Core Workout for SUP

Ready to work that core like never before? This is Jodelle Fitzwater with Bic SUP and this segment is Part One of two great core workouts that I'm going to take you through. This one's all about plank, from the front, to the side, to the back. We're going to be working your whole core to help you become more of an efficient paddler. As if you don't get enough core work when you're paddling, now this is going to make you even stronger in that area to make you a more efficient paddler. Let's get started.

Paddle Position
You can either tie your paddle off, I'm going to go ahead and set mine forward, just blade forward, and then the shaft can come right down the middle of the board. That way, it's kind of out of your way, but still if you need it, you can grab it.

Kneeling Plank
We're going to start on all fours, starting with a plank exercise. I'm going to show you the modification and then I'm going to show you another more advanced, way that you can do it as well. There are several ways to do plank, but the most important part is that you're pulling your wrists toward your knees and your knees toward your elbows. That's how you're going to get that core work rather than just doing plank all in your shoulders. You can either come down to your elbows, placing them right underneath your shoulders or you can be up on your hands depending on your comfort level. Either way, let's say we're down here on our elbows and our knees. Pull your elbows towards your knees or your wrists back toward your knees and your knees towards your elbows. What that's going to do is pull your ribs and your hips together like you've got strings running through your abs that are really tight.

A lot of times, people do plank and they only feel it in their shoulders. We're really going to feel it in our core this time if you drag the elbows towards the knees and the knees towards the elbows. I want you to hold here for thirty seconds. If you can't, work up to it, but start with that. I really feel that in my abs. In order to make this a little more advanced, you can be up on your toes, up on your hands, a slight lift in the hips to pull the low belly into the low back and you're dragging those hands back towards the feet and then feet are dragging towards the hands. You're going to really feel this ripping right across your abs. I feel it right now, mine are trembling. Keep holding here about thirty seconds. I promise you, this is core like never before.

Testing the Waters
For the next one, this is testing the waters. I'm going to show the modified version and then the full version. We'll be up on our hands, or you can be on your elbows, and our knees. All you're going to do is take that foot down to the right, tap in the water and bring the knee back on the board. Foot down to the left, knee back on to the board. You're keeping the hips slightly up, but still dragging those hands towards the knees and the knees towards the hands to get that core connection, that plank work. Side to side there, and we'll finish there.

To make it more challenging, you can come up to the toes, finding that straight plank, just like we did before, tucking the tail slightly, tapping into the water, right and left. You're going to do about 10 of these on each side and you're going to really feel that in your core. Your whole body should be trembling right about now. Finish there.

Crossover Testing the Waters
Working on the crossover testing the waters, you're lifting up your hips again just like we have been in plank. All you're going to do is take that right leg, tap it into the water, crossing through your body and then the left leg You're getting a little bit of a twist in your core as you are twisting and tapping the water. A lot of instability on the board makes for a better workout. Finish there. You'll do about ten of those and I promise you, that twisting action is going to really pull the waistline in as well.

Now, we'll be trying some plank-ups. Plank-ups are a really great way to incorporate a little more arm work into our core. We're starting on the knees and all we're going to do is come down to the elbows, keeping that straight line with your core, and then pressing back up to the hands, alternating sides each time. Pressing up, coming down. Pressing up, coming down. Every time you're down, your elbows are right underneath your shoulders. Every time you're up, your hands are right underneath your shoulders. Keep switching sides. You'll try about ten on each side. Your arms will be burning. Your core will be burning.

Plank-Ups on Toes
In the full version, we're on our toes, we've got our hips lifted, our belly pulled up, still into our low back and again, coming down to the elbows, pressing up to the hands. Coming down to the elbows, pressing up to the hands. Coming down to the elbows, pressing up to the hands. Let's try a couple more. Keep your abs tight. Keep your legs super straight for a good foundation. If you wobble on the board a little bit, that's all part of it. One more. Good. Try about ten of those, working your arms, working your core. Everything's working.

Side Plank Hip-Lifts
Still working the side of our abs, our obliques. We're staying in side plank for some hip lifts. I'm going to show you a modification and I'll also be showing the full exercise. We've got our knees curled in, elbow directly under the shoulder. All you're going to do is lift the paddle as you lift your hips straight up, and then come back down. Inhale and lift. Exhale and lower. Inhale and lift. Exhale and lower. You'll do about ten of these and then switch sides.

I'll show you the full version of the exercise. You're actually going to stagger your feet on the board. Keep that elbow right underneath your shoulder and shoulders back. Lift, pressing on to the feet, coming back down. Inhale lift. Exhale down. This is really great for the sides of the waistline. We utilize those a lot when we're paddling. Lifting and lowering. Again, doing about ten of these and then we'll switch sides.

I hope you've worked your plank. You've got that core work you were looking for. This is only Part One though, so don't get tired yet. We've got one more episode to go for core work...

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