Sea Ghost 130

Sea Ghost 130 Description

The Sea Ghost 130 is your ultimate companion for any on-the-water adventures. Spanning 13 ft, it stands out as one of Vibe's roomiest and most stable kayaks. The characteristic Vibe stability ensures seamless casting, whether you're seated or standing. The Sea Ghost 130 offers comfort and generous space for day-long paddles. Its capacity to effortlessly carry a substantial amount of fishing or camping gear ensures you reach your destination with plenty of energy left for the day ahead. Package Includes: Vibe Hero Seat 2.0

Features: Pro-Angler Solutions: Explore a myriad of professional angler rigging and ample storage options, complemented by an integrated rudder for energy savings during extended paddles or challenging weather conditions.

Impressive Weight Capacity: This kayak is the heavyweight champion in its class, boasting a robust 550 lbs capacity for all your gear and more.

Optimized Comfort and Sight Fishing: Experience comfort with the dual-position Vibe Hero Seat 2.0—breathable mesh fabric ensures quick drying and optimal support with adjustable straps. Enhance sight fishing with Summit Perch compatibility, offering two optimized seating positions in this quick-dry and plush seat.

Superior Functionality: The Versa Center Console includes watertight seals, hinged access, dual mini hatches with PVC cargo bags, a magnetic lure catch-all, cup holder, and two gear tracks.

Abundant Cargo Solutions: Ample storage with a 20-inch front hatch and an 8-inch V Wave Deck Plate, accompanied by a PVC cargo bag to keep gear organized and dry.

Accessible Rod Holders and Tackle Trays: Two rear flush-mount rod holders keep essential rods within quick reach, while two 3600 series tackle tray slots offer fast and secure tackle changes.

Protected Transducer Port: Ensure optimal performance of your fishfinder's down imaging technology with a protected transducer port, equipped with mounting points and a lid for collision protection.

Durable Skid Plate: Safeguard your kayak's keel with a replaceable skid plate, providing protection against damage when navigating rough surfaces.


Sea Ghost 130 Specs and Features

  • Structure: Rigid / Hard Shell
  • Cockpit Type: Sit on Top / Open Cockpit
  • Seating Configuration: Solo
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate
  • Ideal Paddler Size: Average Adult, Larger Adult
  • Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate

Additional Attributes

  • Comfort
  • Dual position Vibe Hero seat
  • 4 Vibe Phantom Grip carrying handles
  • Built-in cup holder
  • Comfortable, adjustable foot braces
  • Pre-installed toe controlled rudder system
  • Gear Mounting =
  • 2 Flush mount fishing rod holders
  • 4 Integrated, top-loading gear tracks
  • Fishfinder transducer port with mounting points and protective lid
  • Fast access bow paddle park
  • 2 Side bungee paddle parks
  • Cargo =
  • 8" sealed V-Wave deck plate with waterproof cargo bag insert
  • Large sealed V-Wave bow hatch with waterproof cargo bag insert
  • Rear cargo storage area with bungee tie down
  • 2 tackle tray holders: Fits PLANO™ 3600 tackle tray
  • Vibe Versa Console featuring:
  • Watertight seal
  • Hinged access
  • Dual mini hatches with cargo bags
  • Magnetic gear catch
  • Cup holder
  • 2 top-loading gear tracks
  • Construction =
  • Rotomolded single piece polyethylene
  • 10 scupper holes (plugs included)
  • Replaceable skid plate

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I bought a Sea Ghost 130 in…

Submitted by: GOLFING69 on 3/24/2021
I bought a Sea Ghost 130 in 2016. Great yak!!! Back then it was only $799.

Outstanding fishing kayak.…

Submitted by: thunor on 7/26/2020
Outstanding fishing kayak. Very stable. Lots of extras for the price. Customer service is great as I lost a screw and plastic spacer from the seat and they got me the replacement parts in two days. Only thing close to a negative would be the weight but I'm an older out of weight boater so that is probably all me.

The first Kayak I have been…

Submitted by: paddler820748 on 7/13/2020
The first Kayak I have been on the water in for at least 45 years. To say I was a little nervous is an understatement. This kayak has been amazing for the past 6 months. Stable, easy to paddle, and with the portable cart easy to move from trailer to water. A few customization s made it even better like a yak strap and cushioned footing. Now ai am looking for a two week camping trip (well, maybe I will start with a couple of days). Would definitely recommend this kayak to anyone wanting a large river/lake/ocean yak. And teh company has been great to answer questions.

My first Kayak. Very good…

Submitted by: Nimrod1010 on 5/9/2020
My first Kayak. Very good choice. Some of the things that stand out compared to other Kayaks I researched. Stable, 33” wide hull. I’m 250 pounds and a novice. 550 lb. weight capacity. Gives me a lot of confidence paddling the Indian River Lagoon in Florida. Installed Rudder Kit, still learning my paddling skill set, probably best to get that down before I use the rudder. Nonetheless, rudder noticeably helps my novice skills turn. Not all Kayaks come with rudder. Replaceable skid plate, Sea Ghost 130 is pretty heavy, 75 lbs., it’s nice having the skid plate. Put some wear and tear on the back part of Kayak while accessing the water. Not all Kayaks have a replaceable Skid plate. Those are just a few of the things that standout for me with this purchase. Obviously many more things to talk about, Comfort, Gear Mounting, Cargo, Construction but the topics I covered came to mind first. Only issue, my rudder cable, to activate (Drop / Pull Up) broke on about the tenth pull. Inconceivable that could happen, We just knotted up the end of the remaining cable and still works fine. I’ve heard some people upgrade these cables before they hit the water, not in my skill set. Great Value, Good Looking Kayak. Zero Buyer Remorse.

