle I took a swell or wave. People were standing on shore to make sure I made it in safe. A 3' wave picked me up and I rode it into shore. As I landed I thought about how beautifully the boat handled and there was very little water inside! What a great paddling day and I believe a lot of it was because of the Skylark itself.

An update on my 2013 Eddyline…

Submitted by: FTCricket on 6/1/2020
An update on my 2013 Eddyline Skylark 7 years in. We still go out together about once a week year-round. I've bought other boats since for the ocean and kayak touring, but it's always my Skylark when we head out for day trips on the creeks, spring runs and rivers here in Florida. As my knees and hips have aged, the moderate-sized cockpit opening continues to accommodate ease of entry and exit. She tracks straight as an arrow yet is lively, she is light that if necessary I can load and unload by myself, and she's stable enough for my nature photography. I'm still in love with my Skylark and would still purchase another if anything ever happened to her.

I love my Eddyline kayak! My…

Submitted by: paddler782433 on 5/27/2020
I love my Eddyline kayak! My husband has an Eddyline Equinox and every year we look forward to kayaking season. The Skylark is very stable and tracks well. We have many photos of happy times on the Cascade lakes and the Deschutes River near our Bend home.

I looked at several boats…

Submitted by: paddler781716 on 5/24/2020
I looked at several boats before deciding on the Skylark. Fit and weight were the most improtant criteria. I am 6'4", 190 lbs. and size 13 shoe. Most boats were too small or too heavy. I mainly paddle on local lakes and transporting/loading the boat is easy due to the light weight. The style is attractive and the stability is great. (I do not think that it would roll unless I intended to) It is a flat water boat, yet able to handle the unexpected conditions that occur. Paddling conditions have ranged from flat calm water to rain, ice and wind chopped waves over 1' (able to surf in the right conditions) It tracks well and the comfort allows for extended trips. It is easy to maintain about 4 knots but can push to 5. In 2 years I've logged over 550 mi and the only reservation has been that I waited to purchase it.

I've had this kayak for a…

Submitted by: paddler505119 on 5/23/2020
I've had this kayak for a year now and love it! It both looks and paddles beautifully, is easy to clean, easy to car top due it's light (41 lb) weight and slices through the water with ease. The seat is comfortable for hours and the stability of the kayak is impressive.

When I was looking to…

Submitted by: paddler51 on 5/23/2020
When I was looking to purchase a kayak I needed to find one that I could carry by myself, because I knew if I didn't, I would have to wait for someone to be able to go with me to help carry it to the water. I did a lot of research before I purchased my Skylark. I LOVE IT! I am a 69 year old woman and I have NO problem loading my 41 lb. Skylark on the top of my Subie and heading off to the lake! Equally as easy to unload and take it to the water. It's very stable and easily maneuverable, which equals LOADS of fun!!

I love my Skylark. It’s…

Submitted by: Marijee on 5/23/2020
I love my Skylark. It’s lighter at and easy for me to load. It maneuvers well on both rivers and lakes. It’s well constructed and a joy to paddle in.

This is one nice kayak. It…

Submitted by: padarthurr on 5/22/2020
This is one nice kayak. It comfortable and paddles easily through the water. Light enough for one person to carry to the water and launch but better with two of course! Very happy with my Skylark and would buy again.

I own two Eddyline kayaks and…

Submitted by: Steveketcham on 5/22/2020
I own two Eddyline kayaks and love the quality of workmanship and materials. They are both stable, easy to maneuver and easy to keep clean. The lightweight makes them easily transportable. They both track well and have been used in both lake and Salish sea excursions. The watertight hatched are perfect for packing a lunch and keeping valuables dry. The only thing I would add would be a cup holder but that is a minor detail. Overall, a great kayak that I heartily recommend.

Enjoy the maneuverability,…

Submitted by: ASPaddler on 5/22/2020
Enjoy the maneuverability, space for camping gear and it’s lightweight makes it easy to load/unload from my vehicle

Very pleased with our…

Submitted by: paddler780260 on 5/22/2020
Very pleased with our Eddyline Skylarks! Wonderful company to do business with and a top notch kayak. Looked into many other kayaks but ended up choosing the Eddyline brand and so happy we did. Not too heavy to load up and glides thru the water like a dream. We look forward to every ride and get to spend quality time with our family and friends out on the water.

