Khimera Dual Floatation PFD

Khimera Dual Floatation PFD Description

The freedom to move on or in the water. The ultra-slim Khimera was designed to keep you nimble and fluid on the water, with a dual flotation design that levels up your gear by adapting to your situation. Mustang Survival engineered an ideal balance by offering just enough foam to stay sleek for dynamic movements while staying protected, with a hidden inflation chamber that quickly inflates should you need more buoyancy. Ultra-slim and form-fitting, it’s the perfect accomplice for any activity that requires you to move athletically on the water.

Additional Attributes

  • 20LBS total dual buoyancy
  • USCG/Transport Canada Approved - Level 70 buoyancy aid
  • Compatible with Re-arm Kit G
  • Dual flotation system blends the security of foam flotation with the slim profile of inflatable technology
  • Slim foam chassis keeps you afloat without creating bulk
  • Pulling the manual inflator boosts you to 20 lb of buoyancy, and can be very easily re-armed
  • No repacking required - just squeeze air out of the inflation cell and you're done
  • Lightweight and low profile design offers greater comfort and range of motion, and eases re-entry into your boat from the water
  • Adjustable shoulder and waist straps create a close-to-body fit
  • Bright reflective shoulder patches for visibility
  • Front storage pocket, and slot to hold extra CO2 cylinder
  • Front shoulder attachment point

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Functional and comfortable…

Submitted by: guest-paddler on 12/7/2022

Functional and comfortable PFD that you can wear all day on the water. Nice slim design and inflates easily with the CO2 when extra floatation is needed.


Absolutely fantastic ! As a…

Submitted by: paddler2352132 on 9/6/2022

Absolutely fantastic ! As a very Plus Woman in the Tata department getting back in a boat with giant flotation on top of what you have is darn near impossible and inflatables burst under that kind of pressure. This design is much slimmer and streamline but also has inflation if you need that extra lift in an emergency.


This lifejacket is a game…

Submitted by: T.W_Cook on 4/28/2020
This lifejacket is a game changer. I have a variety of lifejackets (some would say too many), including excellent jackets like an NRS Ninja. But this Khimera is quite different. There are no big stiff plates of floatation in it - as a result it is way more flexible and moves with you when paddling like no other jacket. By comparison, it feels thin and isn't in the way at all. It covers a bit more surface area than the Ninja (so you might notice that in really hot weather) but not much more. I really like the idea of having a bit of flotation boost but still being able to slide over a gunwale without obstruction, yet if I get in trouble I can pull the ripcord and have a lot more flotation instantly. The front pocket is just big enough to hold a large phone (mine is a Pixel 3XL). The extra slot to carry a spare CO2 cartridge is a nice touch too. I love this jacket, well worth the money.

I took the Khimera out…

Submitted by: paddler479402 on 12/10/2018

I took the Khimera out kayaking and loved the low profile foam vest which offered ease of movement. I pulled the manual pull tab to test the inflation functionality and it really worked well and I still could move easily. I feel safer knowing I can always get extra buoyancy if I need it. When pressing the deck and re-entering my kayak, I just released some air from the oral inflation tube which really helped get my centre of gravity down making it safer and easier to get back in. I like the option of the oral inflation to customize the buoyancy too! Great all round vest that I can also take fishing or standup.