I purchased the Vibe…

Submitted by: paddler581022 on 2/7/2020

I purchased the Vibe Seaghost 130 for the fact that I wanted a higher end kayak; however, my finances were a bit tight. I love the features of the kayak the seat is comfy enough to fish all day without getting stiff and hurting. I absolutely love the center hatch it is a catch all on my kayak for all kinds of fishing lures. The rudder was something I though would be amazing; however, I never used it. The storage inside the hull is large enough to store my dry bags when I go kayak camping. I am a big guy 6'0" 260 lbs and after acquiring my sea legs the boat is really stable. I can get all the way out on the front of the boat and get items out of the hatch without falling in or over. The only item on the kayak that I believe could be upgraded are the toe control foot pedals. The tracking system for the pedals has a lot of movement. A very small draw back for an affordable upper end boat. I have had mine for over 2 years now been down countless rivers, lakes, the Atlantic ocean, and the Gulf of Mexico and it has preformed flawlessly.


Very stable and well built…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/4/2019

Very stable and well built kayak. The seat is comfortable and well built. Great customer service too. Lots of storage for gear in the hatches and behind the seat. Great kayak for the price.


Great kayak and even better…

Submitted by: paddler570127 on 12/2/2019

Great kayak and even better customer service.


This kayak is exactly what I…

Submitted by: paddler549072 on 9/4/2019

This kayak is exactly what I wanted in a fishing kayak, It's steady I don't feel like I'm going to tip over even when waves come my way from ski boats and jet ski's, There is ton's of storage space on top and inside, The rudder system works great even on windy days. Even standing up on it is not a problem, The price is also a great selling point it was 100s less than most other brands. I would highly recommend the this kayak for the beginner to the seasoned kayak fisherman. #vibetribe


I love this kayak! It is…

Submitted by: paddler534153 on 7/26/2019

I love this kayak! It is sturdy, comfortable and has plenty of space to take gear if you are going to be out for awhile or camping. Even though it is a little bigger and heavier than the rest, it glides through the water and maneuvers tight creeks very well! We wanted a little sturdy, heavy duty yaks because we fossil hunt and snorkel in rocky areas and of course we bring rocks and fossils home. So much room for storage on top and even in the hull. Would buy another or another one of their products for sure. for sure


A fantastic kayak,…

Submitted by: paddler463884 on 9/10/2018

A fantastic kayak, especially for the price. The features cannot be beat. We have ended up with 5 vibe kayaks for our family, and we absolutely love them. Sturdy construction, and very stable. My kids were standing in theirs the first day out. Fishing from them is a breeze. Cannot wait to take them down to Florida in the fall.

The seats are very comfortable. Plenty of storage space too. We are novices, brand new to kayaking, but we have had no issues at all in setting up the seats, the rudders and control pedals. There are plenty of videos out there for this, along with a Facebook group for Vibe owners that is an excellent source of information.

I have had this kayak for over a year now, and still love it.


I did a ton of research and…

Submitted by: SCORPION5 on 8/9/2018

I did a ton of research and found great reviews on this kayak. Overall I have been very happy.

Pros: seat is awesome, tons of storage space, love the center storage compartment, rudder comes with boat, price is great, paddle comes with boat (although I upgraded to a 160 bending branches paddle), kayak is stable but I am still not comfortable standing. I am 6ft and 215lbs and the boat handles my weight along with a cooler and fishing gear with no problem.

Cons: kayak is very heavy, the rear handle is almost useless since the rudder is directly over the handle, the rudder control rope latch is poorly designed.

Would I buy it again? yes


Great kayak at a reasonable…

Submitted by: ctimbs on 6/19/2018

Great kayak at a reasonable price. Love the fact that the rudder comes factory. Found set up to be easy enough. Tons of space to store gear, tackle, etc... Stability is excellent. We have had thees on large lakes, rivers, and small streams. they have handled everything we have thrown at them.

In the event that something does go wrong, Vibe has an excellent reputation for standing behind their product. i did have to file a warranty claim on one of our five kayaks. It was resolved to my satisfaction within 6 days. Responses to questions and the claim where quick, polite, and professional.


Very well built kayak and…

Submitted by: paddler443845 on 6/19/2018

Very well built kayak and good price.


Purchased a vibe seaghost…

Submitted by: paddler443206 on 6/18/2018

Purchased a vibe seaghost 130 to replace my previous kayak which seemed a bit cramped and a little unstable. The sg130 was worlds more stable than my previous kayak. Not to mention every bit as fast and easy to paddle. The included gear track and rudder made it an excelent bang for the buck. I honestly prefer it over the feelfree lure 13.5 my dad has.

I would recommend it to anyone looking for a stable fishing platform.