I love my kayak. It was my…

Submitted by: Shubin on 5/22/2020
I love my kayak. It was my retirement gift to myself when I retired three years ago. It's light so I can carry it by myself and put it on my car. It handles any type of weather condition when out paddling. On windy days, when others are struggling to make headway, my kayak just glides along. I would highly recommend this as a great recreational kayak.

Terrific kayak in terms of…

Submitted by: 772809 on 5/7/2020
Terrific kayak in terms of handling, with enough agility for good flow rivers, class 2 rapids, and touring. LightWeight makes for ease. Comfort in cockpit.

This 12 ft recreational kayak…

Submitted by: Suter705 on 5/3/2020
This 12 ft recreational kayak is perfect for outings along the Intercoastal waterways, bays, sound, streams and lakes. It tracks extremely well and has speed comparable to longer kayaks. And at only 41 lbs, it’s easy to transport and store. Beam is only 26”, great for a shorter paddler, and it has great stability. Plenty of storage and air chambers fore and aft for extra safety. The Skylark also gets lots of attention from fellow paddlers for its sleek appearance. Performance, comfort, safety and attractive; 9 months into ownership and this 60+ woman has enjoyed every moment spent on the water.

Before I purchased an…

Submitted by: khettich on 5/3/2020
Before I purchased an Eddyline Skylark, I checked online to find out what kayaking "experts" had to say. The Skylark was going to be my first hard-shell kayak. The "experts" said that the Skylark had excellent maneuverability and tracking for a boat of its relatively small length (12') . One would have to purchase a kayak of substantially greater length and price to find comparable features. Once I owned the kayak, I agreed entirely! My Skylark was an "original" model, weighing in at only 38 lbs. Basically, I, as a woman, can practically carry the boat with one hand. What I did see with my own eyes on the day of purchase was an upturned (Greenland) bow and a shaped bottom keel. The bow plows through waves on a lake and sends the spray flinging to the side like water-wings. The bottom keel is what makes for great tracking without a rudder or skeg found on longer craft. Hard chines provide stability. It's true, no single kayak performs all outdoor-functions: the Skylark is a lake-oriented craft. That being said, the Skylark can provide hours and days of enjoyment on a lake or a Class I river. The newer model (since about 2010) has a closed front bulkhead with a small storage compartment.

The Eddyline Skylark is a…

Submitted by: GeoffG on 11/11/2019

The Eddyline Skylark is a terrific “little” kayak. I qualify little because this twelve foot craft is packed with features that rival longer boats— even full-fledged sea kayaks. It has bulkheads and hatches, both bow and stern, well thought-out deck rigging, and a hull design that tracks well and is fast for its length. A feature I really appreciate is the Skylark’s stability—with a 26” beam, it is very solid. It is my kayak of choice for trips in cold weather when I really want to stay dry! I call it my WINTERBOAT. Another feature I value is its light weight—at 40 pounds, it is a breeze to cartop. I have heard a few complains from other kayakers about the seat of the Skylark, but I find it comfortable, especially when equipped with the Eddyline BackFloat. The seat and footrests are east to adjust. While not a “speed demon” the Skylark will keep up with longer kayaks at a relaxed pace. All in all, this is a good choice for day-touring, fishing, and photography. You can’t go wrong with this versatile “little” boat!


Owed two yearsAs my first…

Submitted by: paddler460200 on 9/4/2019

Owed two years As my first kayak it has been an excellent starting point to build confidence and technique towards my goal of getting out into the ocean with a more appropriate sized yak. Now that I’ve had the time to try others designs I understand the similarities to its larger and more capable versions. Although it is recreational sized it has the potential for more advanced play and is quick to respond due to its lighter weight. It’s a forever boat that I’ll enjoy paddling with the less than adventurous and only leave it at home if the conditions (ocean) dictate. Graceful lines, light weight, shiny and just plain fun.


I also own the shorter…

Submitted by: paddler545675 on 8/20/2019

I also own the shorter Eddyline Sky 10. You would assume that the Skylark, being 2 feet longer, would be a swifter boat. It isn't. It's also about 8 pounds heavier. Look at the Sky 10 before buying and don't be fooled by size.


