SportsRig Adventure

by  SportsRig

SportsRig Adventure Description

The SportsRig Adventure Trailer is set up with SportsRig's five most popular accessories. Get out on the open road with peace of mind. Load all your gear at waist level. When the adventure is over, simply stand the SportsRig up in it's tripod position and wheel it into place with the Rolling Bumpers Stands.

Additional Attributes

  • Each SportsRig Includes:
  • Jack Stand
  • Handcart Handle
  • Rolling Bumper Stands
  • 66" Load Bars
  • LED Lights
  • Stainless steel hardware and Grade 8 bolts for all suspension components
  • Powder coated in a durable Black Finish. (call for custom colors)
  • Cargo capacity of 450 pounds

SportsRig Adventure Reviews

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As much as I wish I could, I…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/27/2023

As much as I wish I could, I cannot recommend SportsRig equipment. I have owned one of their trailers for about 10 years. The quality is lackluster. The trailer is serviceable; however, not well finished. Various tubing ends are left uncovered. The welds are not terribly good.

The wheels were cheap. They rusted out quickly. I called SportsRig and asked about replacements and was told that the wheels were no longer available... period.

Thus, if you buy one, you're on your own. I suggest that you look at the Yakima product; although, I have no personal experience with them... except that their wheels don't fit my SportsRig. Avoid this product.


I've had my Sportsrig micro…

Submitted by: tedlicht on 8/5/2020
I've had my Sportsrig micro trailer for almost 10 years now, and I can't say enough good things about it. I've towed it from southern Wisconsin to the north shore of Lake Superior and back behind my Prius, and it tows so well, I often forgot it was there. With Yakima accessories, the trailer is easily configured for multiple uses. I've used it to carry up to 4 boats and a rocket box. The large wheels and light weight mean that I can take it off of the car and often pull it right down to the water's edge. And loading/unloading boats from a trailer is so much easier than struggling to get them on and off the roof of a car. After owning the trailer for 6 or 7 years, I needed some help configuring it for a 22ft tandem kayak. I contacted John at Sportsrig, whose father-in-law actually built my trailer, and he happily made a custom tongue extension for me that works like a charm. So I heartily recommend Sportsrig. Their products are made to last a lifetime, and they stand behind them across generations.

This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

Trailer went together well with help from both printed and YouTube manuals. Trailer is perfect too for our two kayaks and two bikes. Tracks well and does great at 70mph. My back loves the load height! Did I mention how cool this thing is? Our European has a new best friend!

David Lindsay


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

I've been using my SportsRig for some 13 years now hauling sea, white water, and tandem touring kayaks, bicycles, and now a recumbent from Maryland to Maine as well as to trails and waterways here in Maryland and Pennsylvania. I've never had a problem, nor has the trailer has never failed me in all those years and I could not do without it to haul all my "toys." It certainly has generated a lot of attention at rest stops up and down the Northeast and hope you have gotten some more business from your ambassador in B'more! Thanks SportsRig for building such a durable versatile piece of equipment!

Jack Boyson


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

We just finished a 10,450 mile Adventure from Florida to 14 National Parks, The Olympic Trails Track Meet in Eugene Oregon and to Banff Canada. Our Sports Rig was perfect for this trip. 

Don Briggs


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

After doing quite a bit of research we found the Sportsrig Trailer for our kayaks and couldn't be happier. I am only 5' tall and was tired of getting the step stool out to push the kayaks on top of the SUV. Not a problem any longer, we use the kayaks so much more, use the handle to pull the trailer around the campground and due to space limitations we can now just remove the tongue of the trailer and stand it up in our garage. We have towed it up to Glacier National Park and it was sturdy and did the trick. One of the best decisions we ever made.

Cindi - Lake Tahoe, CA


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

I have a SportsRig trailer and I really like it. Almost every time I take it out I have people approach and ask questions about it. I always refer them to your website! I have had a problem with the wheels. I have an older model with the wire spoke wheels and have experienced a lot of broken spokes! I have replaced a dozen so far, and I have to get more as 4 more broke on my last trip. I would like to upgrade to the newer cast wheels. Otherwise, I have really enjoyed the trailer!

Ron Wright


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

I love my sportsrig. It is so light, I can pull my kayaks all around campsites and around my property! I've loaded it with 5 kayaks and driven 400 miles down south ad back with no problems. I now am adding a bike rack and cage (more toys!). The company really stands behind their product and has been really great about getting back to me (like how to get the spare tire the way it was really easy!) Thanks for this great trailer!

Clare Choate


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

I have owned a SportsRig for years and LOVE IT!!! So easy and convenient way to keep me heading to the water! Thanks SportsRig!!