Excellent paddling fishing…

Submitted by: paddler436052 on 5/30/2018

Excellent paddling fishing kayaks for the price point.


This kayak has many key…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/8/2018

This kayak has many key features that puts it high on the list for best fishing kayak. Stable, can be fished standing, tracks well, decent speed, foot controlled rudder "my favorite feature", comfortable, easily customized for your type of fishing and affordable. Hard to beat, especially if you fish shallow water like we do on the Texas coast.


Excellent boat. Have owned…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/8/2018

Excellent boat. Have owned others (high end) and this yak is just as good, and fast.

I'm at 1 month in and about a dozen trips. I've added a 45lb RipTide and can go many miles.


Great stable fishing kayak.

Submitted by: duck9191 on 10/5/2017

I have had my Sea ghost 130 for a few months now and try get out on it a few times a week. I normally get out on either a local river that is calm minus heavy pleasure boat traffic where wake is allowed or on Lake Huron. Both areas are riddles with pleasure boats and the lake sees a lot of freighters but the Sea ghost handles the wake surge and waves great, only occasionally do you get any water over the bow and that normally only when they are 3'+.

The kayak is very stable, many people fish standing up from them, I myself have not, my balance isn't the greatest lol. Without the rudder down it tracks straight with very little to no wag while paddling. Turning without the rudder is better than i expected for a 13' boat, as long as you have some speed digging in will turn you. With the rudder down it tracks like its on rails and turns sharper. The weight rating is no joke, im about 220lb, and with probably 80 extra lb of stuff the kayak is still a ways out of the water. A buddy's tarpon 12 looks like it's sinking with near the same load.

Seat is great, we have had a few 9hr fishing trips and there was no discomfort or fatigue. The mesh helps it stay cool, and it does try pretty fast if you get it wet. The two seating positions are nice, i normally stay in the high position. You feel a bit more roll in waves in the high position but not enough to cause stability issues.

Hatches are nice, they include bags which makes them great for small items you don't want to lose in the kayak. The front one is tricky to reach while on the water, but the back one is easy to get to, depending on how long your arms are it might be tough to reach the bottom. Center console is huge, but the cup holder does cut into the storage space so be mindful of where that is located on the lid and pack around it. There are tons of spots to mount scotty's or ram mount adapters on the lid of the console, along with a fish ruler and cup holder. The two spots next to the seats do fit the plano boxes well, but the bungee retention idea could use some work as they tend to pull the boxes down and push them under the seat. A nylon strap at the bottom to hold the boxes from slipping under the seat with the bunge string on top to hold them in would be a cheap fix and make it much more useable. I like that the gear tracks are molded into the body of the kayak, it makes hanging your legs over much more comfortable than some other models where they mount on top.

It is heavy, but if you are considering a kayak like this you should be expecting that. I use a cheap cart, makes moving it a non issue. If you are loading on the top of a vehicle, especially with j bars it could be tricky. I have a truck so I just set the nose on the tailgate, lift from the stern and it slides in. I do have some bed racks for camping since it would hang over the tailgate far enough to hit my camper. Getting it 8' in the air is a two person job.

I wouldn't change much about the kayak, maybe if Vibe put an anchor trolley on it that would make the "ready to fish" appeal a bit more, and their cost would be very low as there isn't much to them. The improvement to the planno tackle box retention system i mention earlier would be pennies to fix from the factory and some a lot of frustration. I honestly wouldn't mind the center console being a bit taller, it's already there, getting some extra storage wouldn't hurt for no real loss.

Vibes Customer service is great. My first one arrived with what looked like someone stabbed it with a hi\lo fork. the gouge was the size of my thumb and deep, like im surprised there is that much material deep. One call and they had another one on the way.


New to Kayaks and kayak fishing

Submitted by: paddler364074 on 5/24/2017

I never had a kayak or even tried one but I always saw plenty of them when I was out on my boat fishing, now that kids are out of house I had great offer for my boat and couldn't pass it up. So I decided to try kayak fishing. I did a lot of research online and talked to many guys at the lake I fish and the beach I surf fish here in Jersey. I finally decided that at this price I would try the SG130 and if I didn't like it I could always get one of those high end ones for twice the price.

It took me a while to find one, as no shops seemed to have them in stock. But finally last Friday I drove 3 hrs and picked one up. The guys at French Creek Outfitters were great and set it all up for me. Even added a couple of Scotty rod holders that fit perfectly into center console hatch cover. Also some non skid rubber padding on deck for standing. The following morning I went to beach to launch this thing for first time.

It is light enough that I was able to carry it about 150 yards to edge of surf (I will but a cart to make that easier) The SG130 went through surf easily, at first it felt a bit tipsy, this was my first time out, but as I got used to my movements in seat it seemed much more stable. I didn't venture too far off beach but far enough to get in the action.

Fishing from this kayak was great, very comfortable seat and I was able to stand a few times without issues. I am no kayak expert but this SG130 is awesome. Plenty of room for gear and cooler. I cannot imagine the so called high end kayaks being that much better if any better at all.