Extremely stable ans fast.…

Submitted by: paddler534475 on 7/29/2019

Extremely stable ans fast. At only 41 lbs the Carbonite hull is easy to move both in and out of the water. Hatches and bulkheads in both the bow and stern provide for safety and storage. Great Kayak for all around use.


I've used the Skylark for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2018

I've used the Skylark for almost a year. I purchased the boat primarily for maneuverability. Paddled the boat in the Mangrove trails of south west Florida every week. Crossing wide open waters like a much longer sea kayak. Paddling Charleston, S.C. harbour to the battery at night in ship wakes turned into a pleasant journey


My wife and I bought a…

Submitted by: paddler449253 on 7/5/2018

My wife and I bought a couple Eddylines (me a Skylark, her a Rio) last year as we wanted kayaks that were stable, lightweight and would glide through the lakes we paddle in Central Oregon. We have also used them on the calmer streams and love the ride. The Skylark turned out to be an excellent choice for me and the sleeker and lighter Rio was the perfect fit for her! We love the storage hatches which hold all our gear, food, clothes, camera & more that we need for our daily adventures. We look forward to our first overnight camping paddle trip! I would recommend either of these for someone who wants to step up to a better flat water kayak.


We're novice paddlers,…

Submitted by: mayrel on 9/7/2016
We're novice paddlers, retired and live in northwest Florida. We had sit on top kayaks which were fine, but decided to try sit inside kayaks. One of our main considerations was weight. We originally purchased two Wilderness System Tsunami's 135/140. They were very comfortable, but a bit heavy. Then we decided on the Eddyline's Skylark/Rio. Both are about the same length, very light, paddle easily and track well.

My only complaint was the seat; the Tsunami seats are exceptionally comfortable. I called customer service at Eddyline to determine seat options; very limited, none with adequate back support. However, they did explain I could remove the stock seat and relocate it and/or possibly replace it. There are six rivets holding the seat on each side with a small amount of epoxy holding the seat to the hull. After removing the rivets I was able to apply a prying pressure by hand and the seat broke loose. I moved it back approximately one inch, drilled three new holes in the support brace in the hull sides and secured it in place with nuts/bolts. I then ordered a seat insert which provides better back support.

Although I'm pleased with the overall quality and handling, the seat is disappointing. Possibly Eddyline will improve on their seats in the future. Frankly I would have been just as well off with the Tsunami which is much less costly, a bit heavier but with an exceptionally comfortable adjustable seat! Sadly it's difficult to know how a kayak will suit you until you've paddled it for several hours; this is not possible unless you find a rental kayak which you are interested in buying.

In conclusion, if back support and comfort is a factor in selecting a kayak, look at sit on tops or a Tsunami. Of course, our age is also a factor.


Wonderful option for flat…

Submitted by: Kentl2121 on 8/10/2016
Wonderful option for flat water kayak. Great ride, handling and stability. Best of all, light weight. Just over 40 lbs lets me load on roof rack with ease.

Awesome kayak! Bought…

Submitted by: paddler236546 on 9/30/2015
Awesome kayak! Bought Eddyline Skylark @demo sale last weekend. Needed lightweight rec kayak due to knee prob. Am athletic yet kayak novice; this vessel makes me look and feel like a pro! Love everything about it. Can transport easily.

For our Central Oregon lakes…

Submitted by: brownmattei on 8/26/2015
For our Central Oregon lakes and small rivers this is THE boat. We own several Eddylines and this is the "go-to" boat to introduce newbes to kayaking, or for us to just explore or day-trip. It's light, stable, comfortable, straight tracking but maneuverable, and confidence-inspiring (I think the word "seaworthy" is appropriate). Large enough to store a few clothes and food, small enough to carry on a compact car and fit in any garage. The thermoformed material is durable and construction quality is second to none. I'll give it a rating of 10 even though it doesn't have a dedicated cupholder (whine, whine).

It is the summer of 2015 and…

Submitted by: paddler236342 on 7/8/2015
It is the summer of 2015 and I just bought a brand new Eddyline Skylark as a birthday present for myself. I had test paddled one along with a bunch of other boats a couple of years ago and liked it a lot. We paddle flat water rivers, lakes, ponds, tidal marshes and tidal rivers.

