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Core Workout for SUP

Ready to work that core like never before? This is Jodelle Fitzwater with Bic SUP and this segment is Part One…

Tags: Video, SUP, exercises

Stretching for Paddling Longevity

If you're like me you've heard that stretching is good for you. That it reduces stiffness and helps to preven…

Tags: Kayak, stretches, exercises, Health

Kayaking for Fitness

Kayaking is one of the best sports for fitness purposes and is becoming a popular fitness tool. It complements…

Tags: Video, Kayak, fitness, exercises

Getting Started with SUP Yoga

SUP yoga is exploding in popularity because anyone can do it, it's challenging, and it takes complete focus. S…

Tags: Video, SUP, yoga, basics

Core Workout for SUP: Part 2

This is Jodelle Fitzwater with Bic SUP and we're ready for part two of our core workout. [Watch part one here]…

Tags: Video, SUP, exercises

SUP Cardio Workout

This is Jodelle Fitzwater with Bic SUP, and this episode is all about cardio. We're gonna get you winded, ge…

Tags: Video, SUP, exercises

Paddle Swim

For those of you who have never visited Santa Barbara, CA, I can honestly say it is a beautiful little city wi…

Tags: Kayak, technique, rescue

Forward Stroke Strengthening continues the series of specific exercises for paddlers, but with a twist this time (or should we…

Tags: exercises, training, Kayak, Strokes

Get In Shape for Kayaking

The sport of kayak touring is an excellent form of exercise. The disciplines it develops are strength, enduran…

Tags: exercises, training, Kayak