Your money's worth and more

Submitted by: Paddlinpals on 12/12/2016

With well equipped fishing kayaks crossing the $1200 price line and rising, it's very interesting to find the Vibe Sea Ghost 130 priced at $899 so feature rich. At 13 feet with a 550 lb weight capacity, a fantastic adjustable position seat, toe control rudder, locking hatches fore and aft, a nice pre drilled front console cover, transducer port, accessory rails, built in tackle box storage and 8 drain holes with plugs, you are not left with to many accessory purchases to make to go get on the water. The 79 lb weight is a shade heavy, but still consistent with its competitors and a pretty good trade off for the added weight capacity. It's available in 4 different camo schemes Orange, Brown, Blue and Gray. I chose the blue and while I personally prefer solid color boats, I received lots of compliments on it and I had the security of knowing that while I was cruising Compano Bay over Thanksgiving weekend that I was safe from submarine or aerial attack.
Seriously though its a really nice boat if you are a 200 lb plus guy like me, who is used to sitting in a puddle of water all day in your 350 lb capacity SOT. Its not going to win any races, but it does move right along for such a wide (34") boat. On my first trip out with it the water was fairly flat, but as the day progressed, the wind came up and I was very impressed with how it handled the waves, which kicked up to about 18" to 20" and how stable I felt moving across the chop and riding in the ditch. With the toe control rudder, I could also setup a line and stay right on it into the wind. It also maneuvered very well in waves in current as I was able to slalom though pier pilings and make cuts through narrow openings in breakwater rock piles like it was a much smaller and lighter boat.
I really did not uncover any real flaws with this boat, I think I made the right choice. My next project will be to remove the tray under the front console to add additional in hull stowage. It comes pre-marked, but I have not summoned up the courage to make the cuts yet. Between the console, the front and back hatches and the generous rear tankwell, there should be plenty of space to stow gear for overnight trips. I will keep you posted.
All in all a very comfortable and capable fishing platform for not a lot of money. I would highly recommend it. You can purchase them from local dealers or directly from Vibe via their website.


What more is there to say…

Submitted by: paddler237110 on 10/11/2016
What more is there to say than what everyone else here has already said!? The Sea Ghost 130 isn't my first kayak (by a looooong shot) but it's definitely been one of my favorites! I picked up the 2016 version in April and it was originally going to be my reservoir kayak but this boat QUICKLY turned into my go-to, all-round, she can do it all kayak! I also own Feelfree Lure which of course is a lot more stable (not the Sea Ghost isn't stable) but the Lure is a LOT slower. Not sure how they did it with the Sea Ghost but it's definitely the perfect mix of speed and stability. I can still stand and fish (and set hooks without swimming lol!) AND being a faster boat, it's definitely a lot less exhausting to paddle on the big water trips.

As far as quality goes, I saw the previous review from earlier today and I can tell you first hand, this kayak is as rock solid as every other kayak I've owned. I'm not exactly a "gentle" kayak user and my Ghost is no stranger to oyster bars, shoals and getting dragged down the beach! Sure she has that battle scars to prove she's being used but it ain't any more or less than the other yaks in my fleet!


I got the Seaghost 130 at the…

Submitted by: PAYAKER on 10/8/2016
I got the Seaghost 130 at the beginning of the summer and have enjoyed ever minute on the water in this kayak. It handles rivers and current with ease tracks well and has held up great with the standard wear one would see on a boat running into rocks. In the ocean it tracks great and the rudder is a big help on drifts for catching flounder.

My boat also came with the early handles that had too much flex, I called Vibe and their warranty guy Walt sent me a new pair within two days. Finally an affordable kayak company with serious dedication to customer service! Customer for life!


Purchased my Vibe a month ago…

Submitted by: paddler237164 on 10/8/2016
Purchased my Vibe a month ago and was installing a no-drill anchor trolley on it. My thumbnail scraped the side and put a very noticeable scratch on it. I haven't been out in it yet so this all I can say about the kayak at this time. My son has an old older kayak here and I tried to scratch it with my thumbnail and it left no mark at all. I like all the features on the Vibe but being that easy to scrape does not please me in that I will be fishing moving rivers with rocks. I will respond again when I take on the water. To me durability is very important in a hull.

I bought this kayak…

Submitted by: paddler237148 on 9/26/2016
I bought this kayak originally since I had seen someone leaving the beach with the very same one. I was at first scared since I am 6'1" and 200lbs, yet it is a very stable kayak and when I need I can stand up. The simplicity yet beautiful design is eye candy, but with this kayak you get the most bang for your buck. The rod holders are perfect for slow trolling and the ability to add a fish finder. It is an all around great kayak.

This kayak is cool. I like…

Submitted by: paddler237149 on 9/26/2016
This kayak is cool. I like it, good for fishing. provides fun me. feels sturdy. It is very economical and great quality for the price. Recommend it, totally

I researched Kayaks for…

Submitted by: steph46274 on 8/11/2016

I researched Kayaks for almost a year before I upgraded. I retired recently and finally have time to devote more time to hobbies. Price was a consideration but not primary. I was looking for a kayak I could use on lakes, rivers and on the intercoastal waterways in Florida. I also wanted a fishing Kayak and because of my age I wanted something easy to handle, paddle and was stable. The Vibe Sea Ghost 130 seemed to meet all my requirements.