One of the main features I love about the boat is foot room. I hate being jammed in and it has a bumped up forward section that gives more foot room then any boat I have tried. It also has a great quality of both tracking well and turning easily. It also looks great.

Down sides are first, the seat. The bottom is ok but the back is bad and uncomfortable. It needs some redesign but I can modify that myself. My wifes Hurricane Santee (a direct competitor) has a much better seat. Also not really liking the carry handles. They are an interesting gizmo but serve no improved purpose that I can see. They snap out of your hand sometimes and are not strong enough to use as a rope tie point. Also after only about 5 trips my front compartment is leaking. So the lid ring has a leak where it mounts to the hull or the handle screws are leaking. Come on guys, quality control here.

So, love the hull shape and don't regret my purchase at all but they would have had a 10 rating if it weren't for the weird handles, cheap seat and leak.


In 2013 I retired at the age…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/4/2015
In 2013 I retired at the age of 70, and was given a gift of an Eddyline Skylark 12 to commemorate my new freedom to go kayaking whenever I wanted!!

This kayak is a dream to paddle, excellent tracking and stability, it cuts through the water like butter, and at 41 lbs. is so lightweight to carry and to load. The cockpit is roomy (I don't travel light, love my gear), and the padded foam seat and back very comfy. I paddled for about 5 hrs with only one walk around stop and could still walk at my takeout with minimal back/ rear fatigue. The Red Pearl deck finish and white hull are beautiful, and tough -

I inadvertently tested the strength of the hull by paddling up onto a submerged piece of giant old concrete pipe, with such force that after working the boat off, I immediately headed to shore with tears, to see what surely would be a hole somewhere in the hull. To my amazement it was only barely scraped, and the Carbonite ABS had lived up to as advertised!!

Love love love this kayak !!


This was not the boat I…

Submitted by: fuzzysoul on 4/29/2015
This was not the boat I intended to buy. However, we picked up two used ones this winter for a song, and I am very impressed.

The Skylark is very much a recreational boat - stubborn stability, gaping cockpit and just enough cargo space for a lunch and a change of clothes.

However, one look at the hull will tell you this is not your average milk jug. The sharp bow and deep V made short work of the light chop we tackled on our third outing this year. And the Skylark has no business having as much glide as it does.

Eddyline uses ABS plastic for its boats, rather than polyethylene. The result is a lighter, prettier craft that shows its wear and tear more than a poly boat. However, they take a beating better than glass boats.

The seat is terrible. No way around this. The models that went on sale in the last couple years have improved seats, but the old one murders your sciatic nerves. There are a few aftermarket fixes that I'm planning to try.
Otherwise, this boat lives up to the hype.


I have not kayaked in 35 yrs…

Submitted by: paddler235929 on 9/4/2014
I have not kayaked in 35 yrs and am a novice. I rented the Eddyline Skylark and was amazed by the ease of handling and tracking even though I was in a shorter kayak. Great kayak.

Just an update on my Skylark…

Submitted by: FTCricket on 8/7/2014
Just an update on my Skylark after a little over a year of use. It has become my go-to kayak for almost all my paddling here in Florida. It's just about perfect for the paddling I do 95% of the time - twisty spring runs, rivers, lakes, bays and estuaries. I can load, unload and carry her by myself which is a big plus. And after a year of not totally gentle use she looks almost as good as when I brought her home new. I've loaned her out to friends looking to purchase a kayak for similar use and at least two so far have also purchased Skylarks. I can't imagine a better boat for the day trips that we do.

My only real complaint in my previous review [07-25-2013] was about the seat and for the 2014 Skylark Eddyline has made some modifications that, for me, are an improvement.

If you are looking for a small, nimble, light boat for day paddles, you owe it to yourself to give the Skylark a test-drive.


We have Skylark, Eddyline…

Submitted by: TeresaFowler on 8/1/2014
We have Skylark, Eddyline Kayaks and we love them. They are compact enough to sit on top of our truck and still pull our trailer. We take them everywhere. They do not have a rudder but they handle beautifully on the water and track beautifully. They have two water tight compartments with plenty of room for extra gear. We absolutely love them. We have used them in rivers, lakes, the ocean and sound, only recreational purposes and calm water. On the ocean we used our spray skirts. They handle like a dream.