Ken Adkison


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

I am extremely happy with my decision to buy a SportsRig MicroTrailer. This was my first time buying a trailer so even after hours of research I was still a bit apprehensive about the whole thing but the SportsRig team helped me at every turn. From working with me on the phone and over email to make sure I was ordering exactly what I needed, to letting me know the trailer had shipped, to answering questions during assembly, to follow-up questions over a year later... The SportsRig team has always been there for me. Besides getting a terrific trailer you are also purchasing the peace of mind that SportsRig will be there to help you and stand behind their product. 

Joe - Chicago, IL


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

We have had our SportsRig trailer for a number of years and have truly enjoyed the versatility and ease of use. We have taken it on numerous trips and used it to transport our kayaks, mountain bikes and additional equipment including camping gear. Road worthy, tows easily. 

Don - St. George, UT


This review was originally…

Submitted by: amy1 on 3/19/2018

This review was originally collected through the manufacturer's website.

I purchased the micro-trailer for my two hybrid kayaks. Assembly was fairly easy. The only problem that I had was that one of my electrical connectors was smashed in shipment. Tech support promptly sent me a new one and "talked" me through it with on-line pictures. Everything works and I'm ready to roll. I live in a town home so the break down of the tongue is great and fits easily in my garage along the wall. Extremely high quality product. I wish I would have purchased it sooner. 

Lee - Cincinatti, OH


This is an excellent little…

Submitted by: paddler236500 on 9/8/2015
This is an excellent little trailer. Our family primarily uses it to haul our two kayaks and two mountain bikes. What we've found it useful for lately is hauling all of our camping equipment. I was a little apprehensive towing a trailer but this trailer is very easy to tow. The customer service was very responsive and helpful. I would definitely recommend this trailer.

This is an update from my…

Submitted by: paddler234102 on 4/13/2015
This is an update from my review in 2011. I've had the trailer for 6 years, and the steel tubing has rusted through in several places. I recently welded on some reinforcement because the driver side wheel mount was letting go. I'm afraid I'll be replacing the trailer. As much as I love the suspension, the powdercoat finish doesn't hold up and it's just not worth the price. The wheels are also corroding badly, but the new Sportsrig trailers are using a new wheel design, so that may no longer be an issue.

My trailer is now pushing 10…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/20/2011
My trailer is now pushing 10 years old and this is my second follow-up over the years. My trailer is developing a bit of superficial rust in a few places and I will have to wire brush it and repaint it. I think that is why Rust-O-Leum was invented. It is humid in South Florida and I use my boats in the salt water a lot. I have had no particular trouble with the trailer and still think it the best trailer available for light loads such as kayaks, canoes, and bicycles. It tracks well at any speed, has almost no impact on fuel economy, and is easily stored folded up against a wall in my garage. It also is easy to handle even loaded once unhitched from the car.

I cannot comment on the reviewers who had trouble with delivery or assembly. I had one minor issue with assembly, but when I called the company the owner quickly figured out what to do and helped me. How many companies do you call and get the owner on the phone? This is a great product and I would buy it again and highly recommend it.


Last year I transported our…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 9/30/2011
Last year I transported our two kayaks from Dallas to a high mountain lake in Colorado on top of a car. This worked OK but for frequent steering corrections made necessary in a cross wind with the “sail" on top of the car. Another problem was the damage caused by the tie downs rubbing the cars paint. Fuel economy was not improved by carrying the kayaks on their sides in Malone cradles atop the car. While staying at the lake, a fellow from Texas pulled into the next unit with three kayaks on a unique trailer built for the purpose Myof hauling kayaks or bicycles. It featured motorcycle type independent suspension using coil over shock units. It piqued my interest to the extent that I began looking into such a trailer as preferable to car top transport.

After a lot of research using the internet, I settled on the kayak trailer produced by SportsrRig Micro Trailer. The trailer arrived in five boxes that were delivered at one time. All components arrived undamaged.

We kept the boxes in the garage for several months and didn't begin assembly until a week before a planned trip to our usual destination in the later part of summer to escape the summer heat and do a little hiking and kayaking.

After unpacking and inventorying all the trailer parts, I began the process of assembly, following the enclosed instructions. The first step is to mate the outer frame components, known at the C sections with the center frame section called the H section. Thus began assembly hell. It was nearly impossible to mate these sections. The H section is the female section and the C sections are supposed to slide into the H section until the securing bolts can be applied. I pounded on the first C section all one morning with a 24 oz dead blow plastic hammer and didn't succeed in getting it joined to the H section. The weld and ridging from punched holes inside the square tubing interfered in a very big way even though I lubed the inside of the big tube with grease to help. Much more preparation on the tubing interior should have been done by the manufacturer to make this task reasonable. By my estimate, forcing the C frames into the H frame required at least a thousand blows with a 24 ounce dead blow plastic hammer. Joining the frame sections took the better part of two days in the Texas heat. I had to laugh at the instructions at this point because they said,"If needed, tap the sections a little with a rubber mallet to help line up the holes." In fact, this was not a laughable matter and proved a major unexpected challenge.