I purchased a Sea Ghost about a month ago and have been using it on Lake Norman in North Carolina. It has meet all my expectations. It is easy to maneuver, very stable, and fishing from it is a breeze. All the accessories are easy to reach and the included rudder has made following the currents in the lake a breeze. I will be using it with great confidence on the intercoastal waterway and on the Silver River, and Oklawaha this winter in Florida.

If I were going to change anything about it I would add a replaceable skid plate on the bow like the one on the stern..
I would recommend the Vibe Sea Ghost to Beginners as well as novices and pros. Very happy with my purchase.


Bought my first yak 15 years…

Submitted by: razorklaw on 6/20/2016
Bought my first yak 15 years ago, Old Town Loon, good for getting around but never thought of fishing out of it much. Last year I started looking around for something that would fit my needs. I'm 60+ years old but I'd had a couple minor issues with strokes so balance was a concern. I hit up some of the local stores and talked to "sales" people. I made a list of what I was looking for after lots of searching the internet. Needed to be wide and stable, rigged for fishing or easy enough to rig, had to be able ride a straight line, and my budget. Last fall I started showing up and talking to people with yaks. Got a few rides and got the feel for some of the options out there. Last Nov I picked up the 130 Seaghost. I'm in Georgia so being local helped but right after that I started hitting the water with other yakers. She moves though the water with a whisper and the rudder allows me to position for the wind to keep me in the zone for fishing. I've gone out specifically in shallow beach areas to roll it just to practice my recovery, but have to work on getting it to turtle. I won't ever speak poorly of other yaks but when I talk about my Vibe...I just have to smile.

Last year I purchase 2 Vibe…

Submitted by: paddler236768 on 5/16/2016
Last year I purchase 2 Vibe SeaGhost 130 kayaks for me and my wife. We absolutely love them, whether we are in a freshwater river or saltwater lagoon they are stable, easy to paddle and track great. My brother in law compared it to his Ocean kayak and found no difference. Being older (over 50) from a health stand point I have had 2 back surgerys and kayaking helps me build and maintain my core and my wife loves the water so you can see the stress leave her body. Now I just need more time to use them.

If you're looking for a kayak the new Vibe SeaGhost 130 is the best kayak on the market for quality and price (wish they took trade ins so I could upgrade)


I bought the Sea Ghost in the…

Submitted by: UmpBurdick on 4/29/2016
I bought the Sea Ghost in the summer of 2015 and to my knowledge the 2016 model is unchanged. My criteria for choosing a fishing kayak were as follows. I wanted 12-13 foot length, sturdy, stable, comfortable with plenty of storage above and below decks and recessed rod holders. I also wanted the price to be under $1,000. Not only did the Sea Ghost have all of this but it also came with a paddle and rudder. The rudder is a huge accessory and would cost about $200 to add to other kayaks. I did upgrade the seat through Vibe for an additional $89 and I highly recommend that.

So the 5 out of 10 review…

Submitted by: paddler236573 on 10/19/2015
So the 5 out of 10 review below and thought I'd chime in. I've got a Hobie Outback for distance games and a Sea Ghost for shallow games. At 280 pounds and 6' tall, the Ghost is way more stable than the Outback for me. Don't get me wrong, I love my Hobie to death but sitting low in a yak as wide as the Ghost is awesome for keeping me in the boat instead of in the water. With my size, sitting up way high can get tippy. I've never once felt squirrley in the Sea Ghost and can't see that I've ever seen anyone who has.

This is a fantastic fishing…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/25/2015
This is a fantastic fishing kayak! Stability is very good. Standing up to cast is not a problem. Tracks extremely well and it is a pretty quick kayak. After a few strokes this thing will move. It's very lightweight compared to the competition. Which is nice if you have to put it on top of a SUV or car. Plenty of storage space with the forward hatch and and rear cargo area. And also the center console to store odds and ends.

The things that really sold me were the 4 flush mount rod holders, and the stock rudder. I ended up adding swivel mount holders, but just to start out you have 2 on your side, and 2 behind the seat that are easily accessible. And the rudder. The competition charges and arm and a leg for this. With the Sea Ghost, it's stock! Works very well when you're in a current, and helps when the wind gets ripping. I can float a good distance in the current with the rudder and never paddle. Saves a lot of energy.

And last but not least is the customer service. You will not find better customer service with any other kayak manufacturer than Vibe Kayaks. And the Vibe Kayak Owners Group on Facebook has the most innovative and passionate owners out there!

You will not be disappointed with the Sea Ghost


I recently purchased a SG130…

Submitted by: bigmoebbq on 9/24/2015
I recently purchased a SG130 after doing a demo with one of the Sponsored fishing team members. My main purpose was to find a boat that could handle my weight of Previously 400lb. I had no intention of fishing, just wanted one for fun and to add to my exercise routine.

I have had this boat for about 3 months. I have been out somewhere each weekend since. Met some amazing people along the way. Could not be more pleased, Tracks amazing, Floats nice, Not hard to paddle, Rudder was a great help in a crosswind. I upgraded the seat with my original purchase. Since then I also bought the better Evolve paddle. For me the nicer paddle was better on lakes and rivers. Lighter, and longer, I wanted a 250+cm paddle. Longer paddle helped with fatigue on longer runs. I could make a more shallow stroke.