At 39 pounds, the Skylark is…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/18/2013
At 39 pounds, the Skylark is the kayak of choice on almost all the paddles I do. Eddyline has managed to combine speed and stability in this one kayak as well as the ease of handling the kayak on land for loading and carrying. Perfect kayak for inland rivers and lakes.

I've had my Skylark a little…

Submitted by: FTCricket on 7/25/2013
I've had my Skylark a little over a month now and it is a pleasure to paddle. I have longer touring kayaks and a shorter sit-on-top, but I was looking for a short, lively kayak for day trips on local rivers and spring runs. After looking at and demoing several different models in the 10-13 foot range, I knew that in the Skylark I had found an almost perfect design for that purpose.

The cockpit is just a bit longer than many models which makes it easy enter and exit both on shore and in the water for a little swimming or snorkeling. It's wide enough to be stable yet trim enough to paddle efficiently. While only 12 feet in length, it tracks extremely well plus the hull design has a bit of chine which makes it very maneuverable on edge.

All in all, this is a great boat for a beginning paddler but one that will also enable them to practice more advanced skills when ready. And it's a great boat for intermediate to advanced paddlers looking for a little boat in which to relax. At 41 lbs it is easy to load, store, carry, and launch.

I got my Skylark without thigh braces so I could enter and exit more easily on the water, but I have no trouble jamming my knees & thighs up under the nicely padded hull in front of the seat for carving turns.

Based solely on performance and on providing a nicely designed boat for the day paddler who wants a lot more than a floating barge, I would give this boat a 10. However, I have to mark it down because the seat is fixed and therefore is not adjustable (or replaceable) and many will find the hard plastic seat uncomfortable for more than an hour of paddling. While you can always add a little bit of cushioning to the seat, the fact that you cannot adjust the seat bottom at all for trim is disappointing and should be considered before purchase. I also sliced my thumb open the first time I picked it up to carry on my shoulder due to a sharp edge on the cockpit coaming that should have been smoothed out before shipping. The Sandpiper is a great boat that bridges the gap between "recreational" and "touring" classifications, but a little more attention to finish and an adjustable seat are needed to get a 10.


Several years ago we bought a…

Submitted by: brownmattei on 7/24/2013
Several years ago we bought a Skylark for my wife to use on the lakes and smooth stretches of the Deschutes River around Bend. We noticed that they were being used by a lot of women and figured it would be the right size for her (105 lbs.). She loved it, and later we bought a second one to use as a "loaner" for friends and visitors. Lately I've been using the second one for local outings because it's small, light, and can go on and off the car easily in a crowded parking lot. I was initially worried that I would be too heavy for it (170 lbs.), but discovered that it wasn't the case. I love the dry land portability, but even more the maneuverability, stability, and general sportiness of it. Yes, it's pretty short and reaches top speed quickly, but it glides well accelerates easily, turns on a dime, and is roomy enough for my 6 ft. frame and day equipment (read: food). As far as construction, material and craftsmanship are second to none. Oh, it's also the best looking small kayak out there. For small lakes and tame rivers you can't find a better boat. I'd rate it a 10 but I figure that nothing's perfect, although I can't think of anything I'd change on it (except maybe adding a cupholder).

I sold my 17' Tempest and…

Submitted by: paddler234772 on 9/17/2012
I sold my 17' Tempest and bought the Skylark. Bought it new and it is just perfect! I just went out in a one hour paddle and my legs didn't fall asleep. Feels very stable, turns well, tracks well, looks awesome and is light!!!

Demo this one and prepare to buy it. I'm 6'0 200 and it fits me like a glove. One of my complaints with the Tempest was that the cockpit was too small. I couldn't get in and out of that sucker! No worries with the Skylark!