The balance of the assembly was far from problem free. I next discovered that the load bars, which sit atop the frame, did not match up with the locating holes in the frame. To make them line up I was forced to spread the legs of the load bars with a jack. It took some head scratching to engineer the fix.

The next problem was encountered in mounting the tongue extension. Again the inside of the female tube was full of welding and drilling burrs. Using the knowledge gained from mating the frame member, this time I used a long file to massage the interior of the female tube to allow an easy seating. On sliding the two sections together, we found the drilled holes for through bolting did not line up. Fortunately I had the proper tool to enlarge the misaligned bolt holes so that the two sections could be bolted together. v On the third day of assembly hell I again faced another major problem. The lights would not work. Only the running light on the drivers side smiled at me. My knowledge of electrical problems is extremely limited, but I have an excellent son for whom this was no challenge. As an aside, it would be nice to have had a wiring diagram for the trailer.

My son inspected and tested the trailer lighting and determined there was no ground to the tail lights and that the passenger side running light light bulb was broken. The bulb was broken but the plastic lens showed no sign of rough handling. SportsRig had run a ground wire to the running lights only. They overlooked the fact that the powder coating on the frame insulated the sections from each other. My son ran an additional ground wire to the tail lights and replaced the broken light bulb and the lights functioned nearly properly. However, in examining and testing the supplied tail lights we determined they were so poorly constructed that constant contact for the light bulbs was unlikely. We decided to replace the tail lights to assure constant function. We replaced the taillights with LED lights that function properly all the time.

The final problem was that the the jack stand would not fold back on the tongue because the wiring harness was in the way. We altered the harness so that the jack stand could be folded up onto the tongue. At last assembly was complete in only five days.

Assembly of the trailer has not been a pleasant experience. The manufacturer could have done a much better job by practicing a modicum of quality control, However; 0ne thing is certain, the powder coat is tough, it has absorbed more than a thousand hammer blows without complaint. The trailer's first outing was a trip of 805 miles one way with two kayaks on Malone cradles. The trailer performed flawlessly once we overcame the problems of quality control. In retrospect, I would not choose this manufacturer over other alternatives and would advise others to proceed with extreme caution when choosing a trailer supplier.


I've had my Sportsrig trailer…

Submitted by: paddler234102 on 7/5/2011
I've had my Sportsrig trailer for about 2 years, now. I use it to haul 2 kayaks to the various places I paddle in the general area. When I first ordered the trailer, it took about 6 weeks to get it. I had to make a mount for my license plate, because the mount that came with it was too flimsy and the plate would hit the tire. The next problem I had was with one taillight shorting out where the wire was pinched between the light fixture and the trailer. Then I had a problem with the lights not working due to a grounding issue.

In the two years I've been using it, it has developed some serious corrosion issues. The powder coating on the load bars didn't last a year. I would expect some corrosion from salt water, but I don't think the trailer is going to last 5 years at the rate it's going.

And finally, the reason I'm writing this review, now, is that I had not ever mounted my spare tire, due to the short distances I travel there was no need to risk having it stolen. As I am preparing for a longer trip, I decided to mount the spare tire under the trailer where it is stowed. I could not get the bolt to thread into the nut that is welded to the trailer. At first I thought the problem was corrosion, and maybe it was, but after lots of time with a can of WD40, axle grease, and as much torque as I could muster, screwing the bolt in and back out, over and over, I finally decided that the threads on the bolt don't match that nut, or something. I'm off to the hardware store to get a tap to rethread that nut. If that doesn't work, I'll have to make room for the tire in the trunk.

Given what that trailer cost, I would expect it to have not required engineering changes on day 1, and I would have hoped for a little better corrosion protection.
I must go now, to fix some more wiring problems and try to get that spare mounted. Considering I could have built that trailer for about $600 to $800, and I paid about $1850 for it, I would not recommend it to anyone. However, it does tow well and the overall design is good, so if money is no option, and you don't mind fixing some things... If I had it to do over, I'd have built it myself and saved a lot of money.


I researched trailers for…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/5/2011
I researched trailers for many months until finally deciding on Sportsrig. I read the reviews most of which were more positive than not. The price was higher than others, but there were options offered the others did not have. I ordered a Deluxe with just about every option available.