Now I have the whole family going kayaking. New sport with new adventures. I have since lost 60lbs. I cannot thank the Vibe team enough for helping me get back in shape.


This is the best secret in…

Submitted by: espiam on 9/21/2015
This is the best secret in Fishing Kayaks. The Sea Ghost 130. Wide stable at 33 wide and 13ft long. At 240lbs I feel confident in it. The built in rudder i a big plus all for under $800..that's right $800. Ive been able to add holders, finder, a PFD, and more accessories and still spent less than any other new brand. I shopped around along time. Took a demo and fell in love with the SG130. You will too and your wallet will love it even better!

I am completely unimpressed…

Submitted by: paddler236525 on 9/21/2015
I am completely unimpressed with the Vibe. I find the materials cheap and the yak very unstable. I turtled in Galveston bay on a very calm night with flat water. No quick movement just sitting anchored made a slow move and over I went. I had been in the boat for about three hours when this happened and had been uncomfortable the entire time.

After one trip out the boat is in worse shape (scraps and scratches) than my Hobie was after three years of hard use. I would not purchase another Vibe currently I am rigging outriggers to salvage the boat.


I own several kayaks, sit in/…

Submitted by: K-bike on 9/15/2015
I own several kayaks, sit in/ sit on, and both single and tandem styles. We live in central PA, where most of the kayaking occurs on local rivers or lakes. We also travel occasionally to coastal areas in North Carolina and Florida, taking our kayaks along and using them in the bays and sounds, exploring and fishing. I have always just added rod holders, etc. to these kayaks to allow them the dual purpose of kayaking and fishing.

For a few years, I have thought about purchasing a single sit on kayak that would be better suited for fishing from, and in any of the locations we travel to, especially in the southern areas. There was a price limit, but did not want to go less expensive and end up with a kayak not suiting my needs and leaving me wishing I would have spent more the first time.

Basic requirements for the new yak were the boat needed to be a sit on 12' or longer without being excessively heavy. I am 55+, approx. 175-180 lbs., so do not want to be dragging a huge craft around, nor do I require massive weight capacity for the kayak. It had to be pretty stable without giving up a great amount of speed or agility. As it will be used in coastal areas, I also wanted to go with a more visible color to be better seen by passing boaters. And of course, since this will be my fishing vessel, it should be better equipped/designed from the start for fishing, rather than me modifying a new kayak just to fish from. I prefer to have adjustable foot pegs, as opposed to molded foot areas, as I feel it gives better control and molded tend to dig into the side of your leg after awhile.

I looked around for used kayaks, but unfortunately, in central PA, there are a very limited number of sit on kayaks that come up for sale. Anything in the south was usually gone by the time I called, or shipping/driving to obtain was just too costly. The units I looked at in the local sporting goods stores either fell into the "will be wishing I spent more" or the "more than I wanted to spend" categories. Looking at online stores, I could find some older style Wilderness 120 models, now rebranded under other company names. These seemed to get pretty good reviews, but not all were happy with them. Till I added shipping to the price, I was between the $600-$700 mark. There were a few other local options, including a newer style 120, but while they received better reviews, they still had people not happy with them.

More internet searching finally brought me to the Vibe kayak site, where I saw the Sea Ghost 130. The price was a bit more than the older 120's, but still acceptable for what should be my kayak of choice for a long time. Two things caught my eye while researching this new find: The items that were all part of this price, and the GREAT reviews on this site and others. I could find no one giving it a lack luster review, as I saw with other kayaks. A number of You Tube videos on the yak convinced me to contact the company for more details. This brings me to another high point with the Vibe kayaks….customer support. Through email, I received quick responses to all my questions, and I had a number of them, since there are no dealers near me, and I was still a little unsure about spending this much money for something, sight unseen and tried. I sent emails, re-read reviews and watching more videos. What finally pushed me was when they made me an offer on some overstocked 2015 models. They also were quite helpful in making sure I got the kayak after a mix up on my part with the way it was being shipped to me.

The kayak arrived by truck to my house. The delivery person commented on how well it was packed/protected compared to other brands he has delivered. The kayak was in perfect condition and the only thing needed was to attach the rudder. I did opt for the Odyssey Pro seat, which is very comfortable and recommended by the reviews I had read. Since I did not try the standard seat, I can only say I do like this upgrade. I did not upgrade the paddle, as I will probably purchase a different one later, but the included paddle is pretty nice and should suit a lot of users. If you decide to upgrade later, it will serve as a decent spare and is a two piece paddle. This brings me to the large front hatch, which is great for storing your items, such as the paddle, life vest, etc. You are able to keep everything together and being out of site, helps prevent others from just gabbing any equipment laying around and using it. Don't mind sharing, but some people do not take care of things when they do not own them.