I am relatively new to…

Submitted by: paddler234500 on 4/17/2012
I am relatively new to kayaking but did quite a lot of research prior to purchasing my first boat. I was drawn by the two piece construction and 'big-boat' look of the Skylark but am delighted even more with it's performance. My only comparison is to molded rental kayaks which are what I now refer to as 'Little Tykes Kayaks' due to their rougher surface finish and soft edges. The Skylark was very easy to acclimate to, and the strong rudder and hard chines make it easy to hold on-line w/ vigorous use, as well as to turn quickly when needed. In short this is my first Eddyline, but it definitely will not be my last! Also the people at Great Lakes Kayak in Lake Bluff, IL are wonderful to deal with.

This was a big purchase for…

Submitted by: paddler233791 on 8/27/2010
This was a big purchase for me, but after one of my recent rides into the choppy water... she just wanted to ride the waves. I felt safe and that the boat handled extremely well. I am mostly a marsh, coastal paddler (actually ONLY those) so Evangeline (yes, that's her name) is perfect for Cape Cod. Maybe there are better boats, but I have bonded with this one quite nicely. Thanks, Eddyline.


Submitted by: guest-paddler on 11/2/2007
WHAT AN AWESOME LITTLE KAYAK!!! I very aptly named her DaBomb. This little lady is very spry, yet extremely stable. I just KNOW I'm not gonna go over, regardless of the water conditions. And no, this is not my first kayak -- but it will definitely be my last. A real gem! She's DaBomb!

I am a day user that kayaks…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/30/2007
I am a day user that kayaks mainly inland lakes which connect to Lake Superior. Bought my Skylark this last spring - own a rotomolded Current Designs Kestrel and planned on getting the TCS version until I demoed the Eddyline Skylark after checking them out online and the DVD they sent. The Skylark handled three foot waves beautifully and tracks great. I am very pleased with it and highly recommend anyone purchase this kayak.

Rented a Skylark on big Ross…

Submitted by: paddler231097 on 9/20/2006
Rented a Skylark on big Ross Lake in the rugged No. Cascades NP in Wash. state. Wow, what a great little boat! It tracked beautifully in moderate 5-15 mph winds, was very comfortable and super easy to poke into narrow canyons. We easily carried it inside a 15 ft. motorboat. Agree w/ above comments that it's expensive for a small kayak, but really handles like a longer (i.e. more sea worthy) boat! Up to 6- 8 miles per day this boat easily kept up w/the bigger kayaks. Feels solid in anything up to really big water or very high winds! Great boat. The Swift Wind paddles are also the BEST - way to go, Eddyline!

I'm a new sea kayaker and…

Submitted by: paddler231434 on 1/11/2006
I'm a new sea kayaker and wanted a light but durable kayak. I love the skylark. It is so much fun to paddle. We've had one serious winter storm in which my boat was bashed around and hung by a cable. It didn't have a scratch. For exploring little inlets and shelves it's hard to beat and the decking and rear bulkhead and carbonlite finish make it look and feel like a real sea kayak. I've had more than one person comment on its looks.

However I do want to do some real sea kayaking expeditions in the southern gulf islands, and was advised that this boat should not be taken there as it will be too difficult to control in big seas, and to do self rescue in. I'm definitely eyeing one of the skylarks bigger siblings for next year. But I think I'll keep it because it is just too much fun.


I am absolutely delighted…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/9/2005
I am absolutely delighted with my Skylark!! I wanted a light weight and stable kayak and did not intend to spend $1000+... BUT AM I GLAD THAT I DID!!! The Eddyline is everything and more! Very stable (I traverse lakes only, but there are MANY BIG speedboats on these waterways...) It is FAST, and a breeze to paddle. I am over 50 and I did not want to carry 41 lbs over a distance of even 50'. My husband built a little "cradle" that fits into my "little red wagon" that I put in the back seat of my car... it's perfect. I bought a Thule kayak rack w/roll bar, so placing the Skylark on the cartop is very easily accomplished. Try the boat out prior to buying one as it is not cheap. Hopefully you will love yours as much as I love mine!

Unbelieveable, what a…

Submitted by: smurrill on 11/4/2004
Unbelieveable, what a complete package. Perfect for flat water, ie very stable, excellent for the great Lakes because of the small cockpit, and very lightweight, great for transpoting some distance to your favorite put-in by yourself. I paddled this new Kayak in Lake Michigan before the weather turned. Handles well, great value.