I placed my order via the website on October 29, 2010. I received an email a few days later stating that the lead time had been extended to 4 weeks. I was OK with this as I purchased it early based upon other reviews on this website. I figured I would be receiving the trailer early to mid December. Mid December came and I had not heard anything, so on the 18th I checked the status of my order and it showed it had been shipped. I had not received an email, so I sent one to the customer service. I was told it was an error and that my trailer was scheduled to ship on the 24th. The 24th came and went. I waited till the 29th and was getting ready to send an email when I received notice that Fed Ex had been notified for pickup. I waited to see the status as picked up on the Fed Ex site only to notice that nothing was happening. I called the customer service on January 4, 2011 and inquired as to the delay. I was informed that they have had continued problems with Fed Ex pickup. They contacted Fed Ex and the order was finally picked up.

I received my 7 boxes on Friday, January 7, 2011. The assembly was easy and all the parts went together well. The only thing missing were the extension lights I ordered. I sent an email and was informed that they would be shipped on the 12th of January. This was unfortunate because I had planned a trip to the Everglades and Florida Keys starting January 20, a trip of 1600 miles one way. The lights did not ship in time for my trip.

The trailer performed great on the interstate even at speeds of 70+ MPH. My wife and I spent the first couple of hours checking our mirrors, but after a while we became comfortable with the trailers performance, which can only be described as great. I enjoyed the fact that I could easily move the trailer when unhitched, even with 4 seventeen foot kayaks on board. When staying at hotels I could choose to block 3-4 spaces like an ass or unhook the trailer and park it next to me. My only concern was with security when I unhooked, however, I came to the conclusion that a couple of U Bolt type bike locks through the wheels and frame would solve that problem. I did have some problems with the taillights not grounding out properly, but this was easily resolved with a 7/16 inch wrench.

I have nothing bad to say about the trailer itself, so far I love it. The Sportsrig customer service has been pretty good they respond quickly and courteously to my emails and phone call. My only complaint is that a company that has shipping problems such as they are having should consider an alternate method. I would have dumped Fed Ex like a bag of used diapers if I were them. The website shows they have other shippers such as UPS available. I finally got the extension lights on February 4, 2011 only after sending an email asking what the hold up was with shipping. The extension lights are OK, but not really worth the money. I received one that is broken. The design is cheap and there is no way to secure them the the kayaks/cargo. I will probably just go buy some lights and wire them up for my own use. I would suggest just finding a male connector to match the female on the trailer and do your own wiring if you have the ability to do so.

I am giving a rating of 7 because of the time it took to fill the order and the problems with shipping which near the end (for the trailer) started to worry me since I had made plans. I hope to use this trailer much more in the future and will make additional posts if I have any concerns. Hopefully this helps anyone who is seriously looking for a trailer. Good Luck.


I ordered my SportsRig…

Submitted by: paddler233536 on 4/12/2010
I ordered my SportsRig trailer in early March 2010 for a trip later in the month. The person I dealt with at SportsRig agreed to have the trailer out the door and to Fed Express by mid-March. Both delivered exactly on time. The parts, powder coating, and finish all looked fine. A friend and I put the trailer together without incident with all parts used and none left over. We hooked it up to the van, plugged in the trailer lighting connector and everything worked. It was a good feeling. A short test ride went fine except that I couldn't see the trailer out the rear window of my camper van. The solution was a yellow fiberglass antenna with an adapter for the rear load bar all from a local bike shop. It worked fine for backing the trailer and giving a visual cue as to where to the rear of trailer was. It would be a good accessory for SportsRig to offer for trailers hooked to vans or SUV’s that block the view of the trailer.

We took off on a 1500-mile trip with our fingers crossed. The trailer handled beautifully and if it hadn't been for the fiberglass pole I wouldn't have known it was back there. It carries two kayaks using Yakima Stackers and a large Thule Cargo box with no problem at all. The SportsRig's 1,500-mile maiden voyage was uneventful. My initial rating is 10 out of 10 for SportsRig because they and it deserve no less.


I reviewed this previously…

Submitted by: brodgers on 10/14/2009
I reviewed this previously and still think the trailer is great. I've had a lot of trouble with an accessory though and non-responsive customer service. I ordered the risers to solve the fender clearance issue. Nice idea, but the bolts did not work as the originals were too long.

I've tried repeatedly via email to get correct replacement bolts and there has been no response over a couple of months now. I wasted my money with the risers as I can't use them. While this seems to be a good product, the lack of response to simple email questions is not acceptable.


I won't repeat the comments…

Submitted by: paddler233332 on 8/27/2009
I won't repeat the comments from the previous reviews. I've had this trailer for 4 years, and the biggest problem I've had is rust. Initially, there were a few problems with fit and assembly, but the biggest problem now is that the thing is rusting like crazy -- even stored inside. The wheels are the worst situation.
In a fresh water situation, this might not be quite as bad.