There are a few other storage areas such as the center console, which can be used for a number of things, and also a smaller hatch behind the seat. Both hatches also have a basket that rests on the rim of the hatch, so small items can be kept in them, but can be lifted out to access the inside boat storage. They are attached to prevent them from being lost. There is plenty of room behind the seat, (covered with shock cord), and around your legs. There are carry handles front, rear, and on both sides. They appear strong and give various carry points, depending on the situation. There is also a keeper for the paddle and molded impression in the hull to keep the paddle in place. Nice! Back to the requirements, there are 4 included rod holders, two behind the seat, and two forward of center on an angle to allow for rod placement in that style while you are paddling. The center console also has several holes provided to be used with Scotty type rod holders. There are several larger scupper holes, (plugs included), which allow for attaching fishing equipment and I also use it to secure the yak by running a heavy coated cable through one of the holes and locking it up.

On the water I could not be more pleased. Specs for the craft are 13’, capacity: 550 lbs., weight: 69 lbs. and width at 33". The hull is a rotomolded polyethylene similar to other brands in this group. Very strong and tough. This kayak is very stable compared to others of similar design, but it is not a slug. I can cruise along with others, yet maneuver around with little effort. The Sea Ghost tracks VERY well compared to other kayaks and I found it easy to pick my way through shallow rocky streams. I even caught a nice bass first time out! With the higher weight capacity, I do not have it sitting as deep in the water as one would with lower capacity kayaks, so this works very well to get me through the rocks. The foot pegs also help with this. Unfortunately, I have not had a chance to test in the saltwater or use the rudder, but a well as it tracts now, the rudder will just enhance the experience. As a comparison, after using the Sea Ghost the first time, I let a friend borrow it, and I took my Old Town Vapor 10 out, along with friends using my Perception sit on tandem. The Sea Ghost is my most comfortable, straight tracking, stable kayak.

Concluding this lengthy review, I just wanted to let readers know my thought process and investigation that brought me to purchasing the Vibe Sea Ghost over others. There are many good kayaks to be had in the $500 category, but if you can afford to spend a little more, you will get a lot more kayak and it should be one you will happily use for many years, rather than wish you had waited while paddling something less.

Great kayak, great features, great customer support. Only thing better would be if they are reading this and offer me a job down south working for Vibe Kayaks. Hope they read this…


I'm fairly new to kayaking,…

Submitted by: paddler236448 on 8/25/2015
I'm fairly new to kayaking, and after much research, I decided the SG130 was the yak for me, and I have not been disappointed. This yak has plenty of room for gear, is stable and tracks as straight as an arrow. I've used it in the marshes here in SE Texas and a little btb so far. It handles like a charm. I did buy the upgrade seat, and it makes the ride do comfortable.

All in all, for under $900 (with seat upgrade) this yak with it's rudder, stability and tracking is a bargain


I am very happy with my Sea…

Submitted by: CarolinaRed on 8/24/2015
I am very happy with my Sea Ghost 130. It is a very stable and functional fishing kayak and as expected maybe not as fast as other boats, specifically the non-angling yaks. For fishing, it is a trade off most of us accept. I do wish I would have ordered the Kingfisher Seat as the standard deluxe seat is a bit thin and after sitting for a few hours, I am anxious to get out of the seat.

Originally I thought the rudder system was going to be "more stuff" in the way, but after battling currents and wind, I am so happy this is standard equipment. The only thing that I would change is the seating, the AirPro Max Seat by Wilderness Systems looks awfully appealing, although I have not tried one to compare and for the price difference I do not expect to. I have no doubt the Kingfisher Seat or comparable will fit my needs. I have no desire to add electronics so that is not a consideration for me. I am planning on adding an anchor trolley in the near future (already ordered.)

For some perspective, I am 50 years old, 5'-10", 190 lbs; have been fishing forever, new to kayaking. I fish primarily marshes, and shallow backwater - hence a depth finder has no value in my boat. The boat is solid, I have only been out five or six times now but the quality seems very good. As of today, I would buy this boat all over again.


I am very happy with my Sea…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 7/31/2015
I am very happy with my Sea Ghost 130. It is a very stable and functional fishing kayak and as expected maybe not as fast as other boats, specifically the non-angling yaks. For fishing, it is a trade off most of us accept. I do wish I would have ordered the Kingfisher Seat as the standard deluxe seat is a bit thin and after sitting for a few hours, I am anxious to get out of the seat.

Originally I thought the rudder system was going to be "more stuff" in the way, but after battling currents and wind, I am so happy this is standard equipment. The only thing that I would change is the seating, the AirPro Max Seat by Wilderness Systems looks awfully appealing, although I have not tried one to compare and for the price difference I do not expect to. I have no doubt the Kingfisher Seat or comparable will fit my needs. I have no desire to add electronics so that is not a consideration for me. I am planning on adding an anchor trolley in the near future (already ordered.)

For some perspective, I am 50 years old, 5'-10', 190 lbs; have been fishing forever, new to kayaking. I fish primarily marshes, and shallow backwater - hence a depth finder has no value in my boat. The boat is solid, I have only been out five or six times now but the quality seems very good. As of today, I would buy this boat all over again.


I just got the sea ghost last…

Submitted by: bburns6300 on 7/15/2015
I just got the sea ghost last week, I have had it on the Llano river and on the lake twice fishing, I'm 6'3" and 275lbs. It handled very very well. Very stable. I love it. Lots of storage. It's a keeper and I will be buying my wife one. And Russia from Cowtown Kayak was awesome, told me all I needed to know about the Sea Ghost. Awesome kayak. It's a "10"!

I just bought a Sea Ghost 130…

Submitted by: Wardell on 7/3/2015
I just bought a Sea Ghost 130 and I love it. I can stand up paddle around and cast my rod. Also I tried getting out and getting back on the kayak. In water over my head. After the third try I did it successfully. I'm 63 yes old 5'9 210 lbs. Very stable and easier to handle in the wind than my Old Towne canoe. I like all the storage too. This thing is lots of fun.

Took the Sea Ghost out in…

Submitted by: paddler236185 on 4/17/2015
Took the Sea Ghost out in port Canaveral yesterday for some flounder fishing. It got pretty hairy out there 3-4' swell 5 seconds apart. I got sucked around the corner of the jetty several tines where the waves got bigger. It was a constant battle for position and I never got to fish. I wouldn't recommend anyone go out in these conditions but the stability of the Sea Ghost was amazing I never once felt like I was gonna flip. That's serious peace of mind when you end up in a bad spot!!

I have the Sea Ghost 130. To…

Submitted by: 24tesla on 1/14/2015
I have the Sea Ghost 130. To give a little detail to understand where I come from in reviews, I am 6'3" at 300lbs. That being said, the Sea Ghost is one of the more stable kayaks I have paddled. I fish out of one, and have no issues with balance, or tipping. I can maneuver around and even move toward the front of the boat on the water and access my front hatch, without tipping.

A trip yesterday, in near freezing temps, and I realized I had forgot to insert my scupper plugs under my seat. This was going to make for a LONG cold day. I had my buddy paddle over, I placed my feet on the sidewalls, and hands behind the seat on the side walls and lifted myself up while he lifted my seat and inserted the plugs. This kayak did not even think of tipping. It handles my height and weight like it is nothing.

The boat paddles very easy, and tracking is very good, especially with the included rudder system. The boat is surprisingly fast as well. This is a GREAT boat for the price, and competes, in my opinion with much more expensive rigs.

If you are considering a fishing kayak, or even just a sit-on-top kayak, I strongly suggest the Vibe. Very well made, very reasonable on price, especially if you go for the package deal.


I had a Tarpon and a 135 Ride…

Submitted by: paddler236084 on 12/19/2014
I had a Tarpon and a 135 Ride and loved those yaks. Then I saw these and they got my attention. I spent 3 weeks trying to test one from a couple of local buyers. I wasn't convinced and wasn't about to buy a 3rd yak without really wanting one. I finally got to get in one and paddled it for less than an hour. I was so impressed, I went home and put both my kayaks up for sale on Craigslist. I contacted the company and arrangned to buy not two but six because I knew they were a great buy and would sell quick if I was able to get people to try them. I was right. Almost every person that I was able to get on the boat bought one and couple bought two. Then most of the other 28 boats I sold came via referrals from the original buyers.

This is not my job nor do I need to sell kayaks but it was so refreshing to see a boat equipped like the SG 130 for under 800.00 that I just wanted to share the excitement.

I fish off shore and I have two of these yaks for my daughter and my self. If anyone is in So. Florida and wants to try them out send me an email but be prepared to go fishing. I hate loading and unloading for an hour sea trial. This company is committed to these yaks and they have implemented several upgrades. The people at Vibes aren't your typical sales people, they are kayakers and anglers.


I saw these yaks on…

Submitted by: paddler236083 on 12/17/2014
I saw these yaks on craigslist and kept looking. I finally looked into one and was very impressed. I weighed over 300lbs and was tired of sitting in a wet kayak. After trying one out in Miami, I gave my son the Asend and bought one for me.

These kayaks track great even without the rudder. I hardly have to put the rudder down. They are also a very dry ride. I fish the open ocean from Pompano the the Keys and love how they move so efficiently. I also fish the bay and some back country. They are a new company but they will let you try them out and my sale guy even took me fishing off shore. I was impressed.

I've had my SG 130 for over 7 months now and finally decided to post a review. Thank you Willi, you are the man.


I purchased 2 Sea Ghost 130…

Submitted by: paddler235974 on 9/10/2014
I purchased 2 Sea Ghost 130 kayaks from Vibe Kayaks for me and my wife and we couldn't be happier! Not sure how they do but there is a LOT of kayak here for half the price of everyone else. Heck I got 2 kayaks for the price of 1 compared to anywhere else.

I would definitely suggest the seat upgrade that they offer. We got one with the upgraded seat and one without. After a month we ordered the upgraded seat. Don't get me wrong, the seat they provide is great but the kingfisher seat is no comparison!


Picked up a Sea Ghost 130…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 8/22/2014
Picked up a Sea Ghost 130 from Vibe Kayaks earlier in the summer and was very skeptical at first. I mean, a kayak this size with a rudder kit and paddle, rod holders and hatches and everything for under $800 just seemed to good to be true!

It definitely served my needs perfectly all summer. The dog and I hit the bays and lakes in the area just about every weekend and I love it. I've owned many kayaks of the years and the Ghost paddles better than the previous ones I've owned and is definitely more stable. I may have given up some of the bells-and-whistles that the other boats had but for the price — it rules!