Just a follow-up to my recent review (2/17/09)... My girlfriend reminded me that…

Submitted by: jwgeorge on 2/25/2009
Just a follow-up to my recent review (2/17/09)...
My girlfriend reminded me that my 300lb brother was along for the ride to Florida. That and all our luggage and gear for a 3-4 day trip could have easily added to the strain on the car thereby reducing the gas mileage. Also, I used my V8 Jeep Grand Cherokee recently to tow the trailer with one bike and two kayaks. The gas mileage remained steady at 17 mpg. So, no lower than normal operations.

I stand by the "8" rating due to the minor customer service issues, but it really is a solid trailer.

As for wait time on your order... yes, that is true. But I learned from all previous posts and ordered in the fall so I'd have it for the following season. Much better idea!


I purchased the Deluxe version. What people say about the wait…

Submitted by: CCarlson101 on 2/20/2009
I purchased the Deluxe version.
What people say about the wait is correct. I ordered July 1, 08. I was told it would ship the week of 7-25. Initially you pay 50% with the remainder charged when your order is prepared for shipping. At the end of July my credit card was charged for the balance, but my order wasn't shipped. When I contacted them I was told there was a delay with powder coating and would ship 8-8. Then the wheels didn't come in and it was delayed to 8-21. Finally did get it Labor Day weekend. It was shipped w/o the spare tire since that was on backorder. They also forgot to ship the extension light I ordered. Got those a short while later.

The wiring was incorrect on my unit. Took it to a trailer place and they corrected it and SportsRig wrote me a check for the cost. Went together fine. Best done with the help of another. Pretty pricey especially after adding Thule or Yakima holders, so I co-titled with another person.

This thing is awesome. Very stable. I carry kayaks, bikes, cargo box. Saves my back. Easy to load by one person and everything feels secure unlike trying to load a roof rack. Would rate a 10 if they would be honest about delivery and the wiring had been correct.


I purchased the deluxe…

Submitted by: jwgeorge on 2/17/2009
I purchased the deluxe package with the beefy suspension, longest tongue, and extra bars (wide ones). My goal was to be able to carry all my toys for multi-sport activity plus all my girlfriends gear also.

- I can fit super long surf skis (over 21 feet), the suspension is great, and the wheels are the newer design which eliminates the rust issues mentioned below. Very important change there. I wouldn't have made the purchase if that hadn't been changed.

- I've had a hard time trying to figure out how to fit more than a couple bikes on it. It was difficult to find a bike tray that extends far enough to attach to the lower load bars. I have those on outer sides of the upper load bars. The length between the upper load bars is too far to be able to mount bikes up there. I'd like the ability to place at least 2 road bikes and 2 mtn bikes on the trailer when not hauling boats, but it doesn't seem like that is possible.
- Gas mileage. It was interesting to see someone comment on using their Honda Civic Hybrid and maintaining high fuel efficiency. I have successfully towed the trailer with a regular Honda Civic, but the gas mileage dropped from around 40mpg to the low 20's. And this was just a trip from SC to FL, so mostly flat land. I can't imagine taking it into the mountains. Granted, I had two bikes and two boats, but the boats were very light at 28 and 33 pounds. The mtn bikes were at a total of about 50-55 lbs. So this was a load of about 115 lbs and my gas mileage plummeted. That was very disappointing after spending so much $$ on the trailer and buying a tow package for the Honda Civic. My guess is that a V6 engine or better would pull the same load really well with very little reduction from regular fuel efficiency. Or carrying 2-3 lightweight boats would likely be fine with the 4 cylinder engine. But apparently it's asking too much to haul what I would normally want to haul with a little economy car.

The customer service was so-so. When I could reach the owner he was friendly but very busy. They failed to send some minor hardware pieces which was annoying, but nothing I couldn't pick up locally.

Overall, it is a solid design. Maybe not what I was hoping for in fuel efficiency while towing it, but it seems there is some hope based on comments below.


This trailer is fabulous.…

Submitted by: brodgers on 8/29/2008
This trailer is fabulous. Tows beautifully, smooth, minimal (if any) impact on gas mileage, easy to load and unload. I couldn't be happier with the performance. My only reservation is that the fenders protrude above the level of the racks which seems to limit the space on the bars that can be used, especially with a kayak that drops below the level of the load bar. I am currently transporting to 12 foot kayaks and a cargo box. Very, very pleased with the trailer, ease of assembly, and quality of product. Good customer service, too!

I received my Sportsrig…

Submitted by: paddler232502 on 3/25/2008
I received my Sportsrig Classic last July with much anticipation and worry. I carry one 14' fishing kayak plus gear and usually fish alone. I'm also not very tall so this kind of trailer was appealing. After purchasing it I came across some posts describing rust issues. I worried I spent over 2k on an item that will last a couple of years.

Assembly was pretty easy and took about 3.5 hours. Since then, I've used it to haul luggage on a 1k mile ski trip. It handled wonderfully, even through ice and snow. Loading the kayak is a snap. However, I am beginning to notice some very small rust spots on the spoke wheels and frame. I'm hoping I can stop it by applying rhino liner.
I'll post an update in about a year.


I took delivery of my…

Submitted by: mncrash on 11/2/2007
I took delivery of my assembled Sportsrig Classic microtrailer at the manufacturer, since I live in California. I towed it without any boat 250 miles home on highway and mostly freeway behind my 2007 Corolla with automatic trans. I got 32+ MPG and hardly noticed the trailer was behind me! I am most pleased with the trailer and tow canoes on it. With a little adapting and an extra pad of my own, the trailer tows my valued wood and canvas, wide and heavy, 14' canoe with no difficulty.

It took a while to get the trailer as it was summertime and the demand for the trailer was greater. The trailer is beautifully designed, assembled and finished and looks great, even folded up in the corner of my 2 car garage. The trailer is made of steel, as have all of the Sportsrig trailers been made. I noted that "joe" in his 7/26/07 review talked about the failure of his aluminum trailer, but it must have been made by another manufacturer, not Sportsrig.

I paid a little over $2,000 total for this unit, including taxes, and extras like an extension light, heavy duty shocks, load bar extension and tongue bar extension "A". The price was right for me, as I am over 70 years old and had some difficulties in loading and unloading the canoes from the top of my SUV. I look forward to years of use of this fine product. By the way, I got nothing but cooperation from the manufacturer when I had questions.


Initially pleased with set…

Submitted by: paddler232213 on 7/26/2007
Initially pleased with set up. I've loaded it within manufacturer's specs using top bars for two bike rails and a cargo box. Two 17-18 ft composite boats on lower bars. Am now experiencing my second tongue failure. The first tongue bent near the trailer. A replacement took many, many weeks last summer during peak paddling season. Now, once again, the second tongue is bending. It also appears that the frame of the trailer at the tongue has become deformed. This is not due to abuse or mishandling of the trailer. The failure has occurred on paved roads, such as they are in New England. That I payed a premium for this flimsy thing and am now left with an expensive pile of aluminum and no way to portage my boat is incredibly frustrating! Don't waste your money! Buy something more durable!!!

We have been using a…

Submitted by: paddler232152 on 7/5/2007
We have been using a Sportsrig trailer with extended tongue behind a 2005 Honda Civic hybrid with manual transmission, as this is the only way that type car will carry extra gear. You can not put wind resistance on the roof, which we knew up front from web discussions from persons engaged in bicycling, surfing, etc.
We carry an 18'10" and 17'2" pair of kayaks on 300 mile trips multiple times per year, sometimes carry a canoe, or a Yakima Rocket box and will soon try a canoe and Rocket box combination on extended length load bars.
With 2 people, the 2 kayaks and camping gear for 5 days we get 46 MPG, and highway speeds are not a problem, and we like how the rig handles behind the car.
The spoked wheels are my only rust issue. On my last order for the extended load bars I mentioned this and asked when they would get the cast wheels like Rack and Roll and was told they will be available in August 07.
When the aluminum wheels are on the trailer it would be a 10. We like it, and it fits our needs for carrying our boats and other items without excessive fuel costs.

I'm writing to add two quick…

Submitted by: paddler232046 on 5/29/2007
I'm writing to add two quick comments. I owned one of these for about a year. Great trailer in every respect, EXCEPT that it had started to rust in numerous spots, simply from being stored outdoors. For the price, I'd expect something better. In addition, one reviewer says that the Rack and Roll trailer does not fold. He's wrong. If I were buying another one of these, I'd go with the Rack and Roll -- to me, the rust-free aluminum is worth the extra money.

Ordered my Sportsrig Deluxe…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 2/6/2006
Ordered my Sportsrig Deluxe Nov. 9 with an anticipated delivery time of 8-10 weeks. It shipped Jan. 31 and I received it on Feb. 3 so the previous poster was correct in that you must be willing to wait for one. That being said, I assembled it in my driveway in between rain showers in less than a day. With plenty of space, it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours. I did find some filing necessary for some of the bolt holes and I recommend a would-be assembler have a 3/8-16 tap handy for the load bar threads. The lights worked fine after I ran an extra ground wire.

It tows behind my Toyota Corolla like a dream in town (haven't hit the highway yet) with a large tandem kayak attached (18'6" and about 90 pounds).

I did a lot of research before I made my decision and even now haven't found a comparable product. The Rack and Roll trailer doesn't have the ability to fold and store as the Sportsrig nor does it have the options available such as the extra set of load bars on top. My Sportsrig Deluxe with the "B" tongue extension, spare wheel, cargo platforms, upper rack, and extension tail light plus shipping to NC was about $2300. Rack and Roll quoted me about $2000 for what compared to Sportsrig's Basic model so it was a no-brainer.

I'm thrilled with my trailer. It is exactly what I had hoped for. Tows like a dream! However if I have any issues with longevity, I'll post again.

If you're considering one, and the price doesn't scare you, go for it!


As an add-on to my previous…

Submitted by: jayfwms on 12/27/2005
As an add-on to my previous review, the Sportsrig web site states their cancellation policy. Once you order anything from them, there is a 20% cancellation fee. Read all the reviews and be very sure of what you want when you order, and be willing to wait a long time to get it.

Please be aware that delivery…

Submitted by: jayfwms on 12/16/2005
Please be aware that delivery times for the trailers are twice or more than what they quote, but Sportsrig will charge your card the very next day. I had no assembly problems but had to do polish and finishing work on the pieces to make them fit together. I had to buy clip bolts for the tongue extension because you can't fold and store with the extension bolted in place. If you order the load bar extensions for a long kayak your regular rack hardware that runs front to rear will not fit. I ordered a mini rack in late October so I could use my Yakima gear with a promise of 3-4 weeks from the owner. Confirmation from the company after my card was charged said 4-5. When I checked in early December, it was 3-4 weeks more. When I asked to cancel the order they said I can't because it had been started. The trailer is a great design, but not worth the price. You can buy an aluminum trailer cheaper, and it won't rust. Sportsrig customer service speaks for itself. They talk nice, but that's all.

I have owned a Sports Rig…

Submitted by: paddler229965 on 11/4/2005
I have owned a Sports Rig Delux for almost two years. Once a year I carry six kayaks about 300 miles to a family reunion also when we take trips I place the Kayaks on the upper level and strap the gear for the trip to the basic trailer -- hence the requirement for the Delux model. On one of our first trips one of the shock absorbers slipped off the rubber bushing and created quite a mess. I was able to find some washers to place on the bolt to preclude this from happening again.

My tires have rusted badly and Sports Rig has notified their supplier and I have received new ones.

The rest of the trailer is rusting -- at the joints and through the powder coating. I have sent pictures to Sports Rig and they have indicated that they will fix the problem but that it may take a little time -- that was almost two months ago.

I think that the design of the trailer is as good as I have ever seen but I also think that there are serious issues with rest that must be addressed. We live in Virginia and while the trailer is stored outside it has never been backed into the water, etc so I expected it would take the weather far better than it has.

If Sports Rig does decide to fix the rusting components I will make another posting to that affect.


I'd like to add my raves here…

Submitted by: jbwwny on 8/14/2005
I'd like to add my raves here for a great product, with wonderful customer service. I put my Sportsrig together myself (with some phone help, readily available), and just took it from NY to VT and back on its maiden voyage, with a kayak and two mountain bikes. It drives like a dream, and is so sturdy and well-balanced that I didn't even feel it behind me. Because I am not yet skilled enough to back it up with precision, an added benefit is that it is so light and well-designed, I can just disconnect it and roll it into place myself (I am female - 5'4"). And it's so nice to avoid the struggle of getting those boats on top of my truck!

I'm 5'4". The top of my truck…

Submitted by: nmcfnp on 7/27/2005
I'm 5'4". The top of my truck is 7'6". My Carolina weighs 67#. My SportsRig trailer, purchased 18 months ago, is the perfect solution to the problem of geometry. I can roll it right down to the water to unload, fold it up and chain it to the truck in areas where trailer parking is forbidden, tuck it into a corner of the side yard for storage and zip down the highway with up to 3 boats like I had nothing in tow.

Just purchased our Sportsrig…

Submitted by: Sweet_t on 7/25/2005
Just purchased our Sportsrig trailer. Long wait but it was worth it. We used it a few times this summer and so far it's been GREAT! It was pretty simple to put together too and the customer support people are tremendous. I ran into a problem with a taillight which was damaged due to shipping and Sportsrig sent out a new one FREE of charge.

I love the ease of loading that this trailer offers, no more step stools. I went from an Xterra SUV to a VW Golf and my little Golf pulls this trailer like it's not even there. The trailer handles so smoothly on the road with no bouncing I have to keep checking in the rear view mirror to see if it's still with me. This trailer tracks better than my kayak! It just gets better and better because I can store this in my 10' by 12' shed. Two thumbs up to Sportsrig for a great product.


This is an update of my…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 1/6/2005
This is an update of my previous review. My Sportsrig is now about 3 years old and has many miles on it. Nary a problem. I would like to respond to the negative review. The negative review said that the sportsrig cannot haul canoes. Mine handles canoes just fine. The negative review said that this trailer was difficult to assemble. I am mechanically inclined and did encounter a problem, but I called and the owner of the company quickly put me right on track. Finally, the negative reviewer said that the shock bushings failed after half a trip. My shock bushings show no signs of wear after thousands of miles of use. Could it be that the trailer was assembled incorrectly?

I've had a SportsRig for a…

Submitted by: paddler230901 on 12/12/2004
I've had a SportsRig for a couple years now and it has performed excellent as advertised. I've taken it on many road trips and was very impressed with the way it traveled at highway speeds. I typically haul two kayaks, two bikes and a cargo box and it’s convenient to just keep everything loaded on the trailer and then just hitch up and go. Great customer service too.

Be advised, this trailer…

Submitted by: paddler230830 on 10/3/2004
Be advised, this trailer cannot carry canoes. It is difficult to assemble, we had the shock bushings fail after 1/2 a trip and when we went to return the trailer because of the many problems, the company refused to back their product. The only way we received our money back was VISA.

I bought my SportsRig Trailer…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/1/2003
I bought my SportsRig Trailer about a year ago. This trailer is THE BEST way to transport a kayak or other lightweight sports equipment that I have yet encountered. In no particular order it is superior for the following reasons: It is very easy to load/unload, because it is suspended using springs and shocks appropriate for light loads the kayak is gently transported, it tracks very straight and is stable at high speed, it folds down into the space of a bicycle against the garage wall, it is well built and will last for a lifetime if properly cared for. The only negative that I can come up with is why didn't somebody think of this sooner?

I've had my SportsRig…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 10/23/2003
I've had my SportsRig MicroTrailer for about 6 months now and love it! I originally bought the trailer to carry our 2 Ocean Kayaks, but just recently purchased their new accesory called the Mini Rack. My husband and I now carry our 2 kayaks on the bottom level and 2 mountain bikes and a cargo box on the second level. We recently went on a camping trip with all of our gear and the trailer traveled like a dream at highway speeds and on the offroad trails to get to our campsite. I can easily hook up the trailer to my Honda Civic and I actually look forward to loading and unloading because it's so easy. The customer service was excellent, always accommodating to any special needs.

This is a great trailer.…

Submitted by: jcssrq on 4/22/2003
This is a great trailer. Excellent quality and decent customer service. It takes up little space and is a joy to use. I am fairly new to paddling but one of the best things about having the Sportsrig trailer is not lifting the boats to the roof of your auto and also not having the wear and tear of cartopping. The trailer is everything the manufacturer says it is and more.

This trailer allows you to…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 4/21/2003
This trailer allows you to use your existing Thule or Yakima hardware to transport either Bikes, Canoes or Kayaks on this light Class One trailer. I have owned this trailer two years now and I am very happy with it. When I saw the add for the Jimco Portage Pal trailer I at first thought I had bought the wrong trailer to fill my needs, but seeing reviews that this company does not return calls, and is having finacial problems had me feeling that I made the right choice. When I fiist purchased the Sports Rig Trailer I was somewhat dismayed that the instructions for putting it together were not quite that clear. A quick call to the company put me in direct contact with the company's owner. It doesn't get much better than that! He quickly explained that they were redesigning the trailer and instructed me on how to properly assembel the trailer. This was completed in about one hour. Sports Rig then sent me an updated hitch and tang at thier own exspense, explaining that they had improved on the original design. (This was replacing the round tang and hitch with a much more sturdy square one.) I had some problems with the wiring due to the change in the design, but quickly resovled the problem with this issue. The trailer is light, handles well at high speed. The wheels fold up much like a bugger (A trailer for hauling a little one behind you bike) does, which mean that it takes up no space at all in the garage! The tires and suspension are based on a motorcycle type design and is very easy to maintain and adjust. Using my Yakima kayak stacker device I can mount up to four kayaks mounted on thier sides. Normaly I mount just two in the Mako Kayak Saddles, with the additional boats going on the top of the van, but in a pinch I can take all four boats that a I own if I want to. I would recomend this trailer to anyone that is considering buying a class one trailer for the purpose of hauling kayaks or a couple of canoes. Sports Rig will be buy now shippong only the newer model of trailer with the correct instructions, and they do answer thier phone to the point of giving out the owner's cell phone number! I have had the family's van up to 75 MPH and the boat were riding behind with no probelems! This is